Five Things the Next Xbox Needs to Win Us Over

Paul from Denkiphile: "Tuesday of next week mark the day Microsoft unleashes their competing next-gen hardware and software. Many rumors and supposed conformations of what the next Xbox will do have been floating around the web for some time now, but, until Microsoft officially confirms anything, many of us are left wondering. What follows are five things we think Microsoft needs to achieve in order to convince us into buying their console and not any of the competing platforms."

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DigitalRaptor1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

The ability to use my own pre-subscribed Internet bandwidth to connect to games online and to use free apps, without shelling out $60 every year for those 'luxuries'. That would be a strong start.

However, apparently the general consumer enjoys being bent over in this regard, so I don't think they need this to be won over at all.

Dms20121834d ago

You ever think of maybe sitting a few out? kinda bored with your sillyness.

4Sh0w1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Ignore the fanboys, they are like robots who have been pre-programmed to convert everyone to think as they do, they are elitist who think they know whats best for everybody, resistance is futile, join them or be brainwashed, some point you just have to stop taking them seriously, when you see certain names you just got to laugh at them and move on because you already know what they are going to say, unfortunately this means their can be no real discussion had, their programming will only accept your assimilation.

No doubt criticism is good until it becomes a one sided obsession, fortunately I think most human gamers like myself can't wait to see what Microsoft reveals. I have a hunch both ps4 and the next-box are going to have a lot to offer for us regular old gamers, competition is good, except for fanboys.

SDF Repellent1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Please, stop with using the same old recycled materials ever time a similar MS gets posted. The xbox is not a system for you, we get it, now go play your PS3 exclusives and enjoy your free internet gaming while other 40 million plus xbox live gamers can enjoy theirs. Are you related to Strongman or ThatKansasGuy, by any chance? You sounds just like them.

ThatCanadianGuy5141834d ago

"Please, stop with using the same old recycled materials"

Hard to stop, when microsoft has been doing it for this entire gen.But instead of discussing the issue of how MS rips of it's consumers, in numerous ways, all you do is ignore it and say "please, stop" to anyone who tries to makes a stand.

DigitalRaptor1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

...Aaaand here's where it gets very interesting. We've called the Xbox fanboys out as being the ones who brush relevant issues under the rug for years, but you didn't have to go ahead and prove it now did you?

It's sad it really is. You say the Xbox is not the system for me, but I beg to differ. Regardless of my negative stance, I've said a thousand times on here that I'd support Microsoft and would happily own an Xbox if MS threw their draconian, anti-consumer practices out of the window, and focused more on original IPs with variety. I'd sooner see the former of these than the latter to be honest, but it's no word of a lie that I've enjoyed playing games with friends who own Xbox 360s. I like its games. I have not a problem with the experience Live provides. It's a GREAT service, like I've always said. I just think that Microsoft has the wool pulled over everyone's eyes, and to disagree with that would just be dishonest. And I won't be a part of the crowd that justifies anti-consumer practices, whether they are aware of it, or most probably aren't.

I enjoy my "free internet gaming" and so does every single gamer that isn't tied to the Xbox ecosystem. And by the way, "free internet gaming" isn't exclusive to the PlayStation platforms. It's every single other device and platform out there. MS has you under their thumb in that regard and you just can't see it. Actually, it's more like you just really don't want to see it.

And that goes for me as a gamer. You guys imagine that all I do is game PS3 exclusives, which is funny and yet sad. I play PC, Nintendo, Sony, mobile etc. The only console manufacturer I DON'T support is Microsoft and for good reason. Some of you just can't handle that fact though so what so you do???

You brush it off and use "fanboy" as the word that you will hope makes these REAL issues go away, Typical.


All of this also goes for you Dms2012, typical Xbox fanboy - can't rebut facts so denies them as facts, but fanboy nonsense.

JokesOnYou1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

...Aaaand here's where it gets very interesting.

