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Submitted by Torchwood4 996d ago | preview

Insomniac's Greatest Failure Yet

My Love for Insomniac Games has done much more than slowly fade away and at this point is free falling into a pit void of any originality. After Ratchet and Clank: A Crank in Time released, none of their games have shown us anything that has reached that level of quality. The only excuse I could think of for all of these mediocre games releasing was that Insomniac was focusing all the resources they could on Fuse. (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   997d ago
ITS sad but i felt the same,after playing the demo fuse feels like a generic tps devoid of any personality.
j-blaze  +   996d ago
i think Resistance was more generic compared to this, fps, aliens, soldiers defending their land...but this look more fun especially in gameplay, MP and characters are awesome too, add to all that ITS NOT A FREAKING FPS and that's a big plus! wish insomniac the best of luck with this game
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   996d ago
to tell you the truth i cant really put my 2 cents in on resistance since i only played a demo of the first 1,but i chose not to buy it because i felt the same exact way,it was an fps with aliens an soldiers trying to defend the world.
Typical-Guy  +   996d ago
Resistance was the best FPS experience I've had on PS3. Especially the first one, oh boy! I hope Insomniac games make another one on PS4....
LarVanian  +   996d ago
Did you even play Resistance? The Fuse demo had quite a number of elements from Resistance. The 8 player co-op in Resistance 2 was a hell of a lot more fun than what I played in the Fuse demo.
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abzdine  +   996d ago
i agree with this article except when they say that A Crack in Time is the last great IG game because R3 is a very good game.

i love IG for the Spyro and Ratchet games, but Fuse is really not enjoyable at all. Fuse will obviously fail and IG have to step their game up by giving their fans what they deserve.

Ted Price was saying basically that they were tired of offering sequels and they wanted to give sth new to their fans, but why make an underdog TPS and not keep doing the unique things we have all been used to?
DevilishSix  +   996d ago
I am interested in this survival mode called Eschelon it sounds interesting. Wonder how it will play in co-op.
rpd123  +   996d ago
True that about Resistance. I just traded the Resistance Collection in. Didn't even get past the first game. I played 3's multiplayer. It was not bad but not enough to keep the game.
ginsunuva  +   996d ago
The first resistance was one of the best fps games EVER. No game had a seriously suspenseful campaign with great storytelling the way it did, and the MP was pure extremely fun, addicting, skill-based 40-player awesomeness.

Then the other 2 were decent but not as good.
BattleAxe  +   996d ago

If you had the Resistance Collection, why would you skip to the multiplayer on R3? It was terrible compared to R1 and R2. And with regards to you not being able to finish the first game I just just don't understand that at all. What are some of the other FPS games that you like?
Army_of_Darkness  +   996d ago
Resistance 3 is awesome. By far the best resistance game and tops most fps out.
kparks  +   996d ago
I loved resistance 1 and 2 they were awesome some of the best games on the ps3.. R3 was ok at best.. But this game looks whack and this RE5 chris Redfield looking guy with 34inch biceps looks ridiculous.
badz149  +   995d ago
makes me want Overstrike instead
Not saying that the demo is crap but it lacks identity and feel too generic. Overstrike promised something unique with "Insomniac" written all over it but Fuse has none of that!
rpd123  +   995d ago

I'm not really a huge fan of FPS's in general. I did play the multiplayer in 2, but I had trouble finding a game. 1 I was never able to play because I could never get into a game. I think the reason I couldn't get past the first campaign was the controls. They were so awkward compared to other FPS's.
joab777  +   995d ago
R2's co op is one of my all time fav experiences...and it hasn't been done again. I was sad when r3 omitted it. I was looking forward to a more evolved version. I played r2 co op and competitive for months and months. When I saw fuse I was hoping that this was it...what I had been waiting for. The early team fortress look had me really excited. Then, its as if they went the path so many have before...make it look and play like some other triple A game that sold well. What they didn't count on was that we hav grown tired even of those great games. Originality is the name of the game now. Its why so many are playing games like dark souls, indie games, or mobile games.
brich233  +   996d ago
I couldnt even finish the demo, gameplay was lacking and boring, I will be getting the game to play coop with friends though.
JP1369  +   996d ago
I couldn't be bothered to finish the demo either, but I don't think playing with friends will make it much better. To me it isn't even worth renting, much less a purchase.
TheRacingX  +   996d ago
I couldn't finish it either...I really wanted to like this one, being a fan of IG, but it just looks generic and like it wants to be too many other games
AngelicIceDiamond  +   996d ago
Its funny because because the demo turned out not to be that bad.

