Super phones: Nokia N96 vs Samsung G810 vs Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 vs LG KF700

There was a time when the best thing your phone could do was send black and white pictures ingeniously created by arranging letters and punctuation marks in a text message to look like a cat's face or -- better still -- a stick man holding, er, a stick.

Times have changed and phones have bounded forward. They're so advanced today they laugh in the face of stick men and crush them to death with their multitude of multimedia weaponry -- it's hardly a fair fight.

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VirusE3920d ago

rolls eyes, okay back to using my iphone.

Jrome3920d ago

Yeh, try to make yourself feel better about your purchase :). Meanwhile I'm waiting for that Sony Xperia

VirusE3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

jrome i am an appple hating pc tech for a living. I work on BB and treo phones every day and have for years now. The fact i was impressed enough to buy an apple product speaks volumes. The interface is worlds beyond all the other smart phones i have tried. The ergonomics of the phone are simply amazing. I talked the same trash you are talking until i got to test drive one. I have ran into many haters since i bought it and every single one was silenced after using it for about 15 minutes.

Chuck Norris3920d ago

I don't see anything special about Xperia. I'll wait for smartphones to have a slimmer model, until then I'm sticking with my N95.