GameStop ad 5/22-5/28, price drops on big titles and next gen Xbox mention

GameStop will have a bunch of price drops in its ad next week along with a reminder to check out the next gen Xbox reveal on May 21st.

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Evil_Ryu1256d ago

i hope tomb raider is on i can finally buy it!

kreate1256d ago

How much do u want it for?

Evil_Ryu1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

29.99 ... i only buy games that are rated 9.0 plus on metacritic at full retail price its just my rule of thumb...dont judge me.

kreate1255d ago

no judgement here... but i want to buy it for 20 bucks cuz im a cheap gamer.

KrisButtar1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Is this real or some photoshop thing? As I can't really see them ruining the surprise with the name of it

Nevermind I seen infinity and thought it was the nextbox

MichaelLito791256d ago

I haven't picked up Bioschock infiniti Gamestop deal sounds sweet.

superkidcupid131256d ago

buy 2 good games get a ps3 or xbox free lol