The classic games getting spiritual sequels on Kickstarter

The follow ups to gaming classics with everything but the naming rights to look forward to.
Often it seems like all we get are endless video game sequels, from countless Assassin’s Creed spin-offs to annual FIFA updates - but they're not always the ones we actually want.

Sometimes, cult games just don’t sell well enough to merit the investment in a sequel. Sometimes, a game’s creator wants to move onto something new. Sometimes though, the rights to a name have simply slipped out of his or her hands. That’s just how business works sometimes, but it’s not stopping some of gaming’s greatest auteurs.

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sephiroth4201804d ago

echo the dolphin??? :D :D

Donnieboi1803d ago

Yes sir. Brilliant franchise!

3-4-51803d ago

A bit boring...but the music is epic and it's relaxing to play.

As a kid it was something different compared to other games.

sephiroth4201799d ago

AGREED DONNIEBOI :D i really cannot wait, i love how these old IPs are getting a revamp, even road redemption (road rash sucessor) has got me excited, hopefully we'll see some others come into the picture at E3.