Guerrilla Games to Rockstar: “Imma be the Bigger Man and Walk Away”

A few months back, Grand Theft Auto V was announced for a September 17 release date, putting it on the exact same day as Killzone: Mercenary. Undeterred, the Killzone account on Twitter shot back by saying, “come at me bro.” - PSLS

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NYC_Gamer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

That's smart not be releasing on the same day as GTA V

TrendyGamers1768d ago

Yeah, very happy with that decision.

OT: Did you gain 2 bubbles in a day?

DoomeDx1768d ago

^ you call that on topic? haha

TrendyGamers1767d ago


Meant that as off-topic.

irepbtown1767d ago

Haha, bubble for you both :D

On-topic: It's most definitely a smart move to change Killzone (Mercenary) release date and by making jokes about it on Twitter is quite nice to see.

N4GGOT1767d ago Show
badz1491767d ago

but I hope KZM will sell well and be a better game than RBS was. not saying that RBS is a bad game, but it could be better.

I'm going to buy KZM regardless but after GTAIV, I'm holding off for GTAV for now although I think I will eventually buy it later, just hoping that there will be a next gen version in the pipeline.

BitbyDeath1767d ago

@N4GGOT, no bubble ups, but how bout a bubble down for all your immature posts.

OT: Great decision by Guerrilla, they may be different genres but nothing stops GTA at launch.

Heavenly King1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

How can someone earn more bubbles? I really dont know how lol D:

NegativeCreepWA1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Say nice things about Sony and put down MS, or spell MS with a $.

I gave on the this stupid bubble system, it took me years to get 8-9 bubbles, just have them taken away when bubble system changed.

On topic- Very smart move, even COD would lose first day sells going up against GTA.

BattleAxe1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

@ Heavenly King


SHORYUKEN1767d ago

"Moving now to present day, the release date of Killzone: Mercenary was shifted to earlier in September"

Thats great the sooner the better!

We will get to play sooner KZM.

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The_Blue1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

All jokes aside, what makes Rockstar a great company is because rather than screwing over their customers with mediocre DLC and reskinned games, they rather take the time to make masterpieces.

You know this is truth when open world games today technically can't compete with GTA4,still.

Name another 100,000,000 budget monster house, I'll wait.

LAWSON721767d ago

I dont know about being able to compete with GTAIV, but Sleeping Dogs is pretty darn good and the graphics are stunning.

Dannycr1767d ago

Sleeping dogs is WAAAY better than GTA4. Story, action and fighting mechanics are superior in every possible way.

Hufandpuf1767d ago

Just Cause 2 is pretty fun, and the Saints Row series excluding 3 and possibly 4.

BlmThug1767d ago

Gta IV did create a world that has yet to be beaten in terms of sheer realism and being immersive :)

nix1767d ago


wait wait wait... i know i hated GTAIV but let's not go around saying "Sleeping Dogs is WAAAY better than GTAIV" because the game hasn't come out yet. GTAIV looked promising when it was announced. Hell.. the whole industry gave it 10/10. Worst, i went and bought it the first day and found it exactly the opposite.

let's not get hyped here.

NarooN1767d ago

I liked Saints Row 2 a LOT better than GTA4. To be honest, as a long time GTA fan, after the hype of GTA4 passed, it was really not that great of a game. I hear that the expansions made it a lot better but I never got those. I'm probably gonna buy them soon and play those to prepare for GTA V lol.

But yeah, Sleeping Dogs was great too. Better than GTA IV. We'll see about GTA V though, it seems to be really massive in scope. I wonder how long an average playthrough will take? Probably like 60+ hours lol. Imagine the time for 100%...Dear god...

darren_poolies1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )


Umm dude, he said Sleeping Dogs which has been out for a while now, not Watch Dogs which is what I believe you are confusing it with. Also Sleeping Dogs is a better game than GTAIV IMO.

windblowsagain1767d ago


Masterpiece should not be used in the same sentence as rockstar or GTA.

I think it's more to do with mindset.

GTA has been going along time, it's not the best open world game, it's just the most well known.

GTA4 was a mess, sleeping dogs was better. Although a different kind of open world game, infamous 2 was actually fun.

The New GTA really needs to be on nextgen machines. Hopefully it's not all the same type action as the others. Kinda getting like COD, same thing.

Feralkitsune1767d ago

I disagree with this so much, GTA IV was a major disappointment for me.

CalvinKlein1765d ago

sleeping dogs is better than GTA 4 I think from what Ive played so far(got it free so that makes it better too). I know Red dead redemption is better than GTA 4. Hell GTA 3-SA are better than 4 I think. I liked Red faction guerrilla more than GTA 4 as well. Mafia 2 was pretty good too and had an awesome story compared to gta 4.

GTA 4 was just stupid how everyone who you committed crimes with wanted to go bowling and stuff too. Just not fun with trying to force crappy mini games on you. I save nicos brother from kidnapping, but right after that his approval rating of me goes down when I wont go get some pizza with him or some shit.

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GraveLord1767d ago

Yup. Even though they are not on the same platform, they are competing for gamers time and money.

Aceman181767d ago

to me it didnt make a difference if both were released on the same day as i would have bought both on same day

i love both franchises

GameCents1767d ago

Lol. Running scared and then saying you the bigger man.

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ftwrthtx1768d ago

Can't blame them for not taking on the monster that is GTA.

Divine1767d ago

gta is awsome but i'll definetley be getting killzone . becauuse im more of a killzone fan . but i like the joking around, its fun. i wish things like this happend a bit more

KingKelloggTheWH1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Just some innocent joking.

Also good idea to move away from GTA.

crimsonfox1768d ago

R* is making other companies really worry. I think that's hilarious. GTA V gonna tear that ass up. if it would still be coming out the same day forget about it haha

TwistedMetal1767d ago

the wii u game wonderful 101 is coming out around the same time gta 5 is so that game gonna get its butt spanked and the wii u will not get any sales lol.

LOL_WUT1767d ago

Zing! ;)

I think anyone pretty much knows not to go up against Rockstar

Game4life1767d ago

tell that to activision lol

FlyingFoxy1767d ago

if this were an FPS game, out of Rockstar and Valve i wonder who would win.. both release the best quality games.

Studio-YaMi1767d ago

Wouldn't matter much,since Wii U isn't getting GTA5 as far as I know,and the Wonderful 101 is an exclusive !

Wii U owners are waiting anxiously for some exclusives,I think the Wonderful 101 is gonna sell good overall.

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Belking1767d ago

lol..They don't want none of R*ckstar.

specialguest1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

One of the few franchise i think could take it on is COD.