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Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Hits PS3 July 9th

From the frozen Alaskan tundra to the jungles of Russia, the Metal Gear series has covered nearly every corner of the globe, with a story spanning over 50 years of history and four generations of consoles. And for the first time in series history, every core title will be available in a single box, starting July 9th, 2013 on PS3. (Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, PS3)

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lnvisibleMan  +   774d ago
Hopefully they release a similar version for PS Vita.
Tetsujin  +   774d ago
Why would someone disagree with that? Outside 4 I don't see a reason someone would just hate on that idea.
segamon  +   774d ago
milk that cow, until it bleeds.
Nyxus  +   774d ago
This is a great deal any way you look at it.
thecowsaysmoo1   774d ago | Spam
Pillsbury1  +   774d ago
This is a sacred cow.
Mathew9R   774d ago | Spam
Pillsbury1  +   774d ago
Can't get enough mgs! This will tide me over till phantom pain!

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