Its a simple demo. People complained about DMC. Oh what the game sold over million copies!? It has a metacritic rating of 86!?

Despite it being a reboot DMC still stayed true to what it does best. And people were crying and moaning all the way until its released.

This game is a brand new Ip. A complete cop op experience that revolves around four characters.

Though I highly enjoyed borderlands with 2 maxed characters and spent like 50 hours on it.

The game seriously lacked character depth, progression and build. BL2 story from the first one was "better", but the four characters were just staples of "choosing your class" and "how you wanted to play"

That was it. Fuse seems have characters with life and not just simple meat suits of character classes with very little personality and almost meaningless to exist in the game with one liners to remind the player that "your playing a character."

The enemies, situations and over all outlook of the story do seem generic and done over and over again in fuse I will say that.

But again, the simple fact that its story four player online that simply gives you a background story with each character is win imo.
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00  +   996d ago
"People complained about DMC. Oh what the game sold over million copies!"

That's actually bad when the previous game sold Around 4 million.
Tontus  +   996d ago
lol, what? Yes DmC averaged a respectable 85% on reviews aggregates, it didn't sell over a million though, it shipped over a million. After 4 months it has only sold around 700K and its sales have slowed to a crawl, it performed horribly despite a good critical reception, the last game in the series (DMC4) sold 2.7 million (not close to 4 million 00).

Fuse is mediocre, it will average in the low 70s on reviews aggregates and be lucky to sell 500K copies on all platforms combined this year. It will be a critical and commercial flop, everyone can see that.

I feel sorry for Insomniac, I've loved some of their games and I hope Fuse bombing doesn't have too bad an effect on them.
Root  +   996d ago
dmc was crap though...the sales prove that

The big reviewers who give out there scores first were obviously paid off someway with either exlclusive info on their next games or somehting else because theres no way that games a 8,9 or even 10 out of 10.

It's inferior to past DMC titles and a back step for the franchise...overall it's worse then other games (least DMC2 despite how bad it was, was still a DMC game)...
fsfsxii  +   996d ago
I think DMC2 is the best DMC game
sjaakiejj  +   996d ago

Sales numbers prove if a game is good or bad? Just Dance must be an incredible game then, and Psychonauts and Shenmue must be terrible games.

I bet Zero Punctuation and TotalBiscuit sold out to Capcom. In fact, I agree with you that Capcom spent millions to pay reviewers to give high scores. That's far more likely than, you know, it actually being a good game that you just happen to dislike.
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Statix  +   996d ago
Obviously you're playing Borderlands 2 for a different reason than any other people. Nobody I know plays Borderlands for the story or characters.

With that said, the story isn't actually that bad in Borderlands 2. It's at least semi-interesting, in my opinion. Sure, the player characters are lifeless and don't have much personality, but that's like saying the player character in Skyrim doesn't have much personality.
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Baka-akaB  +   995d ago

Sales numbers prove if a game is good or bad? Just Dance must be an incredible game then, and Psychonauts and Shenmue must be terrible games. "

Of course not . but it this instance everything was lining up .

DmC was badly received (and i'm talking about the only critical that matters , gamers , not pseudo journalists ) and sold like crap .

