“Very Cool Stuff Coming up for the Vita,” Sony is “THE Best Company” for Indie Devs

Keeping the teases rolling for a possibly huge E3 for the PlayStation Vita, Victor Lucas (EP Daily, Reviews on the Run) tweeted that he has “seen some very cool stuff coming up for the Vita.” - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1737d ago

They have a great slate of indies coming this year, that's for sure.

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Animavicion1737d ago

"Sony is “THE Best Company” for Indie Devs".
sorry, but is the PC.

Reborn1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Didn't know PC is a 'company'.

Calm down, they're just implying Sony are dealing with indies well. Which is good news for gamers.

CynicalKelly1737d ago

Not sure if the disagrees are because you called PC a company or if N4G is completely retarded. PC is certainly the best Platform for Indie developers, always have been and probably will be for a long time yet.

Larry L1737d ago

PC is obviously the best platform to besically do whatever you want to do with complete freedom, even infringing on other companies products as long as it's given away for free. But is PC the best platform for making money? I think that's a completely different story. And PSN may indeed be the best platform for that.

Hasn't PSN had the most digital sales of any other digital games platforms? I thought I heard a few devs mention having the highest sales on PSN. ANd also, when one of these Indie devs work with Sony, they also get some nice advertising along with it. So it's a great platform to start on to get your product noticed, whereas on Steam and Live, things tend to get more lost in the shuffle, they seldom have the spotlight on them. They get that with Sony. At least that's the idea I get from interviews I've read.

CynicalKelly1737d ago

@Larry L

I would say PC is equally as good for making money but either way it's great that Sony are making this a prime focus.

Too many times have I seen huge games, overhyped and ended up being visually nice to look at but a big dull drag to play. A lot of Indie developers make amazingly fun games and it's great that we may get to see more from them.

Xof1736d ago

Lot of Indy games have trouble finding a market. Every time a new game is added to the PSN, it's "at the top of the list" for at least a week... which makes indy games much more high-profile than those released on Steam or GOG or wherever.

Jihaad_cpt1735d ago

Hey Animavicion you were "owned!"

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ftwrthtx1737d ago

We need more stuff for the Vita, no doubt.

bothebo1737d ago

Although I would argue indie titles aren't the stuff we need

Chaostar1736d ago

I'm glad you don't get to decide what we need, indie games are great.

violents1736d ago

I agree with bothebo, Indie titles are nice but most of the indie games I've tried aren't really my style, I would rather have the big budget AAA titles, although some indie games are really good.

Different strokes for different folks!!

Belking1737d ago

"Sony is “THE Best Company” for Indie Devs".

Until Tuesday.

Majin-vegeta1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Well i've been hearing the opposite.M$ has been getting slammed left &right by indie developers.

@Hano there there i know you could't afford a vita so you opted for a cheaper piece of hardware the 3DS.So if you need the need to let out your anger i'm here.

-GametimeUK-1737d ago

Poor you, you can't afford 3DS games so you get a Vita for the main titles that hit PS+ and the bargain bin within 5 days.

I'm here if you need to let your anger out.

Belking1737d ago

"Well i've been hearing the opposite.M$ has been getting slammed left &right by indie developers."

Then why does xbl have more indie support? Like I said that all changes next xbox will have plenty of indie support.

ScubbaSteve1737d ago


"Then why does xbl get more indie support?"

That's a good question, though the veracity is a bit dubious, when you have indie games like FEZ not getting fixed because MS wants money for every update.

TrendyGamers1737d ago

I don't think Tuesday will have much to do with indies, more with bigger titles.

E2S1737d ago

not until indies make Kinect games

XabiDaChosenOne1737d ago

Lol I am loving the optimism coming from the 360 camp, I hope Microsoft doesn't disappoint.

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hano1737d ago

blah blah blah. Vita is shit.

1737d ago
Kingthrash3601737d ago

yet you like to read its articles...o.O

lol trolls

go vita!

kayoss1737d ago

"Vita is shit"
Wait isn't "shit" what describe the place you live in?

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