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Sony PlayStation 4 Riding Wave Of Twice The Social Media Buzz Of New Microsoft Xbox

Forbes - Sony was smart to get the head start on Microsoft in a next gen console battle that figures to be a two-company race, as Nintendo struggles to build momentum for Wii U. According to Jen Handley, COO and co-creator of Fizziology, PlayStation is currently seeing almost twice as much social chatter as the next gen Xbox.

“Microsoft will have the upper hand after its official showcase next Tuesday IF they also present the design, but it’s rumored that they will wait until their E3 press conference,” said Handley. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

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jagiii  +   999d ago
Microsoft will lose the battle before the first fight if they go always-on.
NeverEnding1989  +   999d ago
Well luckily leaks have all but confirmed that to be false.

And the article has a good point. PS4 remained in the news for 3-4 weeks after the announcement and then naturally dipped in popularity. The next Xbox will very likely (unless M$ somehow train wrecks), ride that wave into E3. It'll be interesting to see how both companies maintain interest in their console from June until release.
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yewles1  +   999d ago
"Well luckily Adam Orth's firing assured it to be scrapped"

greenpowerz  +   999d ago
@ neverending...

Yeah that's even with the PS4 revealed with info on it vs The unannounced Xbox with zero deteals LMAO

Xbox buzz is going to get alot louder once the 720 is on even and fair grounds with both consoles being announced with the xbox brand being more popular in the biggest market.

MSFT has has kept their plans secreton on a level not seen for any product that I can remember. They're in to win it and they must have something so mindblowing they can't risk copycats due to the investment.

Xbox fans will be buzzing about it and the media will follow along for hits. If you think the spin and hater media and fans caused almost equal buzz from rumors whait until fans and haters buzz about it 100 fold when it is announced and info is given. No one will be talking about PS4 or Wii U outside of damage control attacks and spin.
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Muerte2494  +   999d ago | Well said
You more than 57% of Microsoft's hardware sales are from the US, right? RROD has alot to do with it. This is a bad strategy because if they loose American then they might as well pack it up. They better do something for the gamers. We see that with the Wii U now. If Microsoft doesn't bring the 1st party then they might be in trouble. I'll be getting both but I'm waiting to see what the Xbox:infinite has to offer over Ps4, if anything. But day one Ps4 purchase for me. I won't disagree with you because your statement has some truth to it.
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M-M  +   998d ago | Well said
greenpowerz replying to NeverEnding1989 is just too funny.
MysticStrummer  +   998d ago
The funny thing is that some MS fans here have been saying PS4 buzz was dead and 720 has had more buzz for awhile now.

I'm pretty sure green is one of those fans. Not sure about NeverEnding but it wouldn't surprise me if he/she and Belking down there were included in that group.
JBallerX  +   998d ago
Wow...I see Sony fanboys are disagreeing with your post. There really is nothing in your post to disagree with. This is an interesting site. Also, I agreed with your post.
-SIXAXIS-  +   998d ago
@greenpowerz: You realize that they're not worried about copycats right...At this point, it's not possible to implement full new features into the consoles for either of them. That takes months of planning and even more development...
Jaqen_Hghar  +   998d ago
both will lose hype in July and August before it ramps up at Gamescom (at least for Sony not sure if MS will be there this year) and TGS (again not sure who other than Sony will be there) and of course as we get near launch.
nirwanda  +   998d ago
If RROD has alot to do with hardware sales how do you explain the software attach rate at 11-1 when the ps3 has 9-1.
If it's true what you say then xbox games must buy twice as many games as ps3 gamers
imdaboss1  +   998d ago
PS4 is still getting a lot of buzz and positivity..MS doing a unveil on the 21 doesnt make sense since e3 will be 2 weeks from that date..What are they going to show on the 21st? just the specs and where they want to take the console..they will be stupid if they show the whole system and third party games that will be on the PS4 and leave nothing for e3..Sony PS4 will win this E3..because its all about the games.Sony will dominate with their first party games also third party devlopers will be all over it..
miyamoto  +   998d ago
as Yoda said, never under estimate the power of the dark side of the force
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maxgamehard  +   998d ago | Well said
I posted this in another article but I will say it again..

I am very unbiased when it comes to games. I own two a wii, Wii U, a ps3, and Xbox 360.

Towards the end of a generation many gamers have both consoles, but not all.

