EA Sports software engineer slams Wii U on Twitter

EA Sports senior software engineer Bob Summerwill calls the Wii U "crap", "Less powerful than an Xbox 360", and more through Twitter comments.

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NYC_Gamer1830d ago

That dude just took Nintendo to the shooting range with those comments

abzdine1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

i guess only Nintendo can show what Wii U is capable of...

What this EA guy doesn't understand (and i'm amazed he actually doesn't) is that Wii U isn't a console like the others because it's too unique to just be compared to others by power.
it's too bad publishers want easy money by having exactly the same game same code running on 4-5 different consoles

1830d ago
darthv721830d ago

run over this guys dog or what???

I just dont get EA lately.

brave27heart1830d ago

Its not about easy money its about the cost of porting over to a different hardware, having to accomodate a tablet controller and not having enough Wii U owners to sell to to make a profit.

LOL_WUT1830d ago

EA is going all out on Nintendo with those comments! Bang, bang indeed ;)

ijust2good1830d ago

Next Headline
Activision will not bring COD to the Wii U...

The Wii U is for Ninty fans only. Screw everyone else.

aCasualGamer1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I'm pretty sure Sony and Microsoft are screaming their heads off in joy of this Wii U failure. They're seeing an open buffet for all the Nintendo fans wanting a true nextgen console.

Pretty sure this is the beginning of the end of Nintendo as a hardware manufacturer if they screw up on their next launch aswell.

They should really consider going SEGA route. They'd make so much more money.

I_am_Batman1830d ago

To be fair how many EA or Activision games were on the Wii? I don't think Nintendo needs third party at all but they need to change their marketing strategy. I have the feeling that Nintendo still wants to steal PS3 and 360 crowd by selling the Wii-U as a hardcore gamer console with 3rd party support which it isn't. Give up on that idea and care about the Nintendo fans by giving them 3D Mario, Kart, Party, and Zelda games. Nintendo have proven that they can survive on 1st party they just have to bring it.

Crazyglues1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Somebody caught this guy before he had his cup of coffee and he just said, "f*ck it, I'm just going to keep it real"... that Wii U sucks, it's dog sh*t... LMAO

In my best -Dave Chappelle voice -
"Cold Blooded"... LoL (EA just did you dirty Nintendo)


||.........___||............ ||

ABizzel11830d ago


I agree Nintendo fans don't need 3rd party so to speak, and their money and spending habits prove that.

However, they're the first ones to cry fowl when 3rd parties are bring games out to every platform besides Nintendo's, and yet when it comes they won't go buy it.

THEDON82z11830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

As someone who was once a HARDCORE Nintendo fan( up to the cycle end of Nintendo 64) ALL I CAN SAY NOW IS RIP.YOU WILL BE GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!

KruLLit1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Im sorry to hear that thedon8982z because Wii is the best console in recent history. Yes, I have a PS2 and PS3 and I have to say the PS2 did actually have alot of good games but not as good as the Wii first party games.

I'm hyped to see Nintendos first party games for the Wii U. I'm pretty sure they will be really good.

Who cares about tech anyways? I have a PC for that...

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Utalkin2me1830d ago

People cant stand honesty....oh well. They will get over it.

wishingW3L1830d ago

but his comments sound kind of aggressive, he should take it easy and not make the Nintendo fans their enemies.

phantomexe1830d ago

If the wiiu is dead then i wonder what he thinks of the vita. I have a feeling lots of people couldn't handle that truth.

lilbroRx1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Exept, Criterion, who also work for EA confirmed that the Wii U is all around stronger than the 360,so how is this honesty?

And pretty much every 3rd party dev/publisher, except EA, mas multiple million sellers on Nintendo consoles.

phantomexe1830d ago

If the wiiu you is dead which it's not then i wonder what he thinks of the vita. I have a feeling, theres alot of people who couldn't handle that truth.

chrismichaels041830d ago

@phantomexe - this is a WiiU article. You bringing Sony into the conversation while trying to bash the Vita only proves how bitter you are. The difference between the Vita and WiiU is that EA isnt publicly destroying the Vita and is still developing games for the Vita. As a WiiU fan, you need to be worried about your own system and not be worried about whats going on with Sony or Xbox.

