Can the PlayStation 4 Handle SOE's PlanetSide 2?

Push Square: "PlanetSide 2 is a taxing free-to-play first-person shooter for the PC that requires a fairly robust machine to run. Despite the Sony Online Entertainment developed title being rumoured for the PlayStation 4 for a while, many have questioned whether the MMO will actually work on the next generation machine. Fortunately, president John Smedley has taken to Twitter to alleviate those concerns."

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Gimmemorebubblez1829d ago

PlanetSide 2 relies heavily on the CPU. The Ps4's CPU is meh..... But with some optimization it should run at 30 fps at 1080P with physics and particle effects as-well as a pretty good draw distance.

Sharius1829d ago

if console hardware work extract like PC hardware then even my granma can build her own console, dude

XB1_PS41829d ago

Did you mean "exactly", because if not then your sentence is confusing.

papashango1829d ago

go home sharius. you're drunk.

XB1_PS41829d ago

You said the ps4's processor is meh. That's what the downvotes are for.. 30fps and 1080p for planetside 2 is respectable.

Blackdeath_6631829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

people have tried planet side with graphics cards in sli that cost almost twice as much as a ps3 and still had their fps tank down to 40. the ps3 barely makes the recommended requirements for planet side but it should run without a problem.

JP13691828d ago

Well then, it's a good thing we're talking about the PS4 here.

On topic: Being able to code for a particular set of specifications will enable PS4 to punch above its weight compared to PC tech. Despite the similarities in architecture, it most certainly isn't a like-for-like situation.

Ol_G1828d ago

that's sad to downvote someone only for saying the cpu is meh in the meanwhile all you guys bash anything else you don't like kinda childish don't you think ?

thechosenone1829d ago

"PS4 cpu is meh"

today I learned that an 8core CPU is just...meh.

DoomeDx1829d ago

8 core clocked at 1,5 Ghz? Yes. Games only use 6 on the PS4 fyi.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

AMD. Meh

Intel desktop 4 core > amd desktop 8 core.

lol disagree but its true! And intel 4 core cpus cost more for a reason. So imagine a mobile amd 8 core.

thechosenone1829d ago

lol who told you that...and you believe them? heh The OS or system does not require 2 cores. The PS4 will utilize all 8 cores.

Flavor1829d ago

The eight cores is a gimmick, they are underperforming vs intel quads. AMD makes cheap CPU's bottom line, they have not competed realistically with intel for years.

jmc88881829d ago

People forget that an i7 920 (quad core) that cost $229 at launch in 2008, is faster than the PS4's CPU.

What's worse is that you could then overclock that processor 50 percent easily...which means many people have had a cheap CPU in their computer for 5 years that was faster than a PS4 when it launches and others have had that CPU overclocked another 50 percent.

DragonKnight1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I love how PC elitists argue about consoles. They get all in a huff and act like consoles are exactly the same as PCs thus can be measured the same as PCs, then a dev comes along and proves them all wrong so they switch to the argument that the graphics aren't as good as you can get on a PC. It's a lovely, humourous cycle.

M-M1829d ago

I consider 8 cores a lot, considering I have never owned any type of computer that has more than 2 cores.

papashango1829d ago


Except nobody is arguing about consoles in this thread.

All I see is people stating that Intel quads demolish AMD 8-cores.

Which is true btw. I don't see how an AMD mobile 8-core would fare any better.

ProjectVulcan1829d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Let me put it this way, a Samsung Galaxy S4 has a quad core CPU right?

Yeah, that's nice. But meaningless.

Its not about the number of cores that determines how fast a CPU is. Its not about the clockspeed. Its about the ops per clock and PS4's Jaguar ops per clock are not in the same league as something like a 4 year old 45nm Core 2 Quad let alone a Core i5 3570k or FX 8350 etc etc

I think you'll find that the actual performance of this 8 core Jaguar in PS4 would be lucky to beat a modern Intel dual core, say an i3 3220.

Its like an AMD E-350 x 4, plus at most, 25 percent if we are very generous.

twinspectre1828d ago

dude u can't win with these PC elitist....

Mounce1828d ago

I got a Laptop let alone that's a Quad core 1.6GHz and it can run BF3 near maxed, Crysis 2 basically maxed with DX11 and Tessellation. Can run Saints Row 3 nearly maxed and can run Planetside 2 on around medium-high.

