Of Course The PlayStation 4 Has More Buzz Than Microsoft's New Xbox

Forbes - Part of the fun of this job is that sometimes, we get to disagree with our fellow writers. One of my compatriots recently composed a piece titled “Sony PlayStation 4 Riding Wave Of Twice The Social Media Buzz Of New Microsoft Xbox.” In it, he speaks to social media tracking expert Jen Handley of Fizziology, who says that across sites from Twitter to Tumblr to Facebook FB it’s the Playstation 4 that has a two to one buzz advantage over the next Xbox.

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Gimmemorebubblez1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

MS will ensure, no matter if their console is a piece of shit or if it is the epitome of console gaming, that it will be given a massive ad. campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if its 750 million USD. Microsofts knows how to advertise, a department that they crush their nemesis in. MS's Xbox will generate hype whether it's artificial or genuine.

CGI-Quality1834d ago

I think you're over-exaggerating just a bit.

adorie1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Why is he over exaggerating? The Kinect ad budget was something to the tune of 500 million.
750 million budget for the Xbox 360 successor isn't far fetched, as they spent 500 million on an add-on that failed to deliver.

I'm willing to bet the next-box will not fail to deliver as Kinect has and won't need a shroud of bs to help it sell like Kinect needed.

Even if it isn't 750 million, 500 million or so sounds right. Cause if they don't spend that much on the "720" or what ever Microsoft is going to call it, then something is up.

Muerte24941833d ago

with that massive advertising campaign, they still slid into 3rd place. In the launch, you want to appeal to hardcore gamers as much as possible. These are the people convincing their friends and family to get one. This is another reason why I feel Sony is going to dominate this generation, especially if they launch first.

wishingW3L1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

dude just look at Kinect. That thing's not even fun to play with once the novelty wears off yet it sold massive amounts of units and still sells decently. And that my friend it's the power of marketing for you.

SHORYUKEN1833d ago Show
shoddy1833d ago

It call brain wash the zombies

AO1JMM1833d ago

We all know where SHORYUKEN got his bubbles from. The Sony fanboys.

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TKCMuzzer1834d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Well we are lucky that the vast majority of proper gamers know what their looking for in a next gen console. It's going to take more than an AD campaign to swing me back after my 'Ring Of Death' experience and constant fobbing off from their customer services. "We are sorry to hear about your console issues, this is not common and you have just been unlucky". Yeah thanks.

On the plus side there is a dedicated page on Wikipedia to this unlucky failure of my console.....

I'm not a fan boy as I bought my 360 first, it's now up to Microsoft to gain my trust again.

JoGam1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Honestly Sony buzz is there but to judge MS buzz at least wait until the reveal come May 21st. I personally think both consoles will do fine.

Bigpappy1833d ago

Both you and the guy who wrote the article make sense.

What are they comparing the PS4 buzz to? What ever it is, it has no name and they don't even know what it is. It could be a console, but what kind? Much too early for this.

AngelicIceDiamond1834d ago

Lol yeah obviously. A announced console VS A unannounced...come on.

MysticStrummer1833d ago

Yet some MS fans here have been saying PS4 buzz was dead and 720 had more buzz for awhile now.

ichimaru1833d ago

Not sure any "fan" of either company needs to argue about "buzz" . that's as trivial as bragging about which company offers a better 401k

headblackman1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

this is not true at all. its just that whats being talked about for both systems are very different (be it good or bad). and to be real about the the whole buzz thing, the ps4 isn't being talked about much anymore since after a week after the announcement. all the focus is now on Microsoft and its new question mark (be it good or bad). but there will be more buzz for both surfing and after the e3 show. can't wait :-)

Jek_Porkins1834d ago

I think we'll have to wait for the actual next Xbox reveal to gauge anything, my hope is that they open up pre-orders right after the event here in the states, get a jump on Sony and let people pre-order the console.

I have no doubt the Microsoft reveal will be watched in record breaking numbers, people are curious, for one reason or another, and that means they will all tune in...just like me!

So excited!

Chaostar1833d ago

Most places here in the UK at least are already taking pre-orders for PS4 so not sure how MS would be getting "a jump on Sony".

I really hope they have some kind of counter that tells you how many people are watching it live so we can get an article by some muppet telling us how because xbox got 42 more people watching than PS4 it will 'dominate' next gen. /s

Jek_Porkins1833d ago

No offence to the UK, but I'm strictly talking the United States, which is the largest single market where video games are concerned.

If Microsoft actually shows the console, it'll go up for pre-order everywhere, and especially in North America where they do a lot of business, that would be a huge jump in my opinion. Not sure Sony is allowed to do pre-orders here in the states until they show the actual console off.

IronFistChinMi1833d ago

We can cancel pre-orders in the UK.

Gamer-401834d ago

Yet may 21 or 22?
Man, i sleep the next-box show. Sad.

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