5 Things Gran Turismo 6 Needs To Succeed

GameRevolution writes: "So what does GT6 need to succeed? There's the obvious stuff such as improved visuals and better menu articulation, which are certainly receiving attention from Polyphony Digital, but then there are the things that you may have forgotten about since last time you played GT5. They are critical details that mean the difference between GT6 being a great game and a phenomenal game. Here is our list."

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dbjj120881832d ago

An arcade mode. I suck at simulation racers.

JonnyBigBoss1832d ago

Every Gran Turismo in history has had an Arcade Mode, and you can race at a reduced difficulty.

brandon5071832d ago

I think he means like this.

badz1491832d ago

how many other games beside CoD that has sold that much this gen? it just need to be a GT game and all the promised improvement so far is looking good too, and fans will be happy!

USMC_POLICE1832d ago

They have all had arcade mode

USMC_POLICE1832d ago

I have been with gt since ps1 and I agree with all of these points. I'd also love to see a drag racing events. And standard cars do need to go. I'd also like to see incentive to play online there was no rank or anything for online. I'd also love to see more daily cars like ford crown vics, Nissan altima/maxima, hummer. Even truck races would be awesome.

ddurand11832d ago

ship it with a quality wheel.

its the only way to play the game.

g-nome1832d ago

A half priced arcade version with kicking cars ( no diahatsus) minimal upgrades and easy menus.

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The story is too old to be commented.