List of 10 RPG(ish) Video Games that Deserve Modern Sequels

Yes, Chrono Trigger is on this list of RPG(ish) games that should get a modern sequel, but there are also a few items on the list that may surprise you.

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kalkano1669d ago

Shining Force should top this list.

Snookies121669d ago

Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger I'd love to see sequels to.

-Gespenst-1669d ago

Chrono Cross was a great game!! One of the best rpgs on the psone and possibly ever. This dude's trippin'

I'd love to see a proper sequel to Terranigma... that could be the most amazing thing ever.

A new Breath of Fire would be sweet. I never played Dragon Quarter but I'd like to. At the same time, I think they should try something a little bit different to it for number 5.

Hydralysk1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

From what I've seen Chrono Cross is a very polarizing game, everyone I know either liked it, or absolutely detested it.

Though mainly what I remember from that game was giggling constantly when I used Bushwhacker to kill enemies.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1669d ago

Agreed Chrono Cross is one of my Top 3 games of all time along with Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII. I loved the art design and setting for the game. It looked like it was hand painted by an incredible artist. Also don't get me started on the soundtrack because I can talk about how incredible it is for years.

mydyingparadiselost1669d ago

You don't want to play Dragon Quarter.

rextraordinaire1669d ago

Am I the only one here who really enjoyed Dawn of Mana?

Loved everything from it. The score based stages, the monster arena, the music, the visuals.

Sure it didn't feel like Secret of Mana or Legend of Mana, but I never agreed with reviewers that game it such bad scores.

StrawHatPatriot1669d ago

Final Fantasy XIII deserves a sequel

uuaschbaer1669d ago

trooooooooooooooooll... you tyke :)

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