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Call Of Duty 4 Is One Of The Most Overrated Games This Gen

Call Of Duty 4 is, to many gamers, the epitome of an FPS game. It revolutionized the genre. Dozens of games have attempted to replicate the success of Call Of Duty 4 by either borrowing its multiplayer system, or taking cues from the way the weapons work in the game. But, as many older games do, Call Of Duty 4 is remembered for what it did absolutely right, and not wrong. Here is why Call Of Duty 4 is one of the most overrated titles this generation. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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JoGam  +   922d ago | Well said
I believe COD is over-rated all together. Just my opinion.
alousow  +   922d ago
World at war best cod ever made.
dangert12  +   922d ago
Best CoD i've played only one i enjoyed bubbles
loulou  +   922d ago
leave it out. modern warfare was one of the best on-line multi-player experiences to date.

it was all down hill after that.
Jobesy  +   922d ago
COD 4 and WaW were the only COD games this gen that promoted teamwork. All COD games after WaW promoted rambo type play.
Salooh  +   922d ago
World at war was a taste matter. People who like old weapons and atmosphere loved it. But no one can deny how good the Single player and zombies are. It deserved it's rate too just like Mw1.

Mw2 was a let down a little bit but it needed skills too that's why i liked it. After that call of duty went from playing it every day to ones in a month or even more. Yea, it's that boring to me..
guitarded77  +   922d ago
WaW was good until they put out the paid map packs which splintered the online community.

CoD4 was not overrated. When it came out, it was the most accessible competitive modern military shooter on the market. It had lots of unlocks to encourage people to keep playing, and was way more balanced than more recent CoD games. I still play CoD4 every once in a while, and there are still people playing it... that says a lot about how good of a game it is. Personally, I'm a Battlefield/Killzone kinda guy, but I will give CoD4 props for being a revolutionary shooter, and one of the defining games of this generation.
3-4-5  +   922d ago
I agree...It was the most fun..maybe not the best, but it had a certain balance too it regardless of what others say.
Cyfyxtfg  +   922d ago
Eyeco  +   922d ago
W@W only redeeming quality was it's high difficulty other than that it was a HUGE step back for the series, it just wasn't to hot of a game
FITgamer  +   922d ago
@loulou When it comes to COD 4 was definitely the best one, but IMPO Bad Company 2 was the best FPS MP i've ever played, especially if you include the Vietnam expansion pack.
BattleAxe  +   922d ago
CoD4, CoD: WaW and MW2 were my favorites.
BlmThug  +   922d ago
CoD4 did redefine gaming as we know it. It is also the only CoD i've ever bought
Cam977  +   922d ago
Call Of Duty 4 re-established a dying franchise. All of the COD games to follow were absolutely overrated (barring WAW).
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MrStealYourGirl  +   922d ago
In my opinion, your opinion is fact. lol
Blaze929  +   921d ago
CoD4 was actually worthy every praise it received, for the time. I havent experienced a FPS mission as captivating as All Ghillied Up to this day.
BALLARD32  +   922d ago
I'd have to disagree. I would say the Call of Duty franchise as a whole is overrated but CoD4 in particular is one the greatest multiplayer shooters ever made. Although that's just my opinion. It's a shame it's been in a damn near unplayable state for the last couple years.
Majin-vegeta  +   922d ago
This but i have to disagree on the unplayable part.What system do you play it on??I play on PS3 and it's rare to find a hacker on it maybe 2/10 lobbies are hacked but other than that i can play it normally.
BALLARD32  +   922d ago
360. It's mostly the infection lobby stuff with super speeds and unlimited ammo.
T2  +   922d ago
I agree, I played for years and only found a few hacked lobbies on ps3, the article is short and has no great arguments... World at War is sht first of all, the guns are boring, the movement was terrible, the dogs were impossible to defend.

COD4 had it's defects sure, but who knew everyone was going to start using martyrnoob or juggernoob at the time. both could be combated if you played well. The sniper rifles were perfect as well as the semi-auto rifles like the g3 and m14. There probably is no other COD where all the guns are effective and fun to use. The maps were good, there was some camping but it was predictable, you just threw a grenade in the same building and boom! bye bye camper.
In short, COD4 was the pinnacle of innovation for it's time, then somehow they just fkd it all up... MW2 was fun, but after that there are some seriously bad games with terrible connections. How can a multiplayer first person shooter even survive with bad connections?
trenso1  +   922d ago
@joecanada martydom and juggernaut could be countered, if you hear a ding when you kill some one you know not run towards his body or if you too close take the nade and chuck it through the nearest door.
Root  +   922d ago
The way I see it is that COD 4 was, in MY opinion, was Counterstrike for noobs
MestreRothN4G  +   922d ago
Immature. ^^
Root  +   922d ago

Immature...how is that comment immature, please explain to me.

