Behind the Legend: Making of Grimrock 2

GR-UK writes: "The new game engine and editor are much more flexible, and with them it is possible to create a whole new level of variety as far as environments go. This will be evident in the game itself, which is going to be more open to modding than the first Grimrock was. The original game has so far proven to be surprisingly popular with modders.

There is no word yet of when the game might be published. Animator Olli Peltz feels that the game will let them know when it is getting there. Although the success of the first game has afforded Almost Human a more relaxed schedule, the boys do not intend to be lazy about it. The sequel will be polished far more than the original was, and all of the extra time will be put into good use."

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MoveTheGlow1674d ago

I'd love to have a story deeply embedded in the game itself instead of a ton of exposition at the beginning - it would be more compelling than the previous "Are you hardcore enough to finish the game?" draw of the last one.