It truly have nothing going on for it , unlike low selling gems you mentioned , wich are still loved and fondly remembered .
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TwistedMetal  +   996d ago
yep this game looked cool when the art style was different. now it looks lame. also resistance 2 coop and mp is something really awesome that you cant get anywhere else on consoles. the coop was just beast as well as 30 vs 3o online mp with crazy weapons shooting through walls and force fields and shields and stuff.
Blaze929  +   996d ago
i dont know WHAT you all are moaning about - i thought the Fuse demo was amazing and i cant wait for the full game. Generic? lol you all
darx  +   995d ago
I am guessing that they are a bunch os PS fans who are upset that IG went multiplat.
showtimefolks  +   996d ago
Spyro was great

ratchet and clank is excellent series

resistance 1 was very good, 2 had more COD effects but the 8 player co-op alone was worth the asking price and 3rd felt a lot like half-life, It had very stable MP and excellent story

Fuse now this is where this doesn't seem or play like an insomniac game, its time insomniac to admit the failure and crawl back to your fans who have been with you since day on on playstation brand

sony needs to BUY QD next but if insomniac is willing than they should be after that.

you want to become a 3rd party developer and have a huge reputation on playstation than make sure your 1st game isn't just average

i mean who the heck was the creative director of Fuse? ted price we need answers
OmegaSlayer  +   995d ago
The Resistance series is bad.
The last R&C are bad.
This Fuse here is bad.
Irishguy95  +   995d ago
Insomniac got free passes because they were exclusive to Sony. They are a empty shell of their former selves and haven't made a good game in a long long time. Resistance 1 was the best they've created in years and even that was only 'good'(Even though I loved it, it gets overrated quite a lot)
Kalowest  +   997d ago
I feel bad for Insomniac!!! :(
raiden-49  +   996d ago
They were trying to create an at least somewhat interesting game from the first trailer but EA saw that no one gave a f*ck so they "improved" it by making it MORE generic and now this is what we get....

Also we know insomniacs did screw up before but I have always tried to make something different.
Heavenly King  +   996d ago
actually according to Insomniac they did not had any pressure from EA. They changed it because they wanted to change it.
raiden-49  +   996d ago
@Heavenly King

Come-on do you think EA would let them say they changed the game and its EA's fault... But tbh EA has never had lied to us about this stuff and/ twisted the truth../s
Statix  +   996d ago

Even if EA did pressure Insomniac to change the art style of the game, it's still partly Insomniac's fault for giving in to the pressure. The studio has the final say on whether or not to change a game's direction.

In all likelihood, Insomniac probably agreed with whatever market analysis EA put together, so long as they thought a change would boost sales and hype for the game.
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Root  +   997d ago
"The best result to come from Fuse releasing is that it will sell so bad that the developers get bought by Sony just to survive"

Well at least then Sony might get the cheaper but at the end of the day it will be Insomniacs fault...they wanted more freedom with their games and they decide to go with EA, I bet Sony offered them more freedom then any other company out there.

If they get bought I hope they don't continue with the Ratchet games though....they need to create something new for next gen. Oh and they need to start working on one thing at a time, not trying to juggle projects
TechnicianTed  +   996d ago
The wisdom of Root. Thank you Root. Maybe other developers could benefit from your pearls of wisdom.

I leave you with the opening of the first lines of this article, a sure sign that journalism is at its peak from websites like this -

'My Love for Insomniac Games has done much more than slowly fade away and at this point is free falling into a pit void of any originality.'
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elhebbo16  +   996d ago
what some people dont know is that insomniac left for a reason (w.e the reason may be) and if they get bought by sony some of the game designers might leave the studio. similar situations like this happened in the past. but its too early to speculate.
JP1369  +   996d ago
I love how you speculate and then say it's too early for such a thing.
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Heavenly King  +   996d ago
they always wanted to remain independent. Sony tried to buy them but Ted always refused.
GT67  +   996d ago
say what'd!!!!! without Ratchet i would not play video games. sometimes you need side games to break the crowed FPS games.
Root  +   996d ago
The let there new IP for the PS4 be a platforming game

Who says it has to be another FPS or shooter in general.

