Confirmed: Acer is not making a games console


"Acer has just confirmed to videogaming247 that a story that broke earlier this week - claiming that Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Acer was planning to release and open-license games console - is based on misinterpreted quotes and is incorrect."

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Harry1903385d ago

too much of it in this business methinks.

patlike3385d ago

that this was taken as accepted fact. Insane.

patlike3384d ago

is that this is first confirmation of the fact it isn't real: four days after it first broke.

d3l33t3384d ago

this site has become the rumor mill. Churn those puppies out!

StarieMichie3384d ago

I kind of wanted to see what they came up with.

I <3 my Acer laptop.

A shame it's not true.

SKUD3384d ago

I wonder what could have been?..............