PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 011: Social Media and a Changing Games Industry

Welcome to episode 11 of Morning Wood. This week Wood makes a variety of odd noises and voices due to the responses to last week’s Sebastian Asks. He also gives you a trophy tip for a game that he is working on the Platinum for and interjects his feelings about the changing landscape of the industry. Is the industry in for a good year? Find out what he thinks in this week’s Morning Wood.

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TrendyGamers1797d ago

Finally! I was wondering when my Morning Wood would show up.

Wedge191797d ago

Probably want to see a Doctor about that level of unpredictability. I don't think it's healthy!

dbjj120881797d ago

There's nobody outside Chandler. It was just the wind.

knifefight1796d ago

Whose house is that?
Will you find treasure boxes inside?

Wedge191794d ago

It was an old abandoned church, and there was a sweet ancient piano inside!