You've taken a stand against charging for online multiplayer point taken, but your need to spam every 360 thread about it changes nothing, actually the only thing you're really saying is that if anyone is willing to pay for something that THEY FIND VALUE IN AND YOU DONT THEY MUST BE STUPID because YOU SAY SO, you don't think its worth it so that's all that matters, you're right and the millions who choose to pay for Live vs opting out for the other "free" online services are all fools unaware of whats best for them. Do you honestly think its because microsoft has the "wool pulled over our eyes"?, Oh I see so we're all just living under rocks and don't know psn is free, lol really?...I think it actually says a lot about xbox live that so many willing pay when they know theres a free alternative, I mean I'm just guessing here but I think that has a lot to do with their experience with both, I mean even IF you don't own a ps3 I don't think even you can say with a straight face that there is any gamer you know who has never at least tried both through different friends/associates. hmmm, I bet this "stand" you're making doesn't include ever writing to Microsoft, organizing petitions, giving feedback on forums, you know where it might actually be helpful for change....nah just ranting on n4g, how convenient for your agenda.

So lets be serious and just cut to the chase, its laughable that you even try to portray your constant bashing of 360 on this issue and just about everything else as some sort of moral stand against anti-consumerism, NO you just complain because you hate the brand and you need an excuse to constantly tell everybody how much you hate it because if you were so pro-consumer you would also have a long post history full of criticism toward sony for their past arrogance with initial high price point -I bet you never complained once back then huh?, removing features like BC/USB ports, misleading consumer info, online passes, less reliable online with constant updates, overcharging for ps vita memory cards which are mandatory for gameplay, and so on yet you have never taken a stand by constantly spamming every ps3 thread about how these specific tactics by sony are anti-consumer and its just your duty to see them fixed. I know, I know none of that is true 'cause sony is perfect, right? lol, who are you kidding, you sound like a politician with his usual pre-fabricated talking points. Try harder.

-Superman-1834d ago

Powerful Kinect 2.0?

We need:


alousow1834d ago Show
The_Troll_Whisperer1834d ago

Microsoft doesn't make a profit from Xbox 360 sales, so they need to charge for Xbox Live in order to keep away from bankruptcy :/

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hakesterman1834d ago

The Five things it needs to be successful:

1. No Kinnect
2. No " Internet on "
3. Plays Used Games
4. Sells for under $ 400.00 U.S.
5. Hit's the Market before Christmas 2013

4Sh0w1834d ago

The Five things it needs to be successful:

1. No Kinnect -No just better Kinect games + core games.
2. No " Internet on " -Do you mean "always on" internet connection, well I doubt it will be required for single player gameplay.
3. Plays Used Games -Agreed, I hope they wont prevent used games.
4. Sells for under $ 400.00 U.S. -Agreed
5. Hit's the Market before Christmas 2013 -Agreed

amiga-man1834d ago

Free online is a must or I will never consider an xbox i'll leave paying twice for your internet to the mugs of this world, as for always online last weeks BBC's Click program said that they had asked M$ to confirm one way or another and they had reported back that always online is not part of their new console .

jjb19811834d ago

It needs to be user-friendly. It should help me understand why I have to pay $60 to play multiplayer games.

Corpser1834d ago

Sony never said ps4 has free online multiplayer

DivineAssault 1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

i bet your just hoping it does charge for multiplayer but it wont.. Just like vita & ps3 doesnt.. Sony will charge for the gaikai & ps plus but not to play or cross game chat.. Nx box will charge to play online but it better be worth it with it with the new xbl services or lots of ppl will say "eff it"

B-radical1834d ago

The kinnect is great for younger kids and what not just not older people so i dont see why all the hate for kinnect

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denawayne1834d ago

I agree completely. While Microsoft does need to to shift it's focus back to more "hardcore" titles, it doesn't mean they need to abandon Kinect. My young kids love playing Kinect and I love watching them play. I just hope it's not more of the same on the next system.

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