At the end of the day us gamers have to choose a console that puts the priority on games. We are gamers and we want games.

The company that does the best job when it comes to gaming gets my money. I am not blinded by brand loyalty. On the other hand I do not give my money to the company who does the wrong thing which most people will probably agree with me on.

As of right now the next gen is a fresh start for both companies.

On May 21st we will have a taste of what BOTH companies have to offer and at the end of E3 we will have BOTH companies buffets and we can choose the one we want to enjoy.

There is no use bickering on unknown facts when we don't even know what one side is doing.

At the end of the day we are all gamers. We all want to enjoy games. As a gamer we should spend our hard earned money on the machine that caters to our gaming needs in the best possible way.

As of right now, I do not know which side is better and therefore I have not decided on which next gen console I will buy.


If anyone disagrees with me, please provide me with a reasoning. I value everyone's opinion and tried to make this post as helpful as possible.
ZeroX9876  +   998d ago
nice to see someone else with all the consoles! :D
just like you said, I want to see all sides before taking my first pick. Most of the time, I took sony first, but last gen, I actually bought the xbox first.

I don't regret my choice, even if I bought way more PS3 games, but the 360 has it's charm too.

and the wii, well I bought it for all the great nintendo first party games.
whoyouwit04  +   998d ago
Dude, you just gave one of the best responses ever on this site, bubbles for you. I too own all consoles, and have since the 16 bit era. However if you read my comments you would think I am a Microsoft fan-boy, but I'm not. While I do favor my 360 I love my ps3 and Wii/U as well. It's just the Sony fans on this site that are so childish, hateful and blindly loyal which makes you dog a company that you actually love. In their mind everything sony does is right and everything every one else do is a coping sony or isn't a real game.
maxgamehard  +   998d ago | Well said

I wouldn't say its just Sony fans, I have seen childish, hateful and blind loyalty from all sides whether it be Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and PC.

At the end of the day the company that does the right thing deserves your money and the company that does wrong DOES NOT deserve your money.

If we go around blindly supporting companies who do the wrong they will keep doing the wrong thing and we the gamer get the short end of the stick. If you support a companies wrong doings over and over again then that is fanboyism and that is wrong.

At this juncture lets look at Sony and Microsoft.

PS Plus - Free Games
The Last Of US
Beyond Two Souls
GOW Acension
Sly Cooper
All Stars

Wii U Since Launch-

Luigi Mansion
Zombie U
Wonderful 101
Super Mario U
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Lego City Undercover
Pikmin 3

Xbox 360 -

Halo 4
Gears of War Judgement

At the end of the day when you look at these three companies you see where the hate is coming from.

Its kind of irritating for me to not have that many exclusives on the Xbox as compared to the other consoles. I personally don't care for the early COD dlc because I don't see value in Live Gold as my PS3 and Wii U offer online for free. That's why I bought BO2 for PS3

(Off Topic: Mob Of the Dead is amazing. If you are a zombie fan you owe it to yourself to buy it :) )

Plus other than Dance Central the kinect games are terrible, trust me as i have bought many. In addition my girlfriend hasn't enjoyed any other than Dance Central as well.

Now this next gen can be a fresh start. Microsoft can realize its short comings and change their approach or they can churn away with less content for the hardcore gamer. Those who support Microsoft when they put the hardcore gamer in the backseat is the blind fanboy.

My advice to all the gamers. Wait for post E3 and choose the console that puts gamers first. If we support a company who doesn't have our wants aligned with their goals then we allow for them to get away with whatever they wanted.

Again I am not fanboy. Gears of War 3 was one of my favorite games of all time. Same with Uncharted 2 and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

We are gamers and we want games. How do we get games? We choose the company that offers the best selection. Simple.

If sony abandoned the core gamer i wouldn't support them at all, the same holds true for Microsoft.

Lets wait for the 21st and we will see who will offer the most for the hardcore gamer. If Microsoft offers more for the hardcore gamer than sony then I will choose Microsoft but if Sony offers more than Microsoft than i will choose Sony.

Come on everyone. Choose the company that puts games first.