We've had way too many Ratchet games to the point where it's getting old and stale....getting worse scores as it goes along.
mt  +   996d ago
maybe it is only me but i liked playing the demo with my brother.
PepperjackJig  +   996d ago
Same i played with my cousin it was pretty fun, but that might just be because it wasn't just single player
arbitor365  +   996d ago
insomniac is my favorite developer of all time. and I have to say they have gone way, way downhill.

Fuse is a massive disappointment. when we saw that pre rendered trailer for overstrike, it looks like "the incredibles" meets team fortress 2. it was brimming with personality.

now it is a generic, mundane TPS game, that doesnt even feel like an insomniac game. im not sure if EA is to blame for this. they probably are. just look at what they did to dead space.
DigitalRaptor  +   996d ago
Agreed. I couldn't be sure if EA is to blame either, but I think Insomniac is just as much to blame, when they conducted focus groups with 12 year olds who wanted something more mature. That just isn't right kids wanting something more mature, what does that tell you about the kids of this generation?

For me it's OVERSTRIKE or bust. You're right, that game had real personality. I just can't get excited about what is now FUSE. What a shame.
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Tikicobra  +   996d ago
I agree, but this article is terribly written.

"So for all of you still interested in hearing about this utterly mediocre 3rd person shooter, I pray that take a good long look at yourself if your still interested in the game."

Who OK'd that sentence?
Denethor_II  +   996d ago
I think you take look at you own grammar!? This article is shining beacon of English language lol.

But I do agree with the sentiment, however badly formulated their sentences are. The truth is, if Sony wanted to bring them into the family they already would have.
Heavenly King  +   996d ago
that is not the case. Insomniac always wanted to remain independent.
Unicron  +   996d ago
Man, with so many people professing love for crack in time, it's a shame no one bought the damn game, ridiculous.
maxgamehard  +   996d ago
A Crack in Time was a great game, It was my favorite of the franchise. I hope after Fuse, Insomniac can continue with Ratchet and continue where they left of in a Crack in Time.

Any one remember Angela from Going Commando, it would be cool if they had her in the next game.
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SilentNegotiator  +   996d ago
Over 1 million = nobody?

And N4G isn't representative of the whole gaming community. Why couldn't the dozen people in a comment section have bought a game that sold over a million?
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Baka-akaB  +   995d ago

I dunno why folks here uniterally decides that when some decides to boycott or hype a game , they are never the one that stood by the decision .

Are the mere dozens of Ng4ers claiming to boycott COD responsible for it selling in excess of 14-20 millions ? Of course not .

Nor can they do much if a game they profess their love to , doesnt sell .

If anything i should expect to see more die hard fans of obscure and low selling games , in some obscure comments section of a not so mainstream game news site
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stuna1  +   995d ago
Maybe the ones professing their love for Crack in Time are actually the ones who did actually buy the game! The folks here on n4g are hardly an accurate representation of how well the game sold.

As far as Fuse goes, I had downloaded the demo, but as of yet have not actually tried it, and all of the mediocrities surrounding it are not doing the game any favors! This coming from someone who owns all the Resistance games, to me it sounds a little unappealing.
-Gespenst-  +   995d ago
I just thought Tools of Destruction was so much better. A Crack in Time felt a little bit half baked, and the graphics to me took a serious hit or something. I liked it and I own it, but I definitely prefer Tools of Destruction. It had better level design too.
supraking951  +   996d ago
Resistance had one of the best stories in a FPS. Sorry Halo and CoD, your all about multiplayer. Yes it had aliens and soldiers but it had that feeling like the first Gears of War where we already lost but still fighting. Resistance 3 was the best of the three.
Kalowest  +   996d ago
You main CoD and BF is all about multiplayer, Halo is one of the best FPS with a great story also.
TheFallenAngel  +   996d ago
Fall of Man was the best out of the three. The multiplayer was so good and addictive. They ruined it after too. My biggest complaint was the decision to remove the strength and weaknesses of chimeras and humans from the multiplayer.
WeAreLegion  +   996d ago
Resistance 3 is the best game they've ever released. Spyro is a close second, for me. :) It made me sad, playing the FUSE demo. So devoid of imagination and originality. What happened?
yaz288  +   996d ago
people are way overreacting ..