Jeez no wonder people get bubbled down for nothing on this site when people think like you
MestreRothN4G  +   922d ago
"Deal with it."
SilentNegotiator  +   922d ago
It's not like Counterstrike was a complex game. Unless your only definition of "not for noobs" is "simply having good reflexes", that isn't a fair judgement.
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Root  +   922d ago
There was always people complaining at the time, before COD, that it was "too hard" or "too difficult". I mean there was and still is a lot of pro players on Counter Strike, it had a LOT of experienced players because the game relied on skill.....while COD does not

Then COD comes out with it's easy perks, bugs, glitches to exploit, over powered guns, kill streaks ect

"Great....this is easy, we'll play this instead"
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T2  +   922d ago
@root - that's like saying more options = no skill. That's what terrible battlefield players say all the time.. "tanks are for noobs". More options in a game require more thinking, battlefield being the extreme example. When you see a guy flying around in a chopper, getting 20 kills and noone able to shoot him down it's frustrating as hell, but in no way is it indicating no skill. All of COD perks and streaks just require you to think of your loadout and adjust accordingly...
SilentNegotiator  +   922d ago
One of the most effective weapons in the game is available from the start (M16). The other weapons are pretty much for specializing.

Counterstrike has its share of exploits.

Kill streaks are just another way to play the genre and change the dynamic. Nothing good or bad other than personal taste.
Mini0510  +   921d ago
It's immature because cod4 is a different style of shooter than counterstrike. Just because it has lower recoil and easier to play doesn't mean it's for noobs.
So it's not for pro player then?

That's why it's immature. and 25 other people probably think more or less the same way. Think before jump to the conclusion about which people on this site vote you down for no reason. There's always a reason.
saggysack79  +   922d ago
i have more fun playing pong
-GametimeUK-  +   922d ago
CoD4 overrated? I don't see it being anybodies fave game aside from Call of Duty fanatics. It got the critical and commercial success it deserved, though.

A great multiplayer mode, awesome single player with the ghillie in the mist mission and the game put killstreaks and the perk system on the map.
CompadrePanchito  +   922d ago
I disagree. Cod 4 was a very fun game and had almost a balanced layout. Brought in a lot of new gamers that weren't into shooters
PAYNEinc85  +   921d ago
It was a great game but balanced? lol do you remember the M16, frag x3, last stand, martydom? It had it's fair share of BS in it.
BlackCarrot  +   922d ago
Who cares? It was fun, it was addictive and I played lots of it with friends. It's all about the company, I find, when it comes to any multiplayer game. WoW, BF, GTA, Mario Kart, Goldeneye etc etc all fantastic games with mates; COD was simply more accessible and therefore easier to get into games with friends.

What I do miss though is Timesplitters. Can we have that please? Online + splitscreen thanks. Still the greatest.
Pillsbury1  +   922d ago
Cod 4 was the original and still the best, the rest are just skins with with different maps.
Feralkitsune  +   921d ago
original.... What happened to Call of Duty 1 and 2? 3 doesn't matter.
L0YD  +   922d ago
MilkMan  +   922d ago
COD 4 is a masterpiece and I don't even like FPS that much. However, part 4 turn the tides and brought this series from an OK shooter, to what it is now. A monster.
So, I'll shelve my angst for this series for now and give credit where credit is due.
ape007  +   922d ago
imo one of the greatest games this past geberation
McScroggz  +   922d ago
Say what you will, but Call of Duty 4 is one of the most influential games since 2000. Personally, I've never been a big FPS fan - especially those that skew towards a multiplayer focus - but just like Halo: Combat Evolved it revolutionized an entire genre and was influential in a console's success.

It's cool to hate on Call of Duty nowadays, but people weren't saying COD4:MW was overrated then for a reason...
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Salooh  +   922d ago
That's not really a fact. It's your opinion. Millions of people (loved) it then you come and say it's overrated. It's you who don't get what it achieved in it's time..

But call of duty after Mw2 were all overrated because they were worst then the previous and that's a fact not opinion. Not expecting Ghost to do something new but it have a chance.
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violents  +   921d ago
so his opinion isn't a fact but yours is?

Thanks for the laugh
Salooh  +   921d ago
Opinion when you like something or don't. I don't like GT5 because i don't like cars. That's an opinion. But doesn't mean it's a bad game. It's a masterpiece. Same with Mw1. It changed the way we look at FPS games. It's a masterpiece.

