Catch Up On Killzone's Lore In 60 Seconds

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Dms20121830d ago

Sadly that's all it takes....

PeaSFor1830d ago

could be worse, like a plumber dude who have to save a princess, or an other dude with pointy ears....who have to save a princess.

cooperdnizzle1830d ago

Dude you can do that with anything. They have done it with a lot of other games and movies. Hell they have done it with star wars 6 movies in 60 seconds

Irishguy951830d ago

The backstory, however tiny it is...can still be considered lore.

Shikoro1829d ago

The backstory is faaaaaaaaaaaar from tiny. Check the link below.

brettyd1830d ago

I actually enjoy Killzones story, there are a lot worse video game stories out there.

takohma1830d ago

K2 was my first shooter I actually played and that's what got me into shooters. I was always more of a fighter gamer. K2's last stage was epic and amazing. I like 3 as well with the scenery changes.