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Submitted by jubilijordan 1000d ago | opinion piece

Is Nintendo Done? Everyone Else Seems To Think So

EA Sports software engineer, Johan Andersson says that the Wii U is crap. EA also says that the Nintendo’s newest console can’t even run the Frostbite 2 engine with favorable results. Heck, most of the gaming media thinks that Nintendo is “dead in the water” and that they should pull a Sega and become a software only developer. Well, here are a few thoughts on why Nintendo could be headed the way of Sega and a few thoughts as to why they could be on their way to absolute success. (Wii U)

Skarlett   1000d ago | Spam
SpideySpeakz  +   1000d ago
Verdict: Yes.
But those nice Nintendo ips could go well with PS4 and 720.
And get those Pokemon games exclusive to the Vita. Oh yeah!
Kos-Mos  +   1000d ago
I am Bender. Please insert girder.
JuleyJules  +   999d ago
That's quite a bit of dreaming there. Nintendo IPs on other systems and Pokémon exclusive to Vita when the 3DS is outselling the Vita like crazy!! The last time Nintendo IPs were on other systems was in the early 80s when they started out and Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr were on Colecovision, Intellivision and Atari 2600. That is not going to happen while Nintendo is selling their own consoles. Just wait until Nintendo's big games start to come out. Sales will go up and the Wii U will do fine. After all it is SIX MONTHS OLD! PS3 and 360 took years to get good games that really made use of the systems. Patience and we'll see what the wii u can do. E3 is going to get Nintendo lots of press when people start talking about their upcoming games and some exclusives like Bayonetta 2 plus unannounced games!!

It's going to be very interesting too after PS4 and 720 are released. They may not sell so hot after all the fans get them before Christmas if the games aren't there, supply isn't there or they keep releasing games on PS3/4 and 360/720. With so many of the old systems selling still convincing people they need a new system won't be easy. Plus the market is a lot different than it was 7 years ago. By then Wii U will be selling better and we'll no doubt here bitchin' about the sales not there and Wii U selling at that point. Plus everything electronic comes out these days and has to be updated like Wii U, apple products etc. No doubt the new ones will too and that will mean more complaining when that happens!!
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wampdog29  +   999d ago
Another "gamer" that knows nothing of how Nintendo franchises and games work. Without the Ninty hardware, their games become crap. They would lack innovation and imagination. It would then turn into yearly releases of Zelda, Mario Kart and Smash Bros.... it just wouldn't be the same and in the end, their sales would decline until they begin to turn into every other 3rd-party...
SpideySpeakz  +   999d ago
jubilijordan  +   1000d ago
you guys think Nintendo could turn things around with a massive promotional push and heavy first party line up and a few 3rd party surprises?
Myst  +   1000d ago
Yes in fact that is what a lot of people would like. Nintendo has quite a few old franchises they could revive like F-Zero for one; and with more third party it would make the system even more desirable.
Animavicion  +   1000d ago
jubilijordan  +   1000d ago
Dang...i guess the Wii U is done. I think they may need a new president.
Wenis  +   1000d ago
Wow, and I thought the Sony is doomed articles were bad. I guess everyones jumping on the Nintendo is doomed bandwagon now
jubilijordan  +   1000d ago
they have been on the nintendo doomed bandwagon. since the gamecube
Moonman  +   1000d ago
Phil32  +   1000d ago
Some of you must have been severely mental when the Wii and DS were doing phenomenally. How funny.

EDIT: It's like years of Nintendo outselling the competition created an inner rage in a lot of haters, and now that Nintendo is vulnerable, they prey like vultures onto a weakened target.
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Wenis  +   1000d ago
Yeah thats how I'm reasoning all of the hate at Nintendo right now as well. Its only the Wii U though, the 3DS is doing great. And really the main reason why the Wii U is doing so bad is because it just doesn't have any games... there is no incentive yet to buy one.
wampdog29  +   999d ago
Exactly and EVERY console launch goes through this same thing....
Animavicion  +   1000d ago
I'm sorry, but to be honest, I do not think anything bad will happen to nintendo. If sales of nintendo "wii u" are not increased, then the life support will be the "3DS" (already sold better than sega genesis, the atari 2600 and the first xbox. Http://
DivineAssault  +   1000d ago
They need to go segas route.. Maybe that partnership will help them talk more & Sega can convince them to make a rational decision about continuing in the hardware business
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Theyellowflash30  +   999d ago
DivineAssault you need to shut up. You have no clue what you're talking about. 99% of developers are ignoring them? You know almost ever major publisher in Japan has made or is making games for the Wii U right?

