Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Exclusive to Xbox 360 for 21 Days

In an update to Loot Ninja's CoD4 Map Pack news, their Editor in Chief heard from Activision that the Variety Map Pack will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for the first 21 days of its release before being available for the PS3.

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Blademask3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

You get what you pay for :)

Violater3924d ago

Stick to first party games.
U cannot go wrong and when they mess up, they have to listen to you when u bit*h at them on the blog.
3rd party will tell u to go take the pi$$ and u don't have a choice.

d3l33t3924d ago

deepest pockets on this planet...

LOFT3163924d ago

It's not like its a console shifter !!The PS3 has to wait 21 day's so what !!
Over them next 21 days the PS3 will get GT Prologue and Everybody's golf thats more than enough to keep you going on the PS3 for the next 21 day's easy !!
So its not like we're gonna be sitting on our thumbs in anticipation

But if one console got the Exclusive rights to bring GTA4 out 21 days before the other now that would be something to boast about !!!!!!!

sak5003924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

"deepest pockets"

They can pay whoever they want for all i care. I only care about games. IF the customer is getting what he bought the console for then he's happy and irritants like RROD will not be much problem for him. On the other hand if you keep waiting for the promises of pot of games at the end of the rainbow and see other side busy playing games then unless you're a blind fool just following one brand, you should raise your voice to the console maker, rather than patting yourselves to sleep everyday.

d3l33t3924d ago

sak500 - come back when you're a big boy and you understand the influence of money. You...

1. assume i dont own the xbox version of cod based on the statements you made

2. refuse to look at facts

Bloodwar3924d ago

Actually, the 360 does get something exclusive regarding GTA IV. Not 21 days, but forever. Two exclusive downloads. 50 million dollars worth. But who am I? I'm the guy who is going to boast about that. I own both consoles as of today (Picked up my PS3-WOOTAGE), but the 360 version of GTA IV is the one I'm going to get. Already preordered it.

UziSuicide3924d ago

It's just MS throwing more money around, they're getting a bit desperate when it comes to delaying DLC for 3 weeks.

If anything it just reaffirms my reasons for not getting tied up with an MS platform in the first place. Certainly not doing games themselves any favors.

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toughNAME3924d ago

If I didn't dislike this game so much, I'd make a VERY 'fanboyish' comment right here

Apocwhen3924d ago

A borked patch at that, the PS3 patch doesn't even seem to handle Host Migration, WTH is that all about? I'm sick of the Host Ended Game error messages every 1 in 3 games to be kicked out of the game and into a lone lobby. The Patch was supposed to fix this by keeping all the other players together even if the Host ended the game and then find a new host with everyone in the lobby. Guess they forgot to include this major feature in the patch for PS3 owners. We always seem to be an afterthought for IW. The treat 360 owners better.

JoelR3924d ago

21 days now counts as exclusive?
Hmm I have tell my boss that - maybe we will make more exclusive content! lol.

Bnet3433924d ago

Yeah it's exclusive for 21 days. Don't know whats hard to get about that lol ... you must be in 5th grade I guess?

JoelR3924d ago

Eer no...not grade 5 by any stretch of the imagination.
And 21 days != exclusive.

If we can call launching a product 21 days later on a different console an exclusive (to get more press, etc) we would do it. But since 21 days is still within the launch window of the product it's not an exclusive.

jaja14343924d ago

Sure it is. It's exclusive for 21 days, meaning it can't be had on any other system for 21 days. Though as to why the definition of exclusive is so twisted when it comes to games boggles me.

StalkingSilence3924d ago

Your boss? How bout your girlfriend? Haha I'd like to be exclusive with you baby. 21 days later - she storms in, "What were you thinking???"

JoelR3924d ago

If you can find me a girlfriend first T_T - I work upwards of 90hrs a week at a publisher as support for 3rd party developers.

as for exclusive - the idea of exclusivity is that no one else can have it (I still hate the term timed exclusive since by definition it is not exclusive) and a delay for a patch/maps etc is more a delay then an exclusivity agreement.

Utalkin2me3924d ago

Exsclusive for 21 days thats right means only on the 360 for 21 days how hard is that to understand...Like anybody cares anywho, I am glad cause i dont play this on the ps3 anyways.

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