Mobile Games Dominate Consoles: Why Is Spending On Google Play Increasing?

Spending on mobile games for tablets and and smartphones is outstripping spending on dedicated gaming-only handhelds. What does this trend mean for Sony and Nintendo?

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Pillsbury12036d ago

Its Because the casuals have moved onto tablets and smartphones. They will never replace dedicated gaming consoles though.

darthv722036d ago

as of late, it has been taking me away from my dedicated gaming console. Damn that addictive game!

Pillsbury12036d ago

No doubt there are some addicting games on mobile. I'm addicted to plants vs zombies and blitz brigade at the moment. These are good for quick satisfaction though and don't fulfill the awesome console experience we are addicted to.

givemeshelter2036d ago

The market has changed and continues to change. This most likely will be the last era of the "dedicated" hand held gaming. You will see Sony and Nintendo create a gaming hand held that will be a hybrid smartphone gaming device more advanced then what Sony Xperia is currently.

C-Thunder2036d ago

It's not the same market. It's like comparing blockbuster movies to YouTube videos. They are complimentary of each other. One will not replace the other. There will always be demand for awesome movie going experiences, just like there will always be demand for big budget console games.