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GTA III vs. IV vs. V Screenshot Comparison


"Grand Theft Auto is as synonymous with gaming as Mario or Halo.

The series has spanned many years, consoles, and times, and we’re here to showcase that.

Grand Theft Auto V looks absolutely gorgeous, and more so if we take a step back in time and catch a brief glimpse of how the series has evolved." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Proeliator  +   779d ago
Games have come a very long way.
Mr_Blarg  +   779d ago
As someone who's been playing since almost the beginning; it's very incredible to see them evolve to this point
camel_toad  +   778d ago
I'd like to go back in time when I was a kid playing the atari 2600 and show myself what games look like now. I would most likely convulse and then die.
gaminoz  +   779d ago
Graphically they sure have. It will be interesting to see next gen games and if they play differently or not.
BadCircuit  +   779d ago
Probably not much, but that isn't too bad.
Sandmano  +   779d ago
GTA V and TLOU as well as Bioshock will be in the running for GOTY!
Proeliator  +   779d ago
Plus, you gotta throw in the next-gen stuff that may be coming out... it's an exciting time to be a gamer!
gaminoz  +   779d ago
It's a hard time on our wallets though!
Sandmano  +   778d ago
Im pretty sure alot of those games will be out AFTER alot of the GOTY events so in technical terms they arent in the running!
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DeusExer  +   779d ago
Cannot wait. Hands down one of the biggest games of 2013
GrathiusXR  +   779d ago
The franchise has sure come a long way. I'm interested to see the graphical improvements in action on my TV when the game is released though.
Mr_Blarg  +   779d ago
Been playing since GTA 2... i'm really really excited
gaminoz  +   779d ago
My favourite is still Vice City, just driving around listening to the radio :)
Belgavion  +   779d ago
GTA III still looks pretty good for its time
JRocSupreme  +   779d ago
It's crazy to think GTA 4 was released 5 years ago. Makes you wonder what games will look like in 5 years compared to today.
gaminoz  +   779d ago
I really wish they would take it to a non-American city. I'd love the change of scenery
BadCircuit  +   779d ago
It would be fun to explore another country's city, but would it change the feeling of the series too much?
slapedurmomsace  +   778d ago
I agree. I'd be down for having to travel across the world to have missions. Middle east could be poppy field/drug/ oil related. Russia could be mob/ boot legging alcohol. England could be boot legging tea..serious what the hell could England be? Korea could write itself. Australia..well I'm just terrified of the local murderous wildlife there, but not sure how that would work in the GTA world. ETC And maybe we can convince them to freaking make an HD remake of Vice City. Or a Vice City 2.
Gh05t  +   778d ago
Obviously you haven't played GTA expansion London 1969, and than another expansion London 1961 (I didn't play 1961 until years later as I played GTA on the PlayStation).

They have already done a non American city and it would be fun if they did it again. London 1969 was my favorite game until GTA II came out. Which was my favorite PlayStation game aside from MGS.

***I do know that these were both started as Fan Modification but they were distributed by Take Two and worked on by Rockstar as well.

As far as a story line for London as it is the Financial capital of the world there is a lot that could be done with money since London has some of the "Oldest" money and with that comes lots of bad blood and families who believe they never have been payed or robbed from centuries ago.
slapedurmomsace  +   778d ago
@Ghost..I'm not a fan of the top down view of the older GTA's. So no, I haven't played them. And honestly, the PS1 and older PC GTA top down games aren't even comparable to GTA3 to present. They easily could've renamed GTA 3 a whole different franchise change a character name or 2 and no one would've known.

And London and New York go back and forth with the financial capitol of the world to the general puclic, but you're right in terms of most people that actually deal with money will tell you NY has the stock exchange, London has everything else, but Hong Kong is fast approaching. Could actually bind all 3 of those into a story.

Also I wasn't throwing a jab at London or any area of England. So I do apologize if I came off that way. (to anyone who took it that way) I'm in the USA, and have absolutely no idea of what modern England is like in terms of what their "problems" are. I.E. most people think the USA is the gun violence capitol of the world when it's really not. Australian's can't leave their house without some top 10 poisonous something biting them right before the Great White finishes them off. Canada is nothing but peace loving French cast offs that like the cold <---actually heard that one from a friend in Germany after I said I wanted to visit Canada. Anyway, sorry about the tangent.
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ProudGamer  +   778d ago
Wow. Just look at how far we've come.
Jovanian  +   778d ago
the faces and character models look a worlds difference apart, but the world itself looks very dated as do the vehicles
devilhunterx  +   778d ago
How about a female lead for once. Can be white, black, brown, yellow, red or even purple!
laid2rest  +   778d ago
I wouldn't want to play as a female. But I don't see why they couldn't give people the option for those who do.
claud3  +   778d ago
This news make no sense... How can you compare
Haules  +   778d ago
Your comment make no sense... How can you post
thelaughingwiseman  +   778d ago
GTA4 was not a great game at all. People bought it because of the nostalgia aspect of GTA3, Vice City and San Andres. Hell this new one is going to take place back in San Andres (the nostalgia factor). The mechanics have always been wonky. The only fun/great thing about GTA4 was it's online. Other than that, I'd rate GTA4 a 6/10 compared to its predecessors.
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