ZombieNinjaPanda1830d ago


Preach to your own choir before you preach to others.

DragonKnight1830d ago

@phantomexe: Congrats on being debubbled.

On Topic: This guy isn't going to have a job at EA for much longer.

Ju1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Is pretty simple, isn't it? Nintendo placed the Wii towards the casual, but what's the WiiU targeting? Can't compete in the casual market, and can't beat the PS360 in the "hard core". What's left is the die hard Ninento fans who hope for another Mario or Zelda.

EA is building a bigger mobile portfolio - which Ubi and Activision isn't pushing that much.

That and the resources needed for the next gen platforms simply doesn't leave enough manpower to support yet another console - if you already have two which sell quite OK.

He's absolutely right. Mobile is eating away the casual, Wii is tanking, WiiU is not the next gen casual machine and not strong enough as the next hard core console.

So, EA is targeting the casual by going mobile, supports what they already have and go next gen on the top end. Where in this strategy would the WiiU fit?

N4g_null1830d ago

This guy will need a job really soon. EA is in trouble not nintendo. Nintendo has 20 million sellers what does EA have that they didn't use against their customers? I mean how do you kill sim city? Well Ask EA... They really think battlefield has a chance against all of the other FPSs? If the other systems stall sales wise EA is officially in life support. If they don't and EA sales decline any more sports fans will rejoice since any one can now make your fav sports into great innovative games.

The Question is what IS EA plan to be profitable? Nintendo has it's fans and EA has a worst company in america reward... Really Origin and EA are about to be a none factor.

If EA can't afford the Wiiu then ubisoft must be rich then huh?

I mean the cry engine works and doesn't need to be tweaked and is even being used in eternal darkness yet EA just can't seem to get it to work for them. This situation reminds me of old people that own a car but forgot how to drive.

ABizzel11830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


Not to be that guy, but the Vita has much greater competition than the Wii U, from tablets, cell phones, 3DS, and now multiple gaming devices. Even the 3DS was in trouble until they dropped the price almost $80 and now almost $100.

On top of that the Vita has a 2 million lead on Wii U, for what it's worth.

Both are underperforming, but the Wii U is Nintendo's flagship console, not a secondary device like the Vita and it's struggling to get anything.

I doubt the Wii U is overall less powerful than the PS360, but the CPU is and the RAM set-up prevents it from being significantly better than the PS360, and possibly on par with them in most task.

The lowest end GPU in the Wii U would be the 4650m which is a bit over 300 GFLOPS, with the highest being right at 500 GFLOPS (4670). For comparions the PS360 are around 200 GFLOPS with their GPU's, so the Wii U is more powerful for gaming, but the CPU is so weak that the GPU has to do most of the task the the CPU would do for gaming such as physics which takes away from the GPU's full graphics processing power (which seems to be the only thing the majority of n4g uses to determine power).

This is why the Wii U is often compared to the PS360 as an equal. That's not good for something that's suppose to be their "next-gen" console. And what's upsetting is Nintendo had better options available to them back in 2011 for the same price today in the AMD Llano APU's, and a significant boost in performance with the Trinity APU's in 2012 which they had to have known about.

The Wii U is an underpowered, under performing, under supported console, with 3+ million console owners who won't buy the solid line-up of games available to them if Nintendo's development logo isn't on the cover of the box.

Before complaining about EA comments on the Wii U, go buy Assassin's Creed 3, Need 4 Speed Most Wanted, COD, Monster Hunter, Darksiders 2, Sonic Allstars Racing, Batman Arkham City, Zombi U, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mass Effect 3, Injustice, and Dragon Quest X. Not a single one of those games have sold over 500k units with most not even breaking 150k, and they're considered Wii-U best sellers.

AngryEnglish1830d ago

@Abizzel we may have disagreed earlier but your 100% correct here, your last paragraph was spot on and a truth that most N fans don't want to admit.

Within 5 years Nintendo will be out of the hardware market, its sad to say that about the oldest gaming company still around, but from a business sense its the only way I can see them making mega $$$, especially with how fast phones and tablets are advancing.