Again I tried to be honest and unbiased. If they are any disagrees please reply as i will always value someone's opinion.
cedaridge  +   998d ago
I agree wit you. I say if you like them all well get them all. Do what makes you happy! psn: cedaridge / xbl: Mr. Skittles405
SDF Repellent  +   998d ago

Do what is best, get the ones that you like, that is why I am getting the next xbox becuase I like Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, the controller, and the online setup. Some people might prefer Sony or Nintendo games or the the way the system works, so good for them.

The point I don't agreed with you is that you listed the Wii U and its launch lineup with multiple third party games but failed to list Forza Horizon, and other Kinect exclusives while listing a Move game in Puppeteer on the list and putting false information like Free PSN+ games, when in fact it is subscription based and you can't play them when you canceled the subscription. And what is the point of you constantly proclaiming that you are an unbiased gamer, yet come off as quit bias in my view.
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Ayabrea123  +   998d ago
@SDF Repellent

Stop with the BS now. PS+ Is a subscription that gives you free games that you don't pay monthly or out of pocket individually for. It works that same as all subscription because you pay to have access. If you don't pay you don't play, watch or read. If your subscription you are paying for is worth less than what your actually getting, then it'spretty 'free' to me. Stop trying to downplay the service.
Vames  +   998d ago
Your list is very biased. You made a point in listing Move games for the PS3, yet refuse to list Kinect games for the Xbox 360. You're one of those person's who had bad things to say about Kinect motion controls, yet you like Move motion controls it seems. Furthermore, you missed out on some other 360 titles as well.

Also, the Wii U list has multiplatform games.

Very biased as I said, stop pretending so you can gain bubbles, it's a website. Bubbles or no bubbles, it won't affect your life.
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Bigpappy  +   998d ago
Max you are everything but unbiased. Arrogant, pompous and self-righteous would better describe you based on your comments. Even if you are being truthful about owning all consoles, what makes you thing that people are sitting around waiting for you to tell them what to buy with their own money. You can only speak for yourself.

You guys always try and push one aspect of a console because it suits your purpose. When I buy a console I don't look for how many exclusives a system has, I look to see if there is enough support and what is unique about the architecture, controller, the way you communicate with friends on it, how it looks and sets up, what it offers to others in my household... All these things matter to must buyers. If you want the system with the most exclusives, the would probably be the iphone.
maxgamehard  +   998d ago
@SDF Repellent

I was being kind by showing what games i had from last holiday forward.

I would like fix my list to show you the exclusives I have "this year" minus move and kinect content.

The Last Of US
Beyond Two Souls
GOW Acension
Sly Cooper

Xbox 360 -

Gears of War Judgement

I see that Microsoft has dropped in content for the current console in trying to support a new console.

If you support the above list of games this year for Xbox 360 over PS3 you are a fanboy.

On PS3 I will have exclusive games to play after the PS4 games come out whereas on 360 I won't have exclusives to play when the console is not even out.


You mentioned move "games" can you show me the second move game.

I do not hate kinect controls nor do i hate move controls. Resistance 3 had a great implementation of move controls and dance central 3 had a great implementation of move controls. Just because ONE game i listed has move controls doesn't mean i support move. At least I have hardcore experiences with my casual experiences.

An argument I see very often is when you put facts on the table people call you biased. I have told you what I have seen for my consoles and have listed facts. There is no bias. I will not blindly support any company.


"Max you are everything but unbiased. Arrogant, pompous and self-righteous would better describe you based on your comments."

Thank You!!

As i recall i haven't called anyone names, yet i have been insulted by people. Seems like a nice place to have a discussion.

"When I buy a console I don't look for how many exclusives a system has, I look to see if there is enough support and what is unique about the architecture, controller, the way you communicate with friends on it, how it looks and sets up, what it offers to others in my household... All these things matter to must buyers. If you want the system with the most exclusives, the would probably be the iphone."

That's your opinion and I respect that. I would love to have my console to have all the bells and whistles too. But if my console doesn't play as many games or offer as much variety of games as the competition than I have a box with bells and whistles and less games.

In reference to iPhone games, quality over quantity. Plus you just brought a mobile device to a discussion about home consoles. Your point is invalid.

Again I do not have bias nor care for bubbles.

