Ubisoft Acquires the Tom Clancy Name -- Even for Books

The company will no longer have to pay royalties on Tom Clancy materials. And reports that Ubisoft plans to make books, merchandise and all manner of Tom Clancy-branded materials.

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Hentai3921d ago

Ubisoft is planning to give tom clancy even a worser name, whoopie!

avacadosnorkel3921d ago

My brother went to one of his book signings and he started hitting on my brother, trying to get him to stay around and wait for him.

Just because he writes about fighting doesn't mean he's not gay.

Bladestar3921d ago

aaahhah ahaha... Tom Clancy wanted to show your brother his Splinter Cell?

avacadosnorkel3921d ago

dude is a major flamer.

When my brother told me this, I laughed my ass off, or at least he should start writing about the Navy instead.

Gorgon3921d ago

Expect a ton of half-assed Tom Clancey games in the future.

Enigma_20993921d ago

Call the boys and break out the lube!!! We're gonna rape it two ways from Sunday!!!

Let the whoring begin!!!