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Submitted by CaptainofCrush 927d ago | rumor

Global Weekly Chart, Ending 11th May 2013

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 138,079 (-18%)
2: PS3 - 127,649 (-9%)
3: X360 - 92,388 (-2%)
4: PSP - 50,273 (-10%)
5: PSV - 31,794 (-36%)
6: Wii - 30,249 (-4%)
7: WiiU - 26,864 (-17%)
8: DS - 16,641 (-0%)

Worldwide Software:

1: (3DS) Tomodachi Collection: Shin Seikatsu - 103,410
2: (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 95,590
3: (3DS) LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins - 61,775
4: (X360) Dead Island: Riptide - 50,505
5: (X360) Injustice: Gods Among Us - 37,791
6: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 36,128
7: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 34,783
8: (3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 31,852
9: (PS3) Dragon's Dogma - 29,146
10: (PS3) Dead Island: Riptide - 28,181 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Hard to tell
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Chaostar  +   927d ago
I wonder if Vgchartz will ever acknowledge the fact that PS3 has outsold Xbox 360 worldwide?

They're using the whole sold vs shipped argument as a smokescreen for the truth, which is that you CANNOT, let me repeat that for clarity, CANNOT, track sales sold to customers. At best its an educated guess but the margin for error is so high that it makes the results of any guess completely unreliable and useless.
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CommonSenseGamer  +   927d ago
Does it matter? Honestly, who cares how many have shipped sold as the real money is in the software at this stage.
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   927d ago
It did matter when the 360 was ahead...
aCasualGamer  +   927d ago
Indeed it does matter, the fact that PS3 won the console race between 360vsPS3 this gen says quite alot about them as a gaming company. They are the true industry leaders. Just look at all the new IP's this gen. Think of all the adversities they've overcome with nonstop negative bombardment since the launch of PS3 and the hard competition of Xbox live. It's quite a feat that they are starting nextgen with positive feedback and an edge over xbox 720 interms of buzz and hype.

As Vin Diesel so eloquently put it in The Fast and The Furious, "It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning."

Congrats Sony! Now give me the PS4!
Chaostar  +   927d ago

The truth matters whether it makes a difference or not. At the very least Sony deserve a little acknowledgement for their achievement, don't you think that's fair?

@SDF Repellent below:

Same applies to you and can we please stop comparing generations, it's a different time with different consoles in the market. Like I said, the truth matters whether I "get over it" or not and I don't care which truth as I don't have a "console of choice". Lets face facts though, you're just incredibly sore that the PS3 has done so well after such a rough start aren't you? Are you afraid you didn't back the 'winning' horse like you thought at the beginning of the gen? Well stop trying to change the definition of winning and "get over it" ;)
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jeffgoldwin  +   926d ago
Even if you believe these mess of stats to have ps3 ahead in consoles sales (which make little to no $$ up front), wouldn't sony still be way behind in profits because MS makes far more in subscription fees and for the most part, multiplatform sales do much better on the 360?

I don't own stock, but idk just stating the obvious here.
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Awesome_Gamer  +   926d ago
It meant everything when the 360 was ahead, fanboy.
Evil_Ryu  +   926d ago
why did you get disagrees... its a proven fact that software is where they make money and is WAY more important because they lose money on each console sold.
3-4-5  +   926d ago
Why do people love to brag or have something be "the best"

Don't people realize only the ignorant think like that ?
CommonSenseGamer  +   926d ago
Wow, I'm an Xbox fanboy because of my comment yet I own 3 ps3s and only one 360. Honestly people, grow the f**k up already.
SDF Repellent  +   927d ago
seriously dude, there is no real tracking site for worldwide sales so yes we know the VGchartz are based on guestimate, as there are really no other alternative, but at this point in the generation does it really matter? I only thing we are foundly aware of is that MS sold 70 plus units of X360 compared to the original xbox lifetime sales of around 25 millions (a +60 gain) while the Sony PS3 estimated 70 plus units sold is almost (-50) compared to the 140 million PS2 unit that were sold last gen. Get over it and enjoy your system of choice and its games as both system did fine this generation.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   927d ago
That's a nice way to make 360 look like a winner and PS3 look like a loser.

