Naughty Dog thinks the PS3 still has ‘a lot of life in it’

At Sony’s PlayStation pre-E3 event in Santa Monica, The Last of Us’ art director Eric Pangilinan explained that he isn’t concerned about The Last of Us getting lost in the buzz currently surrounding next-generation video game consoles, more specifically the PS4.

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ltachiUchiha1618d ago

It still does but if sony were to just rely on the ps3 & not have a successor ready they would be doing the same mistake they did this gen. Yeah the ps3 has sold well despite all its misfortunes but for the first time sony had to dig themselves out of a big hole that they put themselves in being arrogant and launching so late giving microsoft too much time to lure away gamers who once loved playstation. They are definitely doing a better job this time around and are ready to start fresh with the ps4 and try an recapture the glory days when they dominated with the original playstation & playstation 2. It will be good competition but u can feel the return of the old sony in the making as they start the new chapter of its next successor, the ps4.

-GametimeUK-1618d ago

At the start of the generation I was fully converted to the 360. I was so disappointed in my PS3 it was unreal. Now it is my main platform and hopefully the PS3 launch period will remain the one time I ever didn't like Sony.

Now, the PS3 carries such a positive vibe for us gamers. It is exactly what I want in a system and is my personal fave system of all time. I am usually a nut for getting launch consoles, but the PS3 has so much life left in it that I find it easy to pass on the PS4 until a price drop. Dark Souls 2 and GTA are coming at the end of the year and Dark Souls 2 should easily supply me with a few years gameplay.

ltachiUchiha1618d ago

I totally see where your coming from and I feel the same way about the ps3 where I feel that I dont really need a next gen system yet but ive been always a sucker for wanting to be the first one out of my friends & family to own the newest system of all the big 3. This is the first time I missed out on 1 of the big 3 launches the wii u. I would of bought it day one if it had a zelda launch title but was kind of turned off at its specs. I'll eventually grab one when a new zelda releases but im really looking forward to the ps4 at launch & waiting to see what microsoft shows before I make my decision if I will buy one at launch aswell or ill wait.

abzdine1618d ago

first came Uncharted 1 and directly set the bar in terms of graphics standards then followed U2, GOW3, Heavy Rain and other that blew U1 performance!

Now we have The Last of Us which is for sure the best looking game i have ever seen and followed in a few months by Beyond which is on the way to overtake TLoU's tehnical insanity!!

I will sound like a DBZ character but my radar says PS3 has monstrous power under the hood!
this all win for PS3 owners and gamers in general

abzdine1618d ago

“I think if there was no PS4, we could take another stab at this and improve on the graphics more,”

Naughty Dog confirms they are working on PS4! Can't E3 be today?

Conzul1618d ago

I agree with you except about waiting for a price drop.

I want video sharing; streaming; xgame chat; Shadowfall; Second Son; Knack (yes I'm actually hyped for Knack. Eat it); etc.

I know that not everyone has the money for a launch console, but I wish everyone with the option would go for it. Send Sony the message that *when they do things right*, they will be rewarded. It's called "Operant Conditioning," and it's very effective.

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MoonConquistador1618d ago

@Itachi - Sony never released too late, they were just undone a little by MS releasing theirs too early. Slight difference, and while it cost MS money with the RROD issues, they probably gained more than they lost.

You're right about their arrogance coming into the PS3 generation, and it looks like they have learned from some past mistakes.

@Gametime - I swore I wasn't going to buy a PS3 at launch, but I did and have never been disappointed with the console.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1618d ago

This means they would have to shave off 200 more pixels? No thx ps4 plz!

ZBlacktt1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

While the XBOX had 2.5 years of Red Ring of Death and never once won a exclusive Game of the Year ( 2005 was Zelda Twilight Princess ). It was and still is a DVD player, it had no built in Wi-Fi. It was a worldwide launch system.

Meanwhile the PS3 came out in the US and Japan in 2006. While all of Europe got it in 2007. Yet it sales are right up there with the XBox. Even though MS bricked 1 million users consoles for private games and content. So those users had to go out and rebuy the system all over again.