R3 was actually the worst imo. it was generic cod-uncharted style shit.. not bad but not amazing either. Ressestince 2 maybe was the last good thing that came from them.
SoapShoes  +   996d ago
Uh it didn't play anything like COD. I can respect you enough to have your opinion but how exactly did it play like COD? If anything R2 played more like COD with its regenerating health and whatnot.

R3 was my favorite of all the Resistance games, I felt it took the best of the first and second and refined it.
yaz288  +   996d ago
don't take what I said literally. its just feel they wanted to crate something more cod + uncharted like and mix up with R1. there was some signs in r2 but they are more apparent now.

From the first moment I started the game, the shooting range.. and it was like that with me. level design is small and narrow, following other characters ,the set pieces. one level was so uncharted that I was annoyed (the raining level)

also the health pack were worthless, they put in unlimited quantities in some of the sections.. it was like they just put them in the game just to say look we are going more R1.

There was a lot to R1 than the wep weal and the health pack. I realized that after playing R3. R2 was actually still more close to R1 than 3 imo.
WeAreLegion  +   996d ago
The campaign is what I'm talking about. Sorry. I need to specify that. The multi-player wasn't as fun as Resistance 2 and ESPECIALLY not as fun as Resistance: Fall of Man. However, the campaign was insane!
a411411  +   996d ago
The fuse demo was so generic and bold. After i cleared the outside enemies of the fortress and planted the bomb on the wall and realized they didn't take cover for the explosion i cut it off. Its not m cup of tea and I've played 3rd person shooters. They need to start back from the success of resistance 1.
00  +   996d ago
From all the stuff I've seen the game just looked completely boring.
Realplaya  +   996d ago
This is the same studio that bashed the Wii U. But instead of making comments they should have worked on putting out a good game SMH.
Jek_Porkins  +   996d ago
I liked the demo, and that was without playing campaign aspects, not saying it's a Game Of The Year contender, but it might surprise some people. If you are looking for a decent and fun shooter to play with friends online, this could tide you over until GTA5 or next gen consoles.

Sometimes when I read articles about Fuse and Insomniac I feel like they are getting treated poorly because they went multiplatform, which is a shame really. The games mechanics are sound and from a technical
yaz288  +   996d ago
"because they went multiplatform" .. agree

I actually loved the fuse demo .. it was fun! again it was not the best game ever but it was good. played it multiple time and I am definitely getting the game.

they nailed the shooting aspect, changing between character (no body mentioned this?!).. loved that part because it can become quite tactical .. also with different abilities. coop double the fun.
tigertron  +   996d ago
Fuse feels like any other generic shooter, but it was pretty decent, I'll pick this up when it's cheaper.
josephayal  +   996d ago
I expected more from Insomniac
BoNeSaW23  +   996d ago
Insomniac has ALWAYS been one of my Favorite Developers. I own all the Ratchet and Resistance games this gen. And don't regret a single minute of either experience.

But, Full Frontal Assault and this Crap game FUSE(that I couldn't even finish the demo!) have destroyed my faith in Insomniac.

I hope they don't fall into mobile gaming obscurity and multi-platform mediocrity because of their bad decisions.
#16 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
yaz288  +   996d ago
I really suggest you return to the demo and give it more tries. I was like that at the beginning but was able to get it ..and enjoy it.

I was one of the haters but 2 hours interview with ted price and the demo and I just couldn't do that no more .. they really had something going on with this and put a lot of effort and since EA had nothing to do with it .. its all insomniac and I trust them. they wanted to make a fun coop shooter and I felt they have succeeded on that.
#16.1 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
fardan85  +   996d ago
A small portion of the game doesn't help us much to decide if the game worth purchase it/ get it used / rent it / borrow it/ totally ignoreit.
Gotta wait and see, might surprise us.
At the moment, it doesn't look like it's a GOTY but the coop element can support it to be a good game. If games like Army Of 2 can provide some entertainment then Fuse can do it.
I tried the demo, i wasn't impressed but it wasn't a disappointment. I will wait untill release, I'll ask my pals about it, read some reviews, check out some vids in youtube and decide.
I wish Insomnica the best, they delivered some good games like Resistance & I hope they will continue to deliver new and great experiences.
BoNeSaW23  +   996d ago
"A small portion of the game doesn't help us much to decide if the game worth purchase"

Sorry buddy. That is EXACTLY what a demo is for.

