New DICE LA studio is focusing on Battlefield 4

EA has clarified the role of the new DICE LA studio, sayig they are "100% focused on Battlefield 4" according to EA.

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BattleReach1797d ago

Like the original DICE needs help with Battlefield 4.. Although I Hope DICE LA dont f#ck things up like they did with MoHW.

Rearden1797d ago

They might be just assisting with Frostbite engine work...

DeadlyFire1797d ago

DICE LA = Battlefield 4 DLC studio.
While DICE = Battlefront 3 2014. When Battlefield 4 is done. Considering that DICE LA just opened this month. Its hard to think they are working on a full game. Unless its a port.


Sevir1796d ago

DICE LA was formerly Danger Close Studios, which worked on both The New MOH games, and they were an EA studio stationed in LA.

dazzrazz1797d ago

I hope they gonna use them to make single player because i don't see anything else productive coming out of that studio in terms of multiplayer and dlc quality wise

ichdich1797d ago

DICE LA studio = Danger Close . ( Medal of honor).

no, just no.

Gamesgbkiller1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Why ?

There are not working on MOH now.

And its not like they will develop Bf4 from the ground.

They may help the main Dice to lend them their experts in making the weapons ...etc

They are GOOD at that.

DeadlyFire1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

You are aware they laid off 95% of those bad employees right?

angelsx1797d ago

What pc will runBf4 on ultra?

NarooN1797d ago

How can you ask such a thing when the game isn't even out yet? No one knows. If you could run BF3 on Ultra chances are your PC should be able to handle BF4 on Ultra, because honestly it doesn't look dramatically better.

Allsystemgamer1797d ago

Not dramatically but side by side there is a HUGE difference. Mainly the models and textures. It does look amazing graphically.

DeadlyFire1797d ago

Quad core
2-3+ Tflop GPU
4-8 GB RAM

Somewhere in that ballpark.

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