I want to buy a console that tailors best to the hardcore gamer.
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Docknoss  +   998d ago
Ps3 had allot of sales this gen bc of its blu ray. Now that nextbox will have blu ray and a tv receiver system, You will most likely see a xbox in every bed room and living room once this generation is over with.
ZeroX9876  +   998d ago
bluray and netflix are easily usable without a gaming console nowadays.

the games will make the difference.
MysticStrummer  +   998d ago
Early PS3 sales were certainly helped by Blu Ray, but it wasn't long before cheaper players were available. At this point, Blu Ray won't help 720 or PS4 sales much at all.

There are also plenty of other ways to watch TV already.
Clarence  +   998d ago
Yeah ok so the games had nothing to do with it.
M$ will pay royalties to Sony to use blu-ray in their new console.
HammadTheBeast  +   998d ago
You do realize, outside of US everyone has a PS2/3?
imdaboss1  +   998d ago
Games will be the deciding factor this gen..if MS dont show any exclusive game they will lose..Its not like last gen no more..People want new games they cant play on another system. MS is not known to make exclusive games i bet you that they will money hat for some exclusive dlc or pay million of dollars to third party developers to make it time exclusive..
Docknoss  +   998d ago
I'm not saying the games won't make a difference and if ms goes the same route as this last gen I could be bad. But as a buisness perspective its something like the wii had to drive sale to the casual market. With more money comes more business investment options for new game development.
Docknoss  +   998d ago
Sony isn't the only ones that own bluray but yes some of the royalties will go to bluray. But Sony should want ms to use bluray bc then bluray disc and player will go down in price and will eventually become cheaper to mass produce.
JoGam  +   998d ago
Why do MS have to be losing a battle? Why cant it just be Sony did a good job. MS did a good job?
Persistantthug  +   997d ago
Console Warz?
TwistedMetal  +   998d ago
they already lost. yeah ms was the first to the whole social network of gaming but so was myspace and we seen what facebook did to it because it was just better and thats what the ps4 is gonna be doing to the x720. like facebook its gonna take over and you will have a few xbox fanboys try and stay on that myspace experience untill they understand ps4 will not be stopped. just jump on to the ps4 early guys theres no reason not to. your achievements are worthless dont even think about carrying them over its best we start fresh in the new gen so people can actually have a chance to be number one in the achievements/trophies.
JsonHenry  +   998d ago
That is because Sony did exactly what they should have done- take everything that was good about the PS3 and learnt from their mistakes and made a dev friendly console.
DA_SHREDDER  +   998d ago
. Damn the hype train!
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3-4-5  +   997d ago
They have more media buzz because they've revealed already....duh

Microsoft will pick up as well.

It won't be a 2 player race though as no matter what Sony & Microsoft show off at E3, a lot of the attention will go to 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, LoZ U, Super Smash Brothers Wii U/ 3DS....

There is going to be tons of info no matter what company you support.

In my case, I like all of them, because I like games, regardless of company, so there is going to be so much good info to process for the next month or so.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   999d ago
PS4 hype train is intense.No other console comes close.
And all they did was talk some specs and show a controller.

Can you imagine when they show the console itself? Brilliant on their art.
Blackdeath_663  +   999d ago
true the information sony gave us at their conference doesn't complete the whole picture how much more do they have left to give i wonder. you would assume they would have enough left to make a strong appearance at E3 (amidst the xbox announcement) but they already announced a couple of games already so does that mean they have many more yet to announce? if so then greatness does indeed await us at E3
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Majin-vegeta  +   998d ago
Yet we still don't know everything of the PS4.Sony has stated many times they still have many more surprises left to reveal for the PS4. Can't wait for E3.

DOMination-  +   998d ago
The stuff shown on ps4 is mainly features that catch up to the 360. The reason MS are showing so late is because they are bringing it to the next level and now the only way Sony can copy is by shoehorning it via firmware updates.

Discuss this statement.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   998d ago
PS4 showed

*Gaikai Tech
*Play as you download
*Instant play anything - full play & pay later via Gaikai
* Download / update in backround /even if console is off
*Fully intergrated social network - option for real photo avatars and real names
*Can livestream your gameplay to friends
*friends can comment directly to you as you stream, in lobby chatroom
*Directly record video and upload instantly through a click of a button.
*You can take direct control of a friends gameplay from your own console, if offered.And vice versa.

Those are all features not on xbox.The reason Microsoft is so late, and didn't hold their event in april as they were supposed to, is too scramble and try to play catch up to Sony.