If my 3 year old fucking laptop, which has lower-efficient parts to a PC's version then I would deeply think a PS4 should be able to outdo everything that my laptop can do by 8-10x the amount.

btw with that, my laptop is the Asus G73JH-A1. It's old, but still powerful, amazingly. It makes me know quite fair that even with 1.6GHz, I can run a lot of games with a Mobile ATI HD 5870 and 8GB DDR3 RAM. The CPU isn't really what's the concern or what's generally drained as much as the GPU is a bit 'meh'.

jivah1828d ago

The bs tablet/notebook amd 8core processor in it. Yes its meh. I rather they have went with a first gen i5 that was out like 4 years at the least. It would give them miles more to work with.

Ima buy it anyways its just screams weak tho

forcefullpower1828d ago

Planet side 2 is not CPU intensive at all. I have an i7 950 which is over two years old and it doesn't even use 25% of the CPU for it.

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DeadlyFire1829d ago

I don't see why it couldn't rely heavily on CPU+GPU with a few patches on the PC and some work on PS4 hardware it could equal out pretty well as most PC CPUs could scale even higher than PS4 hardware utilizing GPU cores. It may be CPU intensive now, but they could utilize GPU cores on the PC in relation to PS4 development. Which could could give it a boost on the PC and and a decent framerate for the PS4 as well. Since GPU handing compute is the new norm for the new generation. I wouldn't say PC won't benefit from this at some point. :)

CPUs for the past 7 years pretty much = Quad core = 8 threads. A few 8 core CPUs out there, but 4 has been the main seller for awhile.
PS4/X720 CPU = 8 cores, and 8 threads. (CISC design)
PS3 CPU = 1 core, 6 threads. SPEs/threads (RISC design)
X360 CPU 3 cores, 6 threads. (RISC design)

The biggest difference is CISC vs. RISC design. EVERYTHING pretty much knows CISC hardware in and out as 99% of it is x86. RISC on the other hand lies with IBM, and ARM as its main two supporters.

GPUs on the other hand. Have many cores that can be utilized for compute on top of the GPU graphics cores. This gives PS4 an advantage that makes it comparable to mid-level PC hardware. The Super High end will still be on the PC. Well because no console has 4 Tflops in the box.

jmc88881829d ago

No that's just medium high end.

Medium high end = GTX 680 or 700 series equivalent when it comes out.

Medium end = GTX 670 or 700 series equivalent (760)

high end = GTX 690 or GTX Titan or 700 series equivalent.

The SUPER high end or uber PC consists of some combination of these cards, GTX 680, 690, Titan....or the upcoming 700 series equivalents...but have them in SLI. There are some machines with 3xTitan, which means 3x4.5 TFlops or ~13.5 TFlops.

This could go up as you have a GTX 780 that looks to be about 4 TFlops as a cut down GTX Titan (sort of like how the 670 was cut down from 680). The 790 should be quite a beast. Plus there's some talk of a new GTX Titan card coming this year as well. So by the time the PS4 comes out, uber PC's could be pushing 15 TFlops.

Either way it looks like even a single medium range stock clocked GTX 770 will be 2/3rd's faster than a PS4 with 3 TFlops.

linkenski1829d ago

Really? I thought it would be easier to make the game run great since consoles don't handle the gamecode the same way a pc does.

DeadlyFire1828d ago

This is true as well since Consoles don't have an OS in their way of the hardware. Either way its more than possible Planetside 2 could exist on both platforms without many changes.

Lior1829d ago

You can build a gaming pc for 500-600 pounds which will be more powerful than the ps4

NeoTribe1828d ago

It still remains a boring pc though. Ps4 is a media, gaming paradise of a machine. Pc is a headache.

SITH1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

"PlanetSide 2 relies heavily on the CPU."


Planetside 2
Ambient Occlusion GPU
Display Mode GPU
Effects Quality GPU
Flora Quality GPU
Fog Shadows GPU

GPU Physics Figure it out. Yes The CPU can be switched to conduct the physics, but the GPU is more efficient especially in SLi given one GPU can be dedicated to Physics like my GTX 690 is configured to do.

Lighting Quality GPU
Model Quality GPU
Particles GPU
Render Distance GPU
Render Quality GPU
Resolution GPU
Shadow Quality GPU
Terrain Quality GPU
Texture Quality GPU

All of the above are on my GPU NVidia GeForce Experience GTX 690 Planetside 2 optimization. All of the above are set to high, on, or max settings minus blur which is off. When you get a CPU that can do all of the above heavier than a GPU, call me. I want that CPU in my gaming PC. And I run over 100 FPS in 1080p all physics on. Thanks to my GPU.

Ducky1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Planetside2 does rely heavily on the CPU. This is a statement that has been repeated countless times by SOE themselves.