Activision, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros are all making games as well. Plus Nintendo has tons of indie support.
wampdog29  +   999d ago
Wow.... how enlightening you are.../s
jcnba28  +   1000d ago
It's funny how the haters want Nintendo to fail but at the same time wish their exclusives were on their preferred system lol
Minato-Namikaze  +   1000d ago
Nintendo as a hardware company and nintendo as a software company are two separate things. I think just about everyone loves nintendo as software company. As a hardware company, not so much anymore.
MasterCornholio  +   1000d ago
They make great games but are horrible at designing hardware.

Motorola RAZR i
Ck1x  +   999d ago
This is what really confuses me about all of this!
RFornillos4  +   999d ago
because a lot of the haters say Nintendo games are "kids" games, but wouldn't mind getting it on PS4/NXBox. kids nowadays, they just won't admit that they enjoy their Mario's as well as their shooters.

@MasterCornholio, "...horrible at designing hardware"? really? their hardware may be underpowered compared to the PS4/NXBox, or slightly above the PS3/360, but to say that they are horrible at "designing" hardware is just immature. Wii U is considerably more efficient than the 360. it uses less power and produces less heat. In a lifetime, people have gotten at least 2 360's as compared to a lifetime of a Nintendo console, because of the dreaded RROD. i still have my old Nintendo Game and Watch, NES, GameCube and Wii, and all of them still working. After my 2nd XBox, I gave up on it.
weekev15  +   1000d ago
Apparently people buy games consoles to play games on. I know this is a nasty rumour that I shouldn't continue but Im pretty sure its true.

I am a Nintendo fan boy, I find their games incredibly fun, however since it launched in November there has been 3 new releases I've wanted to play. Thats not games I would call essential purchases with the exception of Lego City which is awesome.

Nintendo have admitted they screwed up by the dearth of great titles hitting the console and Im fairly certain they assumed there would be decent 3rd party support to see them through to the release of their big first party titles.

This hasnt happened meaning there is no reason for people who are not Nintendo fans like myself to pick up the console.

However the release schedule from June onwards looks like it could be incredible. Doom and gloom articles are very premature. If the sales dont pick up over the Summer I will agree that WiiU is in trouble, however I can see there being massive increases in sales over the next few months as Nintendo gives people numerous reasons to buy 1.
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gamingzen  +   1000d ago
Right first off ea has always had love/hate and threatened not to release games for nintendos consoles and will end up bringing games to wii u the only real major loss is fifa, secondly disney will make ea release star wars games on wii u as disney really like the wii u also ea are not the company they used to be they ruined battlefield with there servers just killed the dead space franchise and why everyone is excited about ea dropping the online passes this just means ea is going to con more money out of people with half arsed games where you have to buy the rest of it through download content and lots of microtransactions.
Nintendo are just biding there time before they release all there trump cards who saw the sonic exclusive coming this is what nintendo are good at and will surprise alot of haters in the end and if they dont not all is lost as there is still the awesome ps4 and xbox 720 to look forward to happy gaming people
BeZdaBest  +   1000d ago
its funny because of ea lack of support..FANBOYS hope nintendo will pull a sega .. fact of the matter is nintendo has to much money to just flat out and stop..

sega had circumstances before the dreamcast that lead to there eventually demise..people we all know this..(the fanboy fog is heavy on that history lesson)

once again people forget that ea was never really a big presence on nintendo systems...i think the system they supported the most was the gamecube was almost over 10 years ago ... wheres the support for the wii at.ds.n64.3ds.