Iraqi Information Minister, is that really you?
S2Killinit  +   927d ago
well, actually it does matter because PS3 has already outsold the 360 and it needs to get credit for that. I mean this is where this whole "console war" is coming to an end, this is the climax. Do you get up and leave at the end of a sports game because its almost over? Besides, don't make the mistake of assuming that the success of the PS2 was replicable. The fact that 360 (with a one year head start) kept up with PS3 is just normal. Anything else and it would be weird, especially with Microsoft's deep pockets. But PS3 had come out ahead and yes, people deserve to know if they want to.
rainslacker  +   927d ago
Your number is a bit skewed. For the same time period on the market the PS3 is down by about 10 million units compared to the PS2(according to reports a couple months ago). Not as drastic as 50 million, but the only way to make an accurate argument(which your not doing anyways since your rounding down by quite a bit) is to track sales within the same time frame. Both PS3 and 360 are on track to sell over 100 million consoles, and will likely end up outselling the Wii for lifetime sales.
joeorc  +   926d ago
yes just single out only one platform!
Oh' because Microsoft only has one platform gotcha!

I hear or seen this point brought up all the time, but yet it does not even make a lick of sense. does ford only talk about only one of their cars in the production line when talking about market share vs chevy...that answer is no! because they make more than just one freaking car or truck in production. which is more than i can say for Microsoft in this part of the market. Microsoft only makes one game console!

While a good one, it is still only one platform, while both Nintendo and Sony have Multiple game consoles! its pretty easy to look at it in a very narrow line to say we only want to count your one platform vs our one platform to determine market share. but ignore your other 3 platforms?

Sony's market share is among 4 platforms Microsoft is one platform! to even think microsoft is any where near or imply they have just as large a market share in this market over a 4 to one advantage is just downright downplaying the number's game.

Microsoft's one platform though a great platform is not going to be anywhere near that market share. a xbox is an xbox just like a playstation is a playstation.

to be blunt and truthful

Playstation is more than just the PS3 by it self when counting market share.
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MysticStrummer  +   926d ago
Your numbers are off. No surprise there.

Many of those 140 million PS2s were sold after PS3 released. PS3 is behind PS2's pace, but not nearly as much as you claim.
spurgeonryan  +   926d ago
Since I am a member there, I will tell you that they are actively trying to be as accurate as possible at all times. We just had an update that has the PS3 about 20,000 behind the 360. Wii close to 100 million and the PS2 is finally millions ahead of the DS.
plaZeHD  +   926d ago
It doesn't matter. You gain nothing. I am a huge PlayStation 3 fan.
yugovega  +   927d ago
people are still buying call of duty like that? really?
thecowsaysmoo1   927d ago | Spam
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   927d ago
I know right. It's quite embarrassing to be honest.
GribbleGrunger  +   927d ago
The above is incorrect. The 360 sold 92,000 according to VGChartz.

The Vita and the Wiiu are still getting buffeted by the indecision we see in the market as usual, the 3DS continues it's great sales and PS3 finally draws level with the very healthy sales of the 360.
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Moonman  +   927d ago
Yes, 3DS continues to perform well and PS3 also. But I do believe that PS4 and Next Xbox won't fly off shelves in the summer of it's first year on market. If the prices are $400-$500 range, they may get outsold by their cheaper predecessors.
GribbleGrunger  +   927d ago
I wouldn't want to call it myself to be honest. I can think of many reasons why both scenarios are possible. The closest I've got to an answer is a coin.
mcstorm  +   927d ago
Moonman I've said this for along time to. I have said as long as the big name games carry on coming out for the 360 and ps3 people will not jump to the next Xbox, ps4 or Wiiu.

We are seeing that now with the Wiiu. The Wiiu has got some amazing games for it like NFSMW, Batman 2, ME, AC3 and moor but people can get these games on the ps3 and 360 which most people already have and don't see the point of spending £300 on a console to play the same game they can get on there new one.

I see the next gen sales starting to take off 18 months into there life as the support for the big name games drop on the ps3 and 360.
greenpowerz  +   927d ago
Does anybody really believe VGC reporting of the 360 sales? I'm not talking about the misleading numbers in this report either. I'm talking about their reporting over the past months in general.

360 destroys PS3 in the biggest market every month, there is no way PS3 is beating the 360 globally every month even with the rest of the world sales. VGC and PS3 fanboys suggest the NA market has slowed down but the rest of the world sales have picked up allowing PS3 to beat 360? LOL


Why would they? Sony doesn't even come out with honest numbers proving you claim/theory/wishful thinking. All we get from Sony are vague implications enabling spinners such as yourself to make up reality. Sony mixes PS2 and PS3 numbers and says things like "we think PS3 is even with 360, it probably passed 360" You either know or you don't with hard numbers to back up your claim.
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Muerte2494  +   927d ago
Sorry but it's...
a known fact that ps3 outsales Xbox360 throughout most of the year worldwide. Microsoft doesn't really get it's boost until Holiday quarter with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. You know the lead is actually 3.2 million now in ps3's favor? Xbox360 is @ 77.2 and ps3 is @ 80.4.

