The IMDB Of Video Games

We all know IMDB when it comes down to movies. A lot of people, including us, have wondered why an authoritative database like this does not exist for games. It's 2013 now, and we think it's time for a database that contains every single bit of information about every game that will or has been released.

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D3athc3ll1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Sounds epic - Better than N4G and all the silly kids on it!

N4G is just news though.. which is epic in its own way!

-Gespenst-1078d ago

That would be fascinating. It's a much bigger endeavor than most realise though...

elhebbo161078d ago

wouldnt metacritic be something like that?

Entropic1078d ago

I feel like this has largely already been done. If you look at sites like,,, etc, they provide very similar features as what they're proposing with this site.

Still looks interesting though!

OmniSlashPT1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

sooo everyone start meaningless kickstarters/wtv for absolutely no reason at all.

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