Microsoft: First-Party, Next Generation

Game Informer - In preparation of the next Xbox's big unveiling, we take a look at Microsoft's stable of first-party developers, and what each studio is likely working on.

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Why o why2039d ago

this isnt all of their studios... why is there a 50 50 split between core/casual... some must be missing

firelogic2039d ago

lol, what you see is what you get. MS doesn't have a great stable of 1st party devs.

Freak of Nature2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Beyond the Halo's, Gears, fable's and Forza's..... Black Tusk's new IP, Project Gotham's return has been rumored, Respawns new IP. Alan Wake 2, Ryse from Crytek, and lot's of signs of a return to actual hardcore games from Rare are floating around, hopefully a full blown proper *Banjo*.... So they look to be thinking hardcore much more than what we saw in the last few years... I hope they really bring it, and even another surprise or two would be just fine with me... I hope timed exclusives, Kinect oriented games, and exclusive download's are not the main core of **"ton's of exclusives"**....

At least there are signs of them digging out from the casual and media rubble... New Ip's and exclusives for both the next Box and the PS4 are my most wanted...

dedicatedtogamers2038d ago

What is important to me is not whether or not Microsoft gives the NextBox a lot of exclusives at launch (they will). What is important to me is if they SUPPORT the system with exclusives over the long haul. Microsoft knows that they can front-load the system with exclusives and then lean on 3rd parties after that and the loyal fans will still buy the system at launch, but I want a console that doesn't collect dust after the first three years.

MrBeatdown2038d ago


Exactly! That's why I'm waiting on the next Xbox.

They pushed 360 exclusives hard early on, but after 2008, outside of Alan Wake, which was just a straggler from that initial push, there was next to no effort put into anything beyond Kinect (something clearly aimed at a different audience), and the usual Halo/Forza/Gears rotation.

I'll gladly buy an Xbox down the line if subsequent years are as good as the first few, but I'm not buying into their launch hype again, or a list of no-name mystery studios, as if they're all putting out worthwhile AAA content worthy of a $400+ console investment.

I bought a 360 thinking the slew of exclusives was an indication of what was to come. Fool me once...

Aceman182039d ago

i'll be watching the reveal like most people, but unlike most i personally won't be super excited because i'm not feeling really confident that i'll see something else other than the usual games.

i'll be mildly surprised if they do.

Blackdeath_6632039d ago

same situation for me but its a good thing because i will be pleasantly surprised and impressed if they do. i feel sorry for those with such high hopes and standards.

nix2038d ago

i'm sure this time again they'll have bought shit loads of exclusives from 3rd party devs... that's how i see it is going to pan out considering they don't have too many devs in their pocket.

i'm sure guys who made exclusives for MS last gen (forza, Geow, Halo etc) will have a game or two to show. that's already like 6 new IPs.

then there'll be 3rd party devs showing their games... their new kinect, and the projector room. that was cool.


There are many that share in your thoughts on the matter.

I was a big supporter of the 360 because of the love i had for the old xbox and the many games on it.

I would be lying if I said the last 3 or 4 years have not seen my support drop. If anything I seem to find myself bashing MS when I talk about the xbox brand to my friends.

I am not expecting much at this event, sales figures, celeb's talking about games they know nothing about and pretending it's so awesome, the usual sequels to games we already know and lots of stuff to do with apps and partnering with this service and that service. I can only hope I am wrong.

Kalowest2038d ago

Turn 10 didn't make Horizon, Playground Games did!!!

ichimaru2038d ago

-.- 50-50 Huh. who did you say you talked to at MS again

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-Mezzo-2039d ago

21st is near,... All will be clear.

ichimaru2038d ago

11 people disagree. 11 believe you infact do Not want Forza 5. I love this place

yugovega2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

spoiler alert! Microsoft e3 to include halo, forza, Kinect sports 3 and brace yourself . . . . another broken promises fable. ah Microsoft how I wish you'd have made another tao feng and brute force(gears ripped it off completely). maybe even project gotham racing, or fusion frenzy

ichimaru2038d ago

Poor trolling (weak content weaker delivery)
had enthusiasm but seemed to be "trying too hard"
Would not read again

yugovega2038d ago

how is it trolling when youre wishing for them to release something besides the same thing they have released the past 7 years?

Inception2039d ago

'Company: Press Play. Last game: Tentacles - Enter the Dolphin' that...remake / sequel for the classic Ecco the Dolphin?!

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