That explains it all. It does all the thinking for you. All you have to do now is accept the facts. Xbox360 is reaching saturation in America. We know this because more than 50% of 360's sales are from that one region. There also irrefutable evidence that ps2 sales aren't included. Give a read. If you can prove me wrong with evidence to support your claim, I'm all ears.

Sony stop shipping ps2 back in 2012 and confirmed it on Jan 6th
Even if people wanted to say ps2 numbers were added in. Sony uses shipped to retailer not sold to consumer. Sony can't ship what they don't have.

the lead is getting so big to where even VGchartz can no longer deny it. Even when ps3 take the lead on there, they'll still claim it was a tie. Bullcrap. Sold to retailer is what matters to corporations because once you ship it, you've sold it.
#4.1 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
jeffgoldwin  +   926d ago
"a know fact"

Lol only on the N4G circle of forum "facts".
Nitrowolf2  +   927d ago
Yes, because VGchartz was always pro Sony and still is /S

You really think that just because it's doing better in X country it's doing the same in the others?
PS3 sells far better in Europe than the 360 does, and lets not forget about Japan with this week being 12K for the PS3 and only a being 1/4 of that for the XBox. Meaning the Xbox is pretty much dead in Japan in comparison to the United States.

I guess American Football is the most popular sport worldwide seeing that it's very popular in America

I don't like VG Chartz at all, given their past.

But likeMuerte said, for Sony, and Microsoft, Sales from retail to customer is not what they track, they track sales from business to retails, which is where they make their money.
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neoMAXMLC  +   927d ago
Uh oh... it's happening... the 360 fanboys around the world are going to have a mental breakdown because they have finally been thrown in last place.
punisher99  +   927d ago
lol nicely said.
punisher99  +   927d ago
"360 destroys PS3 in the biggest market every month, there is no way PS3 is beating the 360 globally every month even with the rest of the world sales.:

Thats where you are wrong at because the biggest market, is the world. The PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide every since 2008. Thats no secret.
Clarence  +   927d ago
Stop it. Your making yourself look like a fool.
Knushwood Butt  +   927d ago
Wow, you've really got the blinkers on.
S2Killinit  +   927d ago
PS3 is outselling the 360 because it has simply offered better gaming for the past, I don't even know how many years, since the 360 dropped the ball. The rest of the world is a much larger market than the U.S. and the PS3 has been outselling there year over year. Its not a new trend. I'm sorry if you can't deal with reality.
MysticStrummer  +   926d ago
The US is MS's market. The world is Sony's market. I wonder which is a bigger market? *consults maps*

Are we all supposed to forget that you wholeheartedly support these numbers when they're in MS's favor? Some PS3 fans do the same thing, support or reject the numbers depending on how their favorite console does, and they're just as wrong as you are.

Face it, 360 started out in 1st and will end up in 3rd, despite all the marketing money that could have been spent on new exclusive IPs. That shouldn't matter to you if you enjoyed the console anyway. I never knew or cared how PS2 was doing while I played all those great games.

Sony doesn't even make PS2s anymore, so you can drop the combined numbers ploy any time now.
brave27heart  +   925d ago
Is it possible to have less than one bubble?
Moonman  +   927d ago
3DS is the number one hardware yet again with the top 3 software.....BUT Nintendo is doomed??? Ha!
dp277407  +   927d ago
Hopefully the Wii U can bring it back around
#5.1 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Moonman  +   927d ago
But SAME company!!!!! Do you realize it was the GBA that kept Nintendo making billions during the Gamecube era? The articles aren't about just the WiiU, they talk as if Nintendo in general is doomed. And I have news for ya, they are NOT.
Moonman  +   927d ago
@dp277407..You changed your comment from "wrong console" making my response off. But I was stating that as long as Nintendo is dominating the handheld market, they will be fine financially.
#5.1.2 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
dp277407  +   927d ago
That's nice, True I changed my comment but only cause I couldnt delete it but I did it as soon as I posted it. Do you realize its not that big of a deal too most people. Just like I honestly wished I hadnt even replied because people cant take anything or even be sane over a comment saying hope wii u does well. F micro though those mothers can burn. lol
#5.1.3 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
S2Killinit  +   927d ago
don't think Nintendo is doomed, but it's console segment is a bit shaky right now /: I dont know, I hope they find a way to keep competing.
DivineAssault  +   927d ago
Nintendo can sell all the consoles they want but if 3rd party cant sell on them, its not doing well..
jcnba28  +   927d ago
The 3DS is on fire.
LOL_WUT  +   927d ago
But the Wii U on the hand needs a price cut. ;)
auragenz  +   927d ago
No Price cut. One or two more Nintendo Directs should turn things around.
-GametimeUK-  +   927d ago
Funny how Sony is the exact opposite. Awesome home console results, but the handheld is the 3DS whipping boy.
DivineAssault  +   927d ago
@ auragenz, how many ND do ppl have to wait for? Theres been A LOT of them & none have showed anything to show it can turn things around.. Nx gen machines are on the horizon & PS4 (not even being out yet) has more intriguing AAA launch titles than GC, wii & wii u have combined.. GC launched with almost nothing, look what happened.. Wii launched with 1 AAA game, look what happend... Wii U launched with nothing & look whats going on.. Nintendo just doesnt get enough good games outside its exclusives..
#7.1.3 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
Snookies12  +   927d ago
They really need to get some of that fire under the Wii U... I like Nintendo, but they've gotta get 3rd party support. That's where my concern is for them.
WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
Last week, the PS3 was over 900,000 units behind the 360 on VGChartz. This week, they're almost even?!?

