Ellen Page: “Why Would You Not Want To Explore Video Games?”

Hollywood actress Ellen Page says she was “blown away” by the modern achievements of video games while making forthcoming PS3 title Beyond: Two Souls – and claims that the potential of the medium needs to be explored more fully.

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Yi-Long1831d ago

... nice to hear she's got an open mind to try new stuff like videogames :)

ApolloTheBoss1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Excellent. Ellen is a great actress and I'm glad she enjoyed playing the role. But she said she stopped playing video games when Crash Bandicoot came out. She has no idea what she missed out on over the years. It's high time society recognized just how awesome video games are today. I hope I live to see that.

jc485731831d ago

some people don't need to play every game regardless of how awesome they may be.

ApolloTheBoss1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

That's true. But I didn't say she needed to play every single game. For example, I don't watch movies or watch a lot of TV shows, but the few that deserve my attention--the ones that move you to the point of changing your entire viewpoint on how the world works--will get it. I'm saying that the games that deserve recognition should get just that, and from a lot of people. I'd guarantee a game like Journey or ICO would change the way a lot of people think. It's an art form like anything else, and should be treated as such.

TwistedMetal1831d ago

they dont but they need to play this one and id like to explore me some ellen paige :P. when gaming does crossover with awesome actors and such i think people need to try that out.

snipes1011831d ago

I commend Ellen for saying this, and hope that maybe with her saying this, some new people will be encouraged to pick up a controller.

E2S1831d ago

I'm guessing at around the time Crash Bandicoot dropped, her career took off. So it's understandable why she stopped playing.

urwifeminder1831d ago

Because its usually just to find some random item that has no bearing on the games outcome, many a open world game has not been finished cause of fetch quests.

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