This doesn't mean the GPU isn't used for anything.
What it means is that when you have large scale battles going on, the CPU takes a bigger beating than the GPU, and more often than not, your performance bottleneck will be the CPU.

linkenski1825d ago

It's true. My PC usually runs games at high frame rates but for some reason PS2 is a choppy mess, because my CPU is only 2ghz 8-core.

aquamala1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

It runs on more than "only" 1080p on PC by the way, like many recent PC games, 1440p is supported, so are triple monitor resolutions like 5760x1080

imdaboss11828d ago

PS4 can handle it why you think he responded back with a smiley face.

dcbronco1828d ago

The CPU may be meh by PC desktop PC standards. But the design of the APU is geared toward off-loading compute code to the GPU more efficiently than a desktop PC. So the APU, if the changes to Jaguar are working as intended, will more than make up for the meh CPU. Add the inefficiencies of writing to the memory without constant flushes and it should even out fine. There should be no reason the PS4 can't do it. If it can't, I would bet the majority of gaming PCs out there couldn't either.

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Gimmemorebubblez1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

John Smedley ‏@j_smedley 27 Feb
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Thats interesting.

Salooh1829d ago

It's either planetside 3 or another game they are working on for both the pc and ps4...

DeadlyFire1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Could be Planetside 2 expansion or something similar on the PC with GPU compute shift as well as this new version coming to PS4? Maybe :)

If PC utilized GPU compute then CPU power would be multiplied times 100 in the minimum. PC's use full scale CPUs. PS4/X720 use small core CPUs basically. I imagine that is the intention of GPU compute in games. I could see Microsoft/Sony go with full scale x86 CPUs in the generation after this one to show us that effect. :)

Chaostar1829d ago

Well a smiley face is not 100% confirmation but it's still very encouraging :)

It's such a no brainer move for Sony to bring it to PS4, it just makes sense.

Judging from what we've seen so far I would never have had any doubts that PS4 could run it.

ltachiUchiha1829d ago

If the ps3 can handle dc universe online, & mag then I dont see why the ps4 cant handle planetside 2.

Irishguy951829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

That "logic" makes so little sense.

Either way, yes...the Ps4 can handle problem. Just not max it or 60FPS @ 1080p

elhebbo161829d ago

well we dont really know yet do we.

XB1_PS41829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

We don't know, we can only speculate. 60fps at 1080p would be impressive, especially if the game doesn't take a hit in the draw distance or textures. I don't see them nerfing those though because Sony wants to make graphics impressive so they can try to show off. Especially this early in the generation.

Majin-vegeta1829d ago

Imagine MAG2 with Destructible environments,vehicels,all out warfare,256 players or more??:O

ThanatosDMC1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Nah, I love MAG and slaughtered with the best of them but Planetside 2 with our MAG clanmates would be even better.

48 man platoons with platoon interactions, tanks, apcs, fighters, gunships, dropships, and atvs to absorb tank mines vs another big outfit is just so damn awesome. 2000 players per server.

I ended up prefering the engineer and light class over the heavy assault for some odd reason.

What i want them to perfect would be the voice chat system that MAG had and incorporate it to PS2. The proxy chat is awful too compared to MAG's or Arma's proxy chat.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1829d ago

Accept planetside 2 has 2000 players I heard. Or was that just a marketing ploy?

MysticStrummer1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Give me both MAG2 and Planetside 2 on PS4. Sony owns both and they are different enough so why not? I think Sony would do well to have one or the other preinstalled on all PS4s, then sell the other one.

Ravenor1828d ago

It's forgot how bad the FPS tanks in MAG. I agree 100% that given the hardware and nature of console development PS2 or a version of PS2 would operate just fine on the PS4, but lets not use poor examples.

ltachiUchiha1828d ago

Well if its just a port then yeah there maybe some issues but if it is built taking advantage of the ps4 hardware then I dont see how the ps4 will have a problem since the pc has more bottlenecks and things to account for such as its os and other apps. Im not no pc genius but I know enough to understand why alot of devs are happy with the ps4, because the os and other thing u might have to work around the pc wont be that much of an issue on the ps4.

MidnytRain1829d ago

My LAPTOP can run PS2. Granted EVERYTHING is turned down and it looks like resurrected garbage, but it runs around 20 - 30 fps. It's just a matter of how good they can make it look. Quality control and all that.

Pintheshadows1828d ago

My laptop also runs it on around medium at about 30fps. GTX 660M. Perfectly playable if a little bland on the textures front.