The rest of call of duty games were getting worst. Each game they release make the gameplay easier, worst maps, not balanced game, reward losers and more boring. That's a fact. But if you love them then that's your opinion. I don't like them and that's an opinion..
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violents  +   921d ago
"It changed the way we look at FPS games. It's a masterpiece."

no COD has ever changed the way I look at a FPS, and if it did I don't think you were playing the right shooters. Its arcade style action with aim assist. How is that revolutionizing anything? IMO that's dumbing it down so the masses that have no skills wont complain that its too hard.
Mr Tretton  +   922d ago
How is a short, poorly written blog, news?

And like it or not, people enjoyed the hell out of that game. Everything and anything will be seen as 'overrated' by a certain amount of people, when that something is on top or popular.

Labeling things as over/underrated is pointless. Just enjoy and praise what you like, who cares what others like. You aren't going to change it with your complaining.
Hayabusa 117  +   922d ago
COD 4 was not overrated. Stop hating just because Activition has flogged the same formula year in year out and it's earned them billions of $$$.

COD 4 was a brilliant game and for good reason.
Saryk  +   922d ago
COD4 is one of my favorite games out there. I love it. Maps are are these best made for any game, period.
threefootwang  +   922d ago
By far the worst article I've ever read. I'm no CoD fanboy, but anyone with half a brain knows CoD 4 is one of the best FPS shooters ever made. Campaign = Excellent. Multiplayer = Excellent (The only CoD MP I'll ever give a rating this high). Maps = The best maps since, not one CoD after CoD 4 has replicated or gotten even close to the design of Cod 4's maps.
Loki86  +   922d ago
CoD4 was a genre defining game, the problem was Activision saw this as a quick money grab instead of trying to make real changes to the engine and game play. They have been playing it safe since West and Zambella gave us cod 4.
LAWSON72  +   922d ago
CoD 4 maybe overrated to you but when on xbox halo 3 and cod4 were in their prime in 08-09 i had more fun with multiplayer then ever before. I miss those days now all everyone plays is blops2 which is crap just like any cod after 4.
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aliengmr  +   922d ago
Let me start by saying I really wish COD would just die for various reasons, that I would rather not go in to.

Having said that, the term "overrated" tends to get thrown around a lot. COD is successful because a f***-ton of gamers buy it. And they buy it because they like it and continue to play it because they like it. They obviously got something right or else we wouldn't be talking about it.

You can argue all the reasons why COD is overrated until you're blue in the face, it doesn't change the fact that it sells in record numbers yearly.
isyourhouseonfire  +   922d ago
COD4 changed the entire industry and brought it from a kiddie past-time to serious business. The world took notice.

Therefore COD4 was UNDERrated, not overrated.
LAWSON72  +   922d ago
How is it underrated? It is critically acclaimed, goty winner, and praised so much that gamers still buy its sequel every year. What else do you want it to get a noble peace prize?
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WeAreLegion  +   922d ago

World at War
Black Ops
Black Ops 2
raiden-49  +   922d ago
also add cod 3 to good as well since there are 2 or them xD
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Gardenia  +   921d ago
Mw2 good? Really? It was the most unbalanced piece of crap i've ever played
WeAreLegion  +   921d ago
Oh, I rarely play multi-player. I'm talking about campaigns, specifically. :)
KontryBoy706  +   922d ago
BlaqMagiq24  +   922d ago
COD4 set a new standard in FPS and influenced this gen's FPS AND TPS games. Overrated? I think not.
urwifeminder  +   922d ago
Cod is the best online twitch gaming series it used to be unreal small maps fast play, im not a big fan I see why other people enjoy it though .
JasonXS12  +   922d ago
In terms of enjoyability (not a word), I found MW2 to be the most fun. It added a lot of things on top of COD4 but after that, the repetitive killstreaks and perks and everything else kept resurfacing.
hellvaguy  +   922d ago
Praising sony and dissing on CoD at N4G is like apple pie and baseball. It's just what the majority here love to do.
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SonyAddict  +   922d ago
With the whole franchise there has bean nothing better than cod4 and that's a shame:=(roll on battlefield 4!.
Cyfyxtfg  +   921d ago
lol stop
violents  +   921d ago
All COD's are overrated IMO, glitchy animations, aim assist, no skill required, its like an arcade version of a real shooter.

I've never been real impressed with a COD tho, I always was a socom fan until confrontion. Slant 6 ruined my favorite shooter, so everyone moved over to COD, so really now that's the only reason I play is to stay connected to clan mates and friends.
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