What's It Really Like to Work at GameStop?

A former GameStop employee details the highs and lows of working at the face of pre-owned game retail.

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Valenka1799d ago

I work at GameStop and a lot of those points were spot-on. The rest I either haven't any experience with or not enough to form a valid opinion.

Blank1799d ago

Not gonna lie this was a damn good article especially the last paragraph made me laugh because those were my lowkey expectations.

Skate-AK1799d ago

I remember when I went to go buy Gran Turismo 5 and they handed me Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Then I got into an argument with the person about how I just paid $50 for an old game. She was insisting that I was wrong and that it was the right game. After 30 minutes of arguing, a new employee came in for his shift. He assured her that I was telling the truth. Needless to say I have never seen her working since that day.

WeAreLegion1799d ago

I hated working at GameStop. -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.