So while Sony did start out the gate slow. It took a chance on "new" technology in the Cell and Blu-ray. Foreseeing down the road how it would greatly benefit gamers. Which is why the PS3 gets games like Metal Gear Solid 4, it gets exclusive added on content without the use of multi discs.

So Sony is and has always been the king in video gaming. They take chances to steer the future of innovation for generations to come. They house the most internal gaming studios who put out clearly some of the best video games on the market period time and time again.

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a_bro1618d ago

I agree with naughty dog. Heck the 10 year plan is still in effect

MasterCornholio1618d ago

The good thing about the PS3 is if the PS4 has a rough start like the Wii U Sony will still have an incredibly sucessful console on the market so it wouldnt be that bad for them. And knowing that Sony loves to support their old consoles well after the release of the new ones (unlike Nintendo abandoning the Wii and Microsoft abandoning the XBOX) consumers will still have an incentive to buy one.

Because when they dont have an incentive you end up getting poor sales for your previous console when the successor comes out (but in the case of Nintendo both are doing poorly)

nirwanda1618d ago

Personally I think that console makers should abandon there last/current console and focus all their 1st party's to make games for the new console.

It's difficult to convince 3rd parties to make there biggest budget games solely exclusive to a console with little or no userbase so you have to lead by example.

MoonConquistador1618d ago

With attitudes like that, you could work for MS one day.

What about showing some loyalty to the fans who have invested so much in their last console.

Here's a crazy thought. What about supporting both of them at the same time and waiting for consumers to choose to upgrade rather than forcing them to by stopping any new games for the old console.

die_fiend1618d ago

If u force people to the new consoles, advancement happens quicker

nirwanda1618d ago

@ moonconquistador

So if MS have as many studio's as sony(which they do google it) but MS leave them all to make next gen game and sony split development between 3 platforms and all 3rd party make games for both who do you think will have the most exclusive games.
It simple maths not bias, if you divided anything by 3 even disproportionately you won't have the same amount as not dividing it at all.

LeoDDestroyer1618d ago

The problem with that is that MS history has shown that not to be the case. They have had many studios this gen but have not been doing much with them. Sony on the other hand not only has many studios but each studio (for the most part) have multiple teams that can work on different platforms allowing them to pump out tons of content.

MoonConquistador1618d ago

@nirwanda - Your argument would hold more water if it were true but its not. Sony have managed to release far more exclusive top quality games supporting 3 platforms as it is just now (I never counted PS 2, dunno if they still knock out games for that). It will be 4 when the PS 4 releases.

MS have 1 console they support, and by the looks of it, all that support will be shifting to their new console forcing you to upgrade and keeping their focus on only one console. Again, we'll see how many exclusives you have that don't involve you waving your hands at your Kinect.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me

TwistedMetal1618d ago

i agree always buy the playstation system becuase it will always be supported the longest and with the best exclusives. i think every gen sony has earned a purchase from hardcore gamers and deserves one. ms and is on third party game cruise control both gens and nintendo just completely stops supporting its consoles like the wii, gamecube and the n64.

sony deserves your money.

DigitalRaptor1618d ago

A console has about as much life as a company decides to pump into it. PS3 will be supported well into 2014 and beyond, whilst the other companies seem to have completely abandoned their consoles as far as bringing out games is concerned.

How come Sony is the only one that supports their consoles in the long term, even when they have to divert their resources to support a new console? Just food for thought.

nirwanda1618d ago

Simple because there's a large userbase to feed on there is more money to be made to use your analergy.

If they used all there first partys to make next generation exclusive games only people would migrate to a new console faster and will encourage more 3rd party exclusives.

NateCole1618d ago

"How come Sony is the only one that supports their consoles in the long term, even when they have to divert their resources to support a new console? "

That's exactly why Sony is the only company to not only surpass 100 million consoles but also back to back.

Playstation is the global gaming standard as a result. Yes even now in developing countries people there are only starting to afford PS3's. The world is not just developed countries.

ichdich1618d ago

if they say so, make it 60FPS and 1080p

can u?

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