GameCents  +   999d ago
An announced console has more hype than one that has no official announcement except an announcement date?
Heck I'm suprised the Xbox hype is even half of that of the PS4 at the moment.
whoyouwit04  +   998d ago
Heck I'm suprised the Xbox hype is even half of that of the PS4 at the moment

That half the hype for in unannounced console alone shows that the 720 is already a real threat to the PS4.
Ayabrea123  +   998d ago
Did you forget something? The PS4 does not have an official body. There's still more hype to build
Jaqen_Hghar  +   998d ago
and a man knows that Sony saved plenty of games for E3. ND's second team hasn't done anything since Uncharted 3 so they'll have had a couple years come this fall...
McScroggz  +   998d ago
Hype is built around the unknown more than anything. It's not surprising the NextBox has so much hype - it's the prominent console in America. After the 21st the hype will be huge, good or bad. What really matters is the hype after E3, because then pretty much all of the big news and announcements will be out and there will be little anticipation for the unknown. Then we will see which console has the most hype.
Kingthrash360  +   999d ago
too many bad rumors I think. if they would have cleared it up people would be more excited. but since they didnt people are believing it or are unsure. all will be clear on the 21st but its hype has suffered. ill be watching for sure but I was more excited and counting the days for ps4's conferance.

put it this way....people want to see if the bad rumors are true or not , more than wanting to see its games or features. just because they may not buy it if the rumors are true. I say they should clear these rumors before the conference so people will come in with their heads clear of negative bs....but they havent so we really dont know if this is true or not...I mean whats so bad about officially stateing the rumors are false? plus you have a guy saying deal with it n shit. yeah you fired him but still didnt state that he was lying or clear the air on tge subject of always online no used games and less hype, more negative rumors and speculation.
Vames  +   998d ago
Only the weak minded and trolls gravitate towards rumors when by now all gamers should know the best option is to wait for an official announcement. It's 2013, gamers should by now have an idea how things are done and stop jumping around like chickens without a head. It is very immature and demeaning to the gaming community.
Kingthrash360  +   998d ago
weak minded or no these weak minded people are potential buyers and they are selling. how about satisfying the customers...or not and lose them.
Blackdeath_663  +   999d ago
really good read they broke the data down to a couple of key point and while statistical data should not be used as proof it is still interesting to see how people have reacted to next gen consoles. i'm surprised that social media is mostly neutral it certainly doesn't feel that way on other internet sites but that may be caused by the varying amount of information about the next gen console. like she said in the article, comparisons can only be drawn as we are heading into E3 and then a few weeks after that.
GraveLord  +   998d ago
Go PS4! Dominate that Xbawks!
Jek_Porkins  +   998d ago
To be fair, we should really wait until after the Microsoft reveal and we get an official name. People have been calling it the next Xbox, and a ton of other names.

So this isn't really a fair matchup seeing as how Sony officially unveiled and had a show already, Microsoft has not.
elhebbo16  +   998d ago
As much as im rooting for the PS4 this article is retarded. the PS4 was announced, they showed the DS4, the concept, and some games on the other hand we know nothing about the new xbox except for rumors.
NavydAd  +   998d ago
This is going to be a good system. I can't wait to hear them announce some of the exclusives and timed exclusives. I think it is obvious that Activision games will continue to be timed exclusives because they are going to announce more about the new COD on the same day. I know people think it is cool to hate on Microsoft and Activision...but people will always hate winners. It is the burden we bear for being better than everyone else.
Leon_Blu  +   998d ago
I am getting a PS4 !!! It will rock so hard
Belking  +   998d ago
Until tuesday. ps4 buzz has died down a bit...of course not here and we all know
MysticStrummer  +   998d ago
The MS fans here have been saying 720 was getting more buzz all along.

I guess that wasn't true.

720 will certainly get a bump on tuesday, no doubt about that.
supremacy  +   998d ago
But that's the thing some of these guys don't seem to get, after Tuesday they assume that the ps4 talk will fade into nothing.

When the truth is, that's when the talks will gain more traction than before; why? Simply because people will start comparing the two devices, stacking them against each other like a pair of heavyweights.

Now if the roles were reversed many will think Sony is waiting to copy MS and all that, when truth is the outcome would be the same. Many will most likely talk and compare the two devices, just because that's what competition breeds.

Sure the attention might be on one or the other at times, but people, not the media or the bias journalists scatter around like vultures will keep both consoles in their minds simply because the other exists, people always want to compare things and debate about/over them as well.