I've said this before but could you imagine how many unit's Nintendo would sell if Mario/Zelda/metroid was multiple platform, they could release a Mario on every device out there and make an absolute fortune

ABizzel11830d ago


I though we had made up already :D

OT: I just tell it like it is. The truth is a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow, because everyone wants to be "Politically Correct", Sugar coat, or afraid to offend someone due to a negative backlash.

It may not be what Nintendo or it's fans want to hear, but it's the hard truth. Nintendo purposely made a weak console, because they had significantly better options for hardware, even if they were aiming for a $300 - $400 max price. But instead they chose that tired old Gamecube CPU from 2000 (13 years old now) and beefed it up again, rather than simply getting an AMD APU with a A6 Quad-Core CPU and 6550d GPU which today is only $70 - $80 for the CPU and GPU. A refurbished 4670 is $50, so does that means the CPU in the Wii U has to be $20 or less to produce showing just how little power matter to Nintendo over saving on production cost or else Nintendo was just plain ignorant.

Af first I though maybe they did it for backwards compatibility with games and peripherals, but the APU CPU is more than powerful enough to run Wii U and Gamecube emulation on the console look no further than Dolphin emulator on PC.

I really don't know what Nintendo was thinking hardware wise. But the fans kill me with all this complaining about games, when they're obviously not buying any.

I know I can come off as a bit harsh, but I'm probably one of the few non-biased un-fanboy people on here, I owned all console last gen (PS360Wii), but got rid of the Wii, because I was not their main audience. I want a Wii U, but I won't be getting one anytime soon until Nintendo finds out what they want the Wii U to be.

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LiberatedAnimal1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

This guys a douche. I've seen him flap his gums before, about whatever the cool thing to hate is. He's just mad EA was voted worst company in America and no Nintendo fans want there games anyway. What does EA even do anymore, other than Battlefield, that matters?

brave27heart1830d ago

Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Battlefield, SSX, Need for Speed, Fifa, Mass Effect, Madden, Command and Conquer, all big hitters this generation. Just because someone from EA says something you dont agree with dont disregard the good work they've done in petty retaliation.

Guess what fanboys, just because a person or a company doesnt like your favourite console doesnt mean that the console is bad, that your choice is wrong or that somehow by expressing dislike for that console they are somehow attacking you. Its one persons opinion, why do you even care? Get over yourselves.

As for the worst company in America...really? A video games company is the worst company out of the thousands out there. Thats pathetic. If it were true America would be the land of hope and glory some delusional people still think it is.

rick1woller1830d ago

But the Wii U version of NFS most wanted displays 2x the polygons, better frame rate, better lighting, textures, draw distance than the ps360 so how is it less powerful?. Sounds like an agenda to me?

Outside_ofthe_Box1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Wow, a lot of douchebags at EA.

Once Wii U's install base increase to an amount where EA decides to start making games for the system, Wii U owners should boycott 'em.

Imalwaysright1830d ago

Yep as soon as SMG, Mario Kart, SSB, Zelda and hopefully a Pokemon U arrive, Wii U install base will sky rocket and EA and everyone hating on Nintendo will eat crow.

ziggurcat1830d ago

@ Imalwaysright:

"... EA and everyone hating on Nintendo will eat crow."

no, they won't because they'll be too busy playing games.

Imalwaysright1830d ago

No EA fanboy. Fanboys will once again be proven wrong as usual an EA will for the second time do an 180 this gen. You guys will eat crow like you did with the Wii and 3DS.

StraightPath1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

just makes EA look bad and unprofessional. Well the employee is arrogant and should be fired with his attitude. Plus coming from the company that is voted worst company ever many times do not think any one cares.

brave27heart1830d ago

Yes because an internet poll is a good barometer of a companys standing in society.

I'll give you a moment to look up barometer.

Agreed it is unprofessional. After the Adam Orth debacle (I'll wait for you to look that up too) people in the gaming industry should know better.

DragonKnight1830d ago

@brave27heart: Your condescension is unnecessary.