Well, at least VGChartz is catching up to the actual numbers. Lol. They're just being very weird about it.

Also, people keep buying that 3DS. I'm not sure why, but they do. I find it odd...
Bathyj  +   927d ago
Well hazar. They must have finally decided to get their totals in line with reality. Ps3 sat at a million behind for well over a year without barely changing even though weekly sales favourited it. Not to mention the drumming ps3 has given xbox just this year.
WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
Exactly. I'm just hoping the PS4 starts out as well as the PS3 is ending. :)
Oh_Yeah  +   927d ago
Put Mario + a lot of rpgs on a handheld and it's as easy as selling water to a whale.
WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
Very true. I just don't get why Americans are buying it. Children? Most of my friends bought a 3DS for Fire Emblem. But...they don't even like Fire Emblem. None of them ever have. None of them have actually played this one. They bought it because the system was cheap and everyone else told them the game was good.
Snookies12  +   927d ago
@WeAreLegion - Yeah, but Fire Emblem on 3DS really is a fantastic game. There's no disputing that. I honestly bought my 3DS because it was cheap. It was on sale last year for $129.99 at Best Buy. Couldn't pass that up at the time.
Oh_Yeah  +   927d ago
I meant to say as easy as selling water to a whale that needs it. Ah you get the point,rpgs rpgs, rpgs, you need them to keep a handheld moving good. Remember Pokemon is the game that started the handheld craze.
#8.3 (Edited 927d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   927d ago
Yes, because in your world the 3DS is a terrible system and Nintendo is a terrible company.

Not everyone can be fanboys.
jcnba28  +   926d ago
"Also, people keep buying that 3DS. I'm not sure why, but they do. I find it odd..."

Oh I don't know maybe because it has a library of quality games??? smh
radecGaming  +   927d ago
the WiiU is drastically need some help or it will die!
N4G88  +   927d ago
OMFG according to the site the Wii U sold only 27K consoles in the most recent week but even more shockingly it only sold a total of 95K combined software titles GLOBALLY. Thats nuts! The thing is only 6 to 7 months old

I mean I knew it was doing poorly but thats just unbelievably bad
spurgeonryan  +   926d ago
See NPD numbers. It is just doing bad.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   926d ago
A fat kid will have problems keeping pace even in the 1st k of a 5k.

Nintendo threw an underpowered system, with old 3rd party games, very few 1st party games under the bus. And that haven't changed that much in the last months and it doesn't look like it will neither.

Meanwhile, you have the PS3 and 360 with 3rd and 1st party games at their peak and very powerful gen coming up in less than 5 months.

The price is also way too high for what the system is and the "revolutionary" gamepad looks like a joke to the current tablets...
josephayal  +   927d ago
I'm glad Sony did good on the console sales, the PS3 is def. the best selling home console
T2  +   927d ago
A good gen for all systems but im sick of people quoting shipped vs sold like it matters .. As another poster pointed out once you have shipped your product someone payed for it. Obviously walmart and others arent just stockpiling ps3 so they ARE being sold
ghostrider32  +   927d ago
It's 2013 and people still brag about sales when they're not seeing any of that money? This generation is pathetic.
solidworm  +   927d ago
Nothing new here. Sony have been whupping the 360 forever now. As for the awful WiiU, well dead on arrival and needs burying fast.
stage88  +   926d ago
And the PS3 takes it again :)
KontryBoy706  +   926d ago
the vita outsold the Wii U again.... wowzers
just-joe  +   926d ago
This makes me wonder how this will effect sales of the PS4 and Xbox Infinity. I mean how many of these people who bought the console are gonna a the upgrades in the same year?
KrisButtar  +   926d ago
Wow I was surpirsed that Dragon Dogma was in the top 10 for being such an old game. Does anyone think its there because they just combined it in with Dark Arisen?
GABRIEL1030  +   926d ago
PS3 Mission Accomplished: The 360 is officially hunted. :)

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