Just look at some of the xbox die-hard in here, talking about the ps4 buzz like a life and death situation. When they shouldn't even acknowledge the ps4 buzz at all and instead talk about their platform of choice solely.
But you know what? they cant do without bring it up, why? because its the other platform which exists next to theirs and wherever or whenever xbox gets mentioned so will the ps4 even if Sony doesn't market the damn thing.

They talk about how popular the xbox is, yet in the article only COD garner 66% percent interest from public shatter, now if that doesn't say something then i don't know what does. A year later at a higher price point? yeah the ps3 will come second in the USA where most like their consoles cheap.
Now that's all changed so we cant say for sure, i mean just a generation prior a PlayStation dominated all markets by a wide margin, not just America or Japan but all. So who is to say how this new generation might fair out.
#11.1.1 (Edited 998d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report
silkrevolver  +   998d ago
The excitement should go to whoever is going to give a damn about their core fanbase.
m2stech  +   998d ago
I want to see a new Ridge Racer and another game based on actual Japanese historic events!
jeffgoldwin  +   997d ago
What about the WWII atomic bombs?
Mithan   998d ago | Bad language | show
SpinalRemains  +   998d ago
Microsoft's next console will not generate as much buzz, period.

It does not matter what they show or do not show. Whatever they do show will have its buzz and then on to E3.

The PS4 buzz was loud and proud and the sudden surprise of its announcement just added to the hype. It is going to ride that momentum to launch and beyond and nothing Microsoft does can alter that. Microsoft buzz will be big in the USA, but still not touch the PS4 buzz.
Belking  +   998d ago
"Microsoft buzz will be big in the USA, but still not touch the PS4 buzz"

Oh it will. The proof is you here posting about
SpinalRemains  +   998d ago
Im posting about the article. The article is claiming buzz. There still has yet to be actual buzz.

We're clearly discussing the difference between relative truth and actual truth.

Actual truth says there is much less buzz for Microsoft's next console. Post official announcement, it will be greater than it is now, but I do not think it will reach PS4 buzz. I say this because the PS4 buzz is the highest of any machine in about 10 years.
LogicStomper  +   997d ago
Sounds like a load of generic sentences put together to downplay the xbox.

"Microsoft's next console will not generate as much buzz, period."

That's just a generic argument to make.

"It does not matter what they show or do not show. Whatever they do show will have its buzz and then on to E3."

Non-factual, opinionated and, generic sentence to justify your generic point.

"The PS4 buzz was loud and proud and the sudden surprise of its announcement just added to the hype. It is going to ride that momentum to launch and beyond..."

Yet another generic argument based off what YOU decide to see.

" nothing Microsoft does can alter that. Microsoft buzz will be big in the USA, but still not touch the PS4 buzz. "

Yep, what do you know... another generic argument. You know, I'm glad you don't run any business because I believe you would fail miserably. Downplaying the opposition is already bad. Underestimating them though, is plain suicide.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   998d ago
" PlayStation is currently seeing >>almost<< twice as much social chatter as the next gen Xbox."

LMFAO "ALMOST" twice as much social chatter and the new xbox HASEN'T EVEN BEEN ANNOUNCED YET!!!!!

That means the UNANNOUNCED new xbox is ALMOST getting as much social chatter as the already ANNOUNCED PS4.

A yet to be announced console is getting almost as much social chatter as a console that was announced a few months back.

LMFAO that doesn't bold too well for Sony and the new PS4 when an unannounced console is "ALMOST" getting as much social media chatter as the already announced PS4.