Stroke6661830d ago

@brave27heart... are you like EA damage control? You're not any more intelligent for using uncommon words to insult someone you just make yourself look like as much as a douche as Summerwill. An internet poll yes which probably has more of their target audience involved in it than any other poll. But then again thats just speculation. ease up on the insults we're all gamers with strong opinions and you know the classic saying about opinions I presume... they're like assholes yadda yadda.
on topic: the dude will probably get repremanded and once wii u install base pick up it'll be pretty funny to watch the nay sayers back track their statments early on

rainslacker1830d ago

I think the best way to post anything on twitter if your in any way working or related to the gaming industry is to write it down first on a piece of paper...then throw said piece of paper in the trash...then light the trash can on fire. After that you can call it a day.

Twitter is bad news if your interested in keeping your job. Things escalate too quickly, and way too often get taken out of context.

OT: Since he is somewhat representing EA in this regard, he should have been a bit more professional.

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_QQ_1830d ago

Its funny because Nintendo doesn't even have to acknowledge the comments,They will just Make more money than anyone else again with either software or hardware, and that's pretty much their middle finger to EA.

OhMyGandhi1830d ago

I'd rather they had some sort of rebuttal then just to turn a blind eye.

SilentNegotiator1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

"[Nintendo] will just Make more money than anyone else again"

Because Nintendo did so well the last 2 years, right?

PigPen1830d ago

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel sells 8,000 copies on Xbox360/PS3/PC total worldwide and their mad at with the Wii U. No smart person was going to buy Fifa, Batman: Arkham City or Mass Effect 3. Fifa missing things the PS3/X360 version had. A buggy Batman and ME3 when they announce a trilogy for others. EA is angry and Nintendo goes on as business as usual.

Tito081829d ago

You're using just one game to twist things around as if the same can be said about other platforms. Look at Dead Space, Mass Effect, Need For Speed, Medal Of Honor, Fifa, Burnout, EA made money with all of these games, especially with Battlefield 3 selling almost 16m copies, & I highly doubt Battlefield would, & the fact Batman, Mass Effect & Fifa didn't sell on Wii U has nothing to do with being smart, only thing I give Nintendo fans props is not buying Call Of Duty, but the others like Tekken Tag, no excuse.

Thatguy-3101830d ago

"@freebsdgirl @shanselman Yep, we’ve got plenty of problems, but WiiU isn’t where that family/casual market is.It’s on mobile/tablet now!

— Bob Summerwill (@BobSummerwill) May 17, 2013"
That tweet sums up why wii u will go back to the n64/GameCube days. Wii didn't succeed because of Nintendo IPs it succeeded because it captured the family/casual crowd that has now moved to mobile/tablets.

Knushwood Butt1830d ago

'Crap', is a bit harsh, but Nintendo knew they were taking a huge risk by designing a console around one controller.

BeZdaBest1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

its funny aint it... most people dont buy ea games anymore because of ea's funny practices... but when its has to do with nintendo here it becomes an open buffet of doom and gloom.. seriously people ea hasnt supported nintendo that much since gamecube...

so plz clear up that fanboy/hate fog because ea hasnt been messing with nintendo for a long time..look at the 3ds wheres the ea games..i see no problem there....

SEROUIS QUESTION...home many here like ea still.. and what they did to mass effect and dead space...crappy ports on wiiu(except mostwanted)... tell me how many of you buy crappy ports on the ps3.but once again its nintendo so they just got to scoop up watevers around right...*sighs* what is the gaming world coming to....people care more for graphics than story..smh

D_RoyJenkins1830d ago

I do, big EA fan here. Love my FIFA and Battlefield.

mcstorm1830d ago

Wow EA have really started to spit there dummy out over the Wiiu. I really don't see the issue with the Wiiu at the moment. Yes sales are not high but the psv sales are not to and they are still supporting that console.

I would find it really funny if the next Xbox and ps4 have slow starts to and the Wiiu picks up sales just to see ea's response.

Tito081829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Don't bring the Vita to spit things around, it has to do with a console's attach-rate, because the Wii, as much as it sold the most units, it had the lowest attach-rate in regards to 3rd party companies. In comparison, most 3rd parties have made most of their money on PS3 & 360 this entire gen.

