Insomniac “Seriously Considered” Resistance 4, But Felt R3 “Closed a Major Chapter” in the Franchise

Explaining why we haven’t seen or heard anything about a new Resistance on consoles, Ted said that “we decided to bring Resistance to a conclusion when we looked ahead and realized that Resistance 4, while possible and something we seriously considered, wasn’t going to be the right game for us at that time.”

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alexcosborn1835d ago

Whaaa?! I loved Resistance 3 (one of my favorite PS3 games) but it hardly wrapped things up.

P_Bomb1835d ago

Very true. Resistance 3 while a nice personal journey for Capelli, was just that. A personal journey. In the grand scheme of things, nothing changed. The status quo at the end of R3 remains the same. The planet is still the Chimera's. No progress on the gray matter front or the "other aliens" who fought the Chimera ages ago.

While the weather is improving and some pockets of resistance (no pun intended) are fighting back in the closing credits, there are still more questions than answers.

Ju1835d ago

They'll be back when they'll realize that Fuse isn't the answer and next gen around the corner. "At the time" can mean anything. Maybe they just had a burnout or the time's about right now? Almost seems like they want back ;) I hope they'll bring it back - with a spring 2014 release on PS4? Come on Insomniac.

GamingManiac1835d ago

Also we never got to see the originals they were creating in R2 in that facility with Molokov.

shivvy241835d ago

the Resistance games were my favourite games this gen, its sad too see it end like this, i hope another dev picks it up! Same with the Jak games on the ps2, they were my fav but there hasnt been a game since! WHY ME ! WHYYYY !

GameCents1835d ago

With fleeting sales and interest in the franchise, they wanted to end off with some sort dignity.
Can you imagine another Resistance selling even less than its predecessor?

Good that they ended it off before it just faded into obscurity.

MasterCornholio1835d ago

I dont want to be a dick.

But.... since Sony owns the rights to resistance they cant make it a multiplatform game. Which one of the reasons why they decided to produce a new IP instead of continuing an old one.

Ju1835d ago

So? Doesn't mean Sony can't publish it again...

Wedge191835d ago

I would love another Resistance. It's still open! There is a ton to explore in that lore.

BlackIceJoe1835d ago

I really hope some day there will be a Resistance 4 game. I would at least set it 50 years later. This way humans can make huge advancements in technology from the Chimera tech. Plus this way you can bring in the real Chimera that was hinted to in the game. So this way humans would have a better chance at killing the new bad guys.

mrbearbear1835d ago

idk. personally, i didnt like resistance 3 much. felt like all you did was run away in the game, which kinda pissed me off. i enjoyed the previous entries alot more.

i do like joes idea about the series taking a leap 50 years forward, so much potential in all directions.

shivvy241835d ago

yea as a huge resistance fan i liked 1 and 2 better ! i really liked the creepyness and story of R:FOM ! in R2 i liked the huge sceneries and battleships and epic feels of the campaign, my fav is the 8player co-op !

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The story is too old to be commented.