stage88  +   998d ago
The fact that you are using so many capital words and trying so hard to get your point across leads me to believe that you have an underlying jealousy of the PS4. I can't blame you though. It is shaping up to be one beast of a machine.
gobluesamg  +   997d ago
My god you are dense.
TBONEJF  +   998d ago
SONY'S LIKE B please we already announce our NEXT GEN console show us what u got and we can do it TWICE as better
Urusernamesucks  +   998d ago
Everyone outside N4g will be super hyped after the xbox reveal. Expecting current xbox hype to double.
urwifeminder  +   998d ago
Only hype here no one I know has even mentioned ps4 lmao im making sure all my fb friends are aware of the next xbox though.
vizsual  +   998d ago
I'm not sure if its funny or just sad. The so called "gamers" cry out for more games, new hardware and innovation then turn around and then bash one console in favor of the competition. I read "sony will dominate" "microsoft has the upper hand" Truth is sony has the hype right now and once microsoft reveals their console it will have the hype into E3 after which both consoles will share the hype be it good or bad. You'd think some of the people making comments were on the payroll or something. You don't like sony don't buy their console. Not a fan of microsoft then preorder a ps4. The next gen in gaming is here people "deal with it"
stargatefan   998d ago | Spam
Ayabrea123  +   998d ago
People stop downgrading Microsoft event. The issue is we don'tknow what they have in store and making up aassumptions will only make you look like an ass when you find out everything you " thought " was true. Tuesday is not the fair. Just wait.
SOULJER  +   998d ago
FREE LIVE. Would be a awesome surprise.
daedra  +   998d ago
oh please ps4 *throws up*
this site is so pro sony its disgusting
radecGaming  +   998d ago
I bet the next xbox will lose in social features unlike the PS4
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   998d ago
And I bet that this will be the funniest line of this new generation.

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" - Kaz

Ha, and then PS4 went first. Xbox will easily win over PS4 in social features. EASILY. They're not even going to need a dedicated button on their controller to use it also.
DivineAssault  +   998d ago
People are defending a company that has abandoned them for casuals with the kinect.. WHY? The new system will have a kinect also so your going to pay for the console & the camera.. In order to make the price appealing, i bet the console wont be as strong as the PS4.. It will be comparable but not as strong & i bet the games will focus on the new camera as well.. They charge just for online multiplayer too? Remember the E3 presentation when they were supposed to show you all some great new games but gave you an Usher concert for just dance or whatever its called? That was a spit in the face to core gamers

Its ok.. Sony still loves you all & the PS4 will be exactly what its supposed to be.. A nx gen gaming machine.. Indies, AAA titles, exclusives, strong network w free multiplayer, camera too, nice new controller, blu ray, used game play, etc.. They welcome any lost gamers with open arms.. Try some of the greatest exclusives gaming has to offer with PS4
#26 (Edited 998d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
LogicStomper  +   997d ago
No. Just no. I will imitate you, just so you know what you sound like.

Everyone listen to me! God overlooks us! Join us if you want healing, God forgives all! Even if you have sinned, join us and you shall be forgiven! All those aethiests will spit in your face, they do not care about you! That is why you should pray to God. He will listen! He will heal! He take you in with open arms! So pray! He welcomes any lost people with open arms!
Don't listen to the others, they are all haters and will be punished by God! They do not care, do not love, do not give you what you want. Do not go with the sinners, join us, preach with us in the name of God!

This was EXACTLY what went through my head when I read your comment. So please, stop it.
#26.1 (Edited 997d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PS4 conference was terrible. If the next Xbox reveal is crap then I'll just stick to PC Gaming. Wii U & PS4 are both uninteresting and it's up to the next Xbox to see if I should get another console or not (seems like consoles are dying out anyway with all of the major exclusive IPs being lost and this online pass/dlc garbage; might as well get mods that are better).

PS4 is nothing but more motion controls & facebook with a bit of dead IPs sprinkled in as well as kid/casual friendly new IPs that don't interest me (like knack). Infamous & Killzone have both been run into the ground to the point where they're nothing to be hyped up about anymore. Naughty Dog will be stuck making sequels to last of us which means more mediocre sequels for that crap franchise so the only thing that's really left is Uncharted. Of course, even Uncharted is close to being run into the ground and I doubt there will be anyway to milk God of War further as it will just be run into the ground either way.

With Sony not having the cash to fund exclusives like in the past the PS4 is as good as dead. The way they designed the PS4 controller already screams "casual" especially with the light, touchscreen, and dedicated share button gimmicks. All Microsoft needs to win is focus more on games, restructure XBL, and improve their controller (mainly in terms of the d-pad) while at the same time not making it some casual gimmick like Nintendo & Sony have done.
gameonbro   998d ago | Spam
Shadonic  +   998d ago
>.> one of the many things about console wars even when your clearly judged unfairly and the opposing side makes some sort of valid point none of that ever matters in the face of witty or hateful comebacks.
gameonbro   998d ago | Spam
edonus   998d ago | Spam
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