To put matters more interesting, Sony & Microsoft doesn't have to worry about Nintendo having a bigger lead in console sales when the majority of 3rd parties knows where most of their money comes from, & honestly Nintendo have to reevaluate themselves & have a little change of identity because they're still being perceived as the "Mario, Zelda, Pokemon" company for mostly children, don't get me wrong, that benefits Nintendo a lot since their games sell more than most Sony & Microsoft first parties, but if they want to to make their console the gold standard for next gen, they have to go aggressive with 3rd parties, because I honestly am not a Nintendo fan, but if I ever buy a Nintendo device, it has to be for stronger 3rd party support.

mcstorm1829d ago

I was not brining the pcs in to spin things round I was just making a point.

I have a Psv and love it but the sales of the console are poor.

Also why are you classing Mario and Zelda gamea as kids games? Is that because they don't have guns and blood in them?.

Plus it all depends on which 3rd party games you talk about depends on what sells better on Nintendo and Sony consoles.

For me my console of 1st choice was the 360 I own a ps3 and did own a Wii but have a Wiiu now.

But what I don't get is they are dropping some big name games like fifa. Now they made fifa games for the Wii and game cube but spat there dummy out on the n64 and stopped making games for that.

For me EA just want an easy ride and don't want to put work into there games. Look at fifa, NHL, NFL ect they are getting less and less work done on them each season then they are just trying to take top sport off other developers with there games that are the same. BF and MoH wanting to try and beat COD ect. I want to see EA start giving is some new IP as the new ones we had the the beginning of this gen were good but them the 2nd and 3rd offerings were poor. BFBc2 and BF3 were good games but bad company one and the 2 new MoH gamea were poor.

That said im not to fussed if EA don't bring out there games on Nintendos console as I will also own a ps4 and a next Xbox so I can enjoy the games I ant on each platform I just don't like the way ea are being with Nintendo.

Tito081829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

5m PSV sales are decent enough, but gotta give it time because it can have games that could help it push sales further both 1st & 3rd party, & is getting decent support because they know the games can sell on a Sony handheld, but in Nintendo's case, it's mostly 1rst parties.

Whether you like it or not, Mario & Zelda are for kids, even thought adults plays em as well, Nintendo are like the Disney of videogames.

It could depend on the company, but that's not the case on PS3 & 360, there's no depending on company, because as much as you like Capcom, Konami, Namco, Square, they all have worked with Nintendo, but they know most of their audience is on 2 consoles, especially on the PS, Nintendo has being losing 3rd party support from both western & Japanese publishers since the N64 days, only very few sells, look at Street Fighter, a series that has being on multiple systems, but only N64, Gamecube & Wii received none, not even a Marvel vs Capcom game while everybody else being having it, even the PSV a handheld, that says a lot about the lack of 3rd party support on Nintendo's part.

I know EA is sometimes a d1ck company, but they're a big publisher, bigger than most people think they are, they can build a home console if they want, & they're one of the reasons the DC tanked. I think EA has given a lot of new IPs this gen & they contributed & pleased consumers more than Activision whose tanked the Guitar Hero IP & having yearly Call Of Duty & Spiderman games, & almost cancelled True Crime/Sleeping Dogs until Square took responsibility. If EA stops fully support Nintendo, that means others will follow suit, & know that EA has now secured exclusivity to develop Star War games, the chances of a SW game appearing on Nintendo devices will be very slim, unless they settle an agreement with Disney, like I usually tells everyone, time will tell.

3-4-51830d ago

He may have also got himself fired though.

Psn8001830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

He is very unprofessional for company exec he could have explained the specs a bit more and why he and his company are not interested instead of calling it crap , very unprofessional but I'am afraid he might be right but I'am sad be ause I bought one hehehe .

nosferatuzodd1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

i think that guy is wrong im a playstation fan i was born with a ps controller in my hand but i will not stoop that low to slander nintendo like this ea should apologize

Nicolee1830d ago

' Deal with it ' hehehe

BuhDay1829d ago

"The WiiU that's that ish I dont like, BANG BANG!"