none of those console had much ea support.. and most turned out fine..(n64 your call to make)..
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hduce  +   999d ago
Finally... Someone who knows the true story of what happened with Sega. Even if the Wii U is a epic fail, which I don't think it will be. Nintendo will be alright. I am also curious why some people are cheering for them to fail. I play games on all consoles and I have a monster of a PC. If I didn't like a company or its products, I wouldn't support them but I wouldn't want them to fail.
BeZdaBest  +   999d ago
and thats least your not spouting rubbish..

i understand that people dont like nintendo lack of power.(we all know people want the games on there platform because there always saying for nintendo to go third party.which is never going to happen..)

but to go out of your way to trash on something "you hate" is pretty ridiculous.. when i hate something i dont want to be hear or be near that shit..honestly i may never know why some people hate nintendo...
sephx22  +   1000d ago
The reason why people want Nintendo to sell out and put their iconic titles on ps4/x720 is because they want to play Nintendo games with the graphic power and detail of ps4/x720. I'd personally like to see Nintendo games with those kind graphics too but I don't want Nintendo to stop making consoles, I just want them to release a console that is on par with its competition. I was really hoping for that with the Wii U and I was disappointed.
wampdog29  +   999d ago
Well, in 6 years their next console will be on par.... I mean come on. Who cares? Let's wait and see what Mario and Zelda look like on Wii U before we shun them.
kagamer79  +   999d ago
There's resoning behind nintendos game drought. They been saving their heavy hitters for E3 and the holiday season to stay competitive and relevant. The wii u is already on shelves for purchase and in homes. No mystery there so they need the big ips to stay in the game and have that edge this holiday season. I'm sure ps4 and 720 will have good games available at launch and nintendo knows this. There's great games coming this holiday and in 2014. What worries me is 2015 and after. IMHO thats when wii u will have the toughest time because by then ps4 and 720 will have several AAA titles available. I hope wii u does well but only time will tell. I wouldnt doubt nintendo having a more capable wii u by 2015 if they needed too. I know im gonna have fun either way playing the hell out of a wii u and ps4 this xmas. I'll leave the petty arguing to the n4g fanboys.
hduce  +   999d ago
To best honest, I don't even think Nintendo has even made a serious effort to market or push the Wii U to consumers yet. Think about it. How many commercials or advertisements have you seen for the Wii U? Not too many after the initial launch. I think they just wanted to get the console to the market and see how many of the early adopters they could get before going full scale and putting the dollars into marketing it. I think they are in a great position. Nintendo could easily get the price of the Wii U down if they wanted to and couple that with a bunch of heavy hitting 1st party releases, I see success. See 3DS for reference. Also the problem Microsoft and Sony faces is their previous systems. I think the PS3 and Xbox360 will be around for at least 2 more years. Outside of the hardcore gamers, I don't see average everyday people shelling out 4 or 5 hundred dollars plus for the new consoles in this economy.
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brewin  +   999d ago
Yes yes and yes. Good post I am glad I'm not the only one who sees it. I am in business school right now and currently taking a marketing course in which Nintendo has come up quite a bit. They are a company that is know to build sustainable market structure with their products. The majority of their games maintain their value long after other games have hit the bargain bin at your local convienence store. Nintendo is in it for the long haul and a lot of families will be making the Wii u their big gift to their kids this Christmas. There aren't any must have yet... But they are coming. The u is a solid investment that will prove its worth in due time. People just don't have any patience in the ADHD generation. Settle down kiddies!
brewin  +   999d ago
Yeah because we should totally judge a system completely by its first 6months on the market in a horrible economy. If this is how systems are judged then the ps3 should have died a long time ago. and just to put things into perspective a little bit, the same studios bailing on Nintendo are the same ones saying good stuff about the OUYA and mobile games. Stop being brainwashed and feeding into the lies and bullshit people. If you can't see there is an agenda here then u are blinded and I've got a bridge to sell you in Kansas. With Nintendo out of the game there is no barometer of quality to measure against. Do you people really want EA, the company rated worst in all of america for multiple years, running the game?
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ylwzx3  +   999d ago
Nintendo would go down in flames and take their IP's with them before they would ever show up on another console.

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