If it didn't succeed in making you feel you NEED to pre-order and play this game now. It failed in it's objective.

#17.1 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
fardan85  +   995d ago
I agree with you on the purpose of the demo,and that it failed it's objective but I don't think it's possible to judge based on 10 minutes gameplay.
Most of the times the demo consist of few minutes of useless gameplay, not a great section. Insomniac should have done better and provided a demo with full mission at least that would have helped us decide.
I hope the industry takes Sony way, offering a 1 hour trial.
Baka-akaB  +   995d ago
That excuse doesnt fly . It's not the 90s anymore . On top of demo people see plenty walkthrough , game feeds and trailers , on top of articles and interview , to decide if the game appeals to them .

An the dev should have used better gameplay material for a demo then

If literally nothing ignite your passion from available materials , nothing will by forcing yourself to play for a long time .
#17.1.2 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Mathew9R   996d ago | Spam
desertpunk86  +   996d ago
resistance 2 was a great fps,i had a lot of fun with the mp but i played the fuse demo and as sad as it makes me to say this,it felt like the most generic tps this year so far.
nutcrackr  +   996d ago
Resistance 1 was mediocre
Denethor_II  +   996d ago
Elaborate or get GTFO. No actually just GTFO.
condemmedman  +   995d ago
I didn't enjoy 2 or 3 either. Just don't rate the series. Still have two in my collection tho
Ethereal  +   996d ago
I didnt even finish the demo. They can do better. I think they should have stayed with Sony.
Platinum_k  +   996d ago
How is exactly is this a "FAILURE"?

It looks interesting, has nice visuals.

I wouldn't mind giving this game a try.
yaz288  +   996d ago
"didn't even finish the demo"

why is everybody saying this.. good dev had dedicated 3 years on this and you play it for 2 minutes just to start bashing it?
dragonyght  +   996d ago
"why is everybody saying this.. good dev had dedicated 3 years on this and you play it for 2 minutes just to start bashing it?"

if they spend 3 years on the game and it couldn't hold someone attention for more than 2 minutes. that serious problem
Shacojin  +   996d ago
Time to make a RESISTANCE FALLOUT RPG game!
dragonyght  +   996d ago
funny you mention that when i was playing at the beginning of resistance 3 i keep thinking this should have be a open would rpg
urwifeminder  +   996d ago
Dev is overated pure and simple.
MichaelLito79  +   996d ago
The resistance series was the reason I purchased ps3 in the first place. I played the demo for Fuse and I thought it was fun. I hope they make another resistance or at least attempt a new First Person Shooter IP.
wishingW3L  +   996d ago
I thought it was good....
Freak of Nature  +   996d ago
IG is one of a very few studios (Non indie) that IMO can create **special tooonish caricature** driven games... It's what makes them stand out. I think they should stick to this.

A while back, 3 to 4 years ago or so they were rumored to be making a 3rd person action adv with RPG elements along the likes of Zelda. True or not, I do not know, but that would have been something I would have liked to see...

Fuse is pretty much what most saw in it's earliest stages. When I first saw it turn into Fuse from Overstrike I knew the end was already here.
#29 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Drainage  +   996d ago
IG never even had the best platform shooter. that goes to Metal arms glitch in the system . R:FOM was their best shooter. UyA was a good game with fun r&a multyplayer but they flopped hard with ToD in terms of fun and uniqueness and lack of MP. Fuse was them finally showing their (current) true colors in terms of gameplay. Before they had IPs like ratchet but without that, they have bad IP bad gameplay.
#30 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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