Irishguy951829d ago

Like Nvidia and the Ps4...he's just telling the truth

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bicfitness1830d ago

Everything he has said is true, but he certainly wasn't pulling any punches. A little decorum would be nice on Twitter, where people seem to lose all sense of class. Still, I don't know why hardcore Nintendo fans can't just mentally snip out the middle-man and get angry at Nintendo for making such poor hardware as opposed to the - loudmouthed - devs and publishers who simply can't be bothered to work on it. Whose fault is it, really?

LOL_WUT1830d ago

It's funny how all the blame goes to EA and other countless dev's who have called out the Wii U but yet none for Nintendo... The mindless sheeple are the very core of the problem ;)

Comment #4

zeal0us1830d ago

I doubt Bob will get a talking to seeing as sports engineers are like gold to EA

PopRocks3591830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Someone try to convince me that EA's not bitter at this point. I would LOVE to see someone prove that to me.


"Conversely, can you prove that EA ARE bitter?"

You can't be serious. Look at the tweet.

"The WiiU is crap. Less powerful than an XBOX360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point."

How does that not sound bitter to you? That's coming straight from EA's staff.

Furthermore, the Origin rumor was never denied either. So you can't simply write it off as if it was nothing. Take it with a grain of salt, but it makes a lot of sense considering EA and Nintendo were so tight at first and then suddenly their partnership dropped off the face of the earth.

bicfitness1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Conversely, can you prove that EA ARE bitter? What sort of conclusive evidence do you have of that? The only "fact" that we know, is that EA are going through a restructuring and can't commit further resources to a platform that has horrible 3rd party software tie ratios. That potential Origin deal was a rumor through and through and was never confirmed by either of the parties supposedly involved.

Edit: You're reaching, you really are. That doesn't sound bitter unless you are someone that bought a Wii U and were expecting it to be anything more than a glorified last-gen machine with a wonky interface. He is saying THE TRUTH. Not in a couched or compassionate way, which might cloud the message but won't negate the facts. And if you read the Verge article, EA fulfilled their "unprecedented partnership" with the 6ish (I think) games released for the Wii U thus far. That deal is dead and done.

thezeldadoth1830d ago

wonky interface? funny how its faster and more fluid than both of the others. the online store has a better layout, the home menu makes everything accessible the way you want it, and the system (after the last update) boots and begins programs faster.

phantomexe1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Its preety obvious unless you live in a cave with nothing to of at least read in the last year. Yes that's bitter... There so much to read about nintendo and EA they need to get a room.

brave27heart1830d ago

It doesnt sound bitter. I hate wasps. Useless bloody things that have no right to exist, horrible looking evil creatures. Im not bitter about them i just dont like them. Theres a difference. To be bitter you need sonething to be bitter about. And before someone says Origin show me some proof that actually happened and EA cared about it if it did before you start wasting my time.

InTheZoneAC1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I'm not bitter and that's exactly how I feel about the Wii U.

Give me a link to the past 2, exactly the way it looks but for the wii u...oh wait going on 3ds

give me a full fledged pokemon game on the the wii u...oh wait that's also going on the 3ds

give me a classic style donkey kong game on the wii u...oh wait they remade it for the 3ds

paper mario?
luigi's mansion?

also found only on the 3ds....

why in the hell would anyone buy a wii u at this point?

have fun playing pokemon snap or stadium when it finally releases.

Firan1830d ago

Yeah they should switch their full attention towards Wii U right now. Wii U has lost it's momentum completely and it's much harder to regain that in home console market. They really need to work on it.

I'm sure Wii U gets some real good games at some point but when? 2014? 2015? No purchase from me until then.

rainslacker1830d ago

Can't it just be that their games aren't selling on the Wii U right now, and they don't see any reason to expend resources on it when it likely won't return enough know...things most businesses would do in that situation.

Granted, if you made an argument that it's EA's own fault for not releasing anything worthwhile in the first place then maybe we could agree on something...but it is what it is.

EA wouldn't forgo profits just because they're bitter. They've had enough of a working relationship with Nintendo to not let the one thing they'd be bitter about(no origin on Wii U), prevent them from releasing games on the system.