'Smash Bros.' Achievements Vs. Xbox 360 Achievements - What's The Better Obsession?

Multiplayerblog writes:

"I know… I thought my achievement quest was over once I hit 25,000 Achievement points, and "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" was released.

I was wrong.

I've developed the same unlocking fervor for "Smash Bros" challenges that I once had for Xbox Achievements. I didn't see this coming, even though I knew full well that I have no problems performing arbitrary tasks to unlock virtually meaningless content. In fact, I have six months' proof in case I ever forget again."

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avacadosnorkel3925d ago

R 4 the people who haven't achieved anything in life

This way they feel good about themselves


FirstknighT3925d ago

You just unlocked a trip to the Ban Zone!

StarieMichie3925d ago

Do not pass Go; do not collect $200?

3925d ago
kingme713925d ago

I'm finding this game is alot more addictive than I thought. Before I hadn't played a Brawl game and wasn't sure what all the fuss was about, but now I'm sneaking online matches during lunch.

I'm bound and determined to get good with Donkey Kong even if he is a big, slow oaf... damn you Kirbys of the world, I will hunt you all down with my big meaty claws.

MetalProxy3925d ago

@avacadosnorkel ...LOL

At least with Smash Bros. when you acheive something you unlock a dude or outfit (right?) instead of some silly points that get used for NAH-TING.

Hellgiver3925d ago

Well put. I hate that developers stopped putting in extra content because they just put in achievements. Of course, there was a time when playing a game was its own reward, but gaming has become so huge that everyone keeps trying to put in extra content, which is very often appreciated. Brawl finally did it right and put in a BUNCH of achievements and extra content that could be accessed as soon as you bought the game, rather than having to pay for downloads for extra content, while achievements were put there to satiate your hunger for extra content in the meantime.

InYourMom3925d ago

Do you know you get the same unlockables as other games plus achievements? They didn't replace unlockables they are added on top of it. Games give you outfits, some games give you weapons, some games give you extra gamerpics to use for your avatar.

I don't think these 2 should be compared, it's obvious which one is more thought out and more complete and not "tacked on" like SB.

longduckdong3925d ago

N4G is not fair. Report button is bad because people hit button and hurt honest contribution. Too much compare today. All compare systems no good. People compare because they sorry they buy and buy again because they spend money so much they have to stay with one game system and say good things. All system not good and games not good and games are good so it make no point. People are mean and only come to game zone to say console is best. Only console is best is PS2. It sells 100s milions and will be only to ever do same.

Reibooi3925d ago

Considering alot of the things you unlock in Smash Bros is stuff full of Fan Service. So its really alot of fun unlocking new songs, levels and what have you.

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