Borderlands 2: Gearbox Creates More Problems With Krieg

Borderlands 2 has seen a new and flawed Vault Hunter join the adventure for the ultimate score. Krieg the Psycho is a high risk, high reward character that favors melee fighters (or those that like igniting themselves). Besides costing $9.99, there’s a lot wrong with Krieg, and sadly this isn’t a surprise given Gearbox’s recent track record. Continue reading to find out what problems players are facing while roaming Pandora as Krieg.

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ApolloTheBoss1805d ago

This exactly why I'm waiting for the GOTY edition.

Christopher1805d ago

Oh no... two challenges... what shall I ever do...

Honestly, not worth worrying about, IMHO.

BiggCMan1805d ago

There's a second page with some more things he brought up.

Dan_scruggs1805d ago

Well good thing there are 5 other characters to choose from.

Or since this guy is DLC one could just yell. I HATE OPTIONS!

LAWSON721805d ago

I cant wait until the GOTY edition so every DLC is on a disc and all my friends can install it, because they surely have no plans to buy any dlc that is not COD related, but I am sure at least one will buy GOTY.

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