GTA III vs. IV vs. V Screenshot Comparison


"Grand Theft Auto is as synonymous with gaming as Mario or Halo.

The series has spanned many years, consoles, and times, and we’re here to showcase that.

Grand Theft Auto V looks absolutely gorgeous, and more so if we take a step back in time and catch a brief glimpse of how the series has evolved."

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Proeliator1670d ago

Games have come a very long way.

Mr_Blarg1670d ago

As someone who's been playing since almost the beginning; it's very incredible to see them evolve to this point

camel_toad1669d ago

I'd like to go back in time when I was a kid playing the atari 2600 and show myself what games look like now. I would most likely convulse and then die.

gaminoz1670d ago

Graphically they sure have. It will be interesting to see next gen games and if they play differently or not.

BadCircuit1669d ago

Probably not much, but that isn't too bad.

Sandmano1670d ago

GTA V and TLOU as well as Bioshock will be in the running for GOTY!

Proeliator1670d ago

Plus, you gotta throw in the next-gen stuff that may be coming out... it's an exciting time to be a gamer!

gaminoz1670d ago

It's a hard time on our wallets though!

Sandmano1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Im pretty sure alot of those games will be out AFTER alot of the GOTY events so in technical terms they arent in the running!

DeusExer1670d ago

Cannot wait. Hands down one of the biggest games of 2013

GrathiusXR1670d ago

The franchise has sure come a long way. I'm interested to see the graphical improvements in action on my TV when the game is released though.

Mr_Blarg1670d ago

Been playing since GTA 2... i'm really really excited

gaminoz1669d ago

My favourite is still Vice City, just driving around listening to the radio :)

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The story is too old to be commented.