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Submitted by Ask 997d ago | opinion piece

Sony has learnt its lessons

So while Sony was busy drawing lines in the sand, Microsoft was giving gamers a voice, Nintendo was finding a new audience (the so called ‘casual gamer’) and indie and mobile gaming were on the rise. By the time the PS3 came out, Sony seemed out-of-date and out-of-touch, with no clear gaming strategy beyond hoping their established fan base would simply throw money at them. Luckily, the newly appointed president and CEO of Sony Corporation, Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai, seems to have lit a flame under this giant’s arse. (Culture, Dev, Industry, PS3, PS4, PSP, Sony)

Snookies12  +   997d ago
How was Sony out-of-date with the PS3? Its tech definitely held the most potential. Despite that potential being locked away by it being so difficult to get to. Regardless, yes Kaz Hirai is definitely proving to be just the thing Sony needed. They've been making so many good decisions lately, it's really refreshing to see. Especially with all the indie support they're garnering.
Ask  +   997d ago
I'm not going to lie I was really worried about Sony for awhile as they just seemed so disconnected from their fans but now things are really turning around for the better :)
Hanso  +   997d ago
fsfsxii  +   997d ago
You didn't know?? Cross-game chat is what decides if the console is dated
Saigon  +   997d ago

This was a good article, but I disagree with your statement. Mainly because I never doubted them. To me they provided me with what I asked for. I do however admit the first few years of the PS3 life was a little sketchy. I think, IMHO, 2008 was the turning year for them when all gamers started getting on board with them, To me since then things have been on the up and up as of latley. Granted it took their company a long time as a whole to be in green but remember Sony has many individual divisions and sub-functions that allows the company to operate.
noctis_lumia  +   997d ago
disconnect what???
if a company didnt disconnected with teir fans thats sony

xbox 360 door is that way--------->
GT67  +   996d ago
"SONY learnt their lesson"

we'll see after PS4 launch. will it be another 7 years of crapfest FPS and MULTIPLAYER only games and few CASUAL games or good mixture of both for Every!!!!! gamer as they claim or back to hardcore gamers only games again. this time around i'll wait see what kind of variety Sony produce's. before spending 500.00 again.
as a old school gamer i like to play my FAVORITE games rebooted!!!. throw in some up-dated sidescrolling games.
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S2Killinit  +   996d ago
can someone explain to me what this guy is talking about? hehe
abzdine  +   996d ago
are you serious?
best games this generation are on PS3, period!

the initial price point is THE ONLY thing that didn't make it sell 100+ million!! Games are great, and PS+ is a huge thing as well.
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Godmars290  +   996d ago
And MS wasn't out of touch?

Honestly, I hold their grab towards JRPGs as the thing which ruined them. That wanting to get them on the 360 caused them to be little to no improved over PS2 level.

And then there's Lost Odyssey. Good game, but those who like and defend it hold it up as example as one of the best JRPGs of the gen when its actually backwards in terms of gameplay and story delivery.

Again, hardly a bad game, but nothing that couldn't have been done the gen before. And MS really didn't care. They've never held the genre in much regard and just wanted Sakaguchi's name attached to their console.
-GametimeUK-  +   997d ago
It possible to have cross game chat. In that aspect it was a bit dated.
BlackTar187  +   997d ago
you are saying that no cross game chat= dated. Lol you people make me laugh
Blackdeath_663  +   997d ago
lol and using DVD's is not dated at all is it? funny world we live in its as if history repeats itself sony proving nintendo wrong with the CD-ROM created the playstation brand and now again Blu-ray has been adopted as the new standard despite being trash talked by alot of people. i think many companies need to start learning from their mistakes some have already started and are making amends while others are sinking under the weight of their own arrogance.
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-GametimeUK-  +   997d ago
@ BlackTar

Since the PS3 can't have cross game chat because of memory restrictions and a console from the same generation can, I would call it dated.


DVD's are dated, but hasn't gimped the 360 at all this generation. Better looking multi plats, awesome looking exclusive games and enough space to fit on a DVD. Blu Ray was not needed this generation for the most part. Only a very select minority of games fully used it. Going in to the next generation it is a must.

and bringing up Xbox flaws is off topic and stupid since I was discussing the PS3. The 360 has nothing to do with what I said. I don't even have a 360 anymore.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   997d ago
-GametimeUk- Again, The Xbox 360 and the PS3 have the same amount ram. The Cross game chat feature was not able to be implemented because no footprint on the ram was placed for the feature early on. "Better looking multi plats, awesome looking exclusive games and enough space to fit on a DVD."
Seriously? Such ignorance and stupidity, I guess L.A Noire, BF3, Max Payne, Final Fanstasy etc. Require one disk....oh wait. And let's forget the fact that PS3 exclusives are FACTUALY the best looking games on consoles.
-GametimeUK-  +   997d ago

A majority of games do need 1 disk. A handful of games that require more than 1 is not a huge issue. If a majority of games needed multiple disks it would be a problem. Anyone who can read carefully and not think I'm attacking Sony can see very valid points to comment.

You on the other hand are putting words in my mouth and are terribly misinformed and ignorant when it comes to these discussions. I guess your bubble count reflects the type of person you are.

Whilst I agree PS3 has better looking games... it is subjective, NOT a fact. Someone may thing Gears 3 is the best looking game ever because of the art work.
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BlackTar187  +   997d ago
"A majority of games do need 1 disk. A handful of games that require more than 1 is not a huge issue. If a majority of games needed multiple disks it would be a problem. Anyone who can read carefully and not think I'm attacking Sony can see very valid points to comment."

not a huge issue. Hmmm sounds like you can apply that thinking to Cross game chat . Unless you are saying Cross game chat is a must have and therfore something that is needed. Otherwise it seems like you are being rather cherry picky on what you're saying. i didn't mean this to turn into a flam Gametime though just thought how shortsighted that statement was. Also you may not have said Xbox but the consoles are a direct competitor so others mentioning xbox is a natural association when reading your comments.

Now you may not have had malicious intent with your post but by being so vague and specifically stating 1 ONE UNO thing one doesn't have that the others does leaves it quite open to retort.
CynicalKelly  +   997d ago
I am loving the disagrees on your comments. Don't you know that you can't critise Sony on this site?

Any attempt to do so even when using Fact and Reason will result in the attack on other consoles, companies and video games.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   997d ago
This is a 360 fanboys arguement of why their roku box is "superior" lol my gaawwed
Blackdeath_663  +   996d ago
you don't seem to understand that many ps3 exclusives are partly exclusive because it is not feasible to create a game on 7 dvd disks. kojima's metal gear is a prime example, while MGS is associated with sony it has still appeared on xbox yet the reason MGS4 isn't on the 360 is because of disk space just the voice acting in god of war would take up a whole disk on the xbox
-GametimeUK-  +   996d ago
Still a minority of games, Blackdeath. That is a point you seem to struggle to understand. Many PS3 exclusives are simply exclusive because they are first party and will fully use Blu Ray to its full potential.
S2Killinit  +   996d ago
I think the point GametimeUK should (and probably does) understand is that IF there was an outdated machine this generation, it was the 360, not the PS3. I didn't like his comment about 360 having "the better 3rd party graphics" because that was only true halfway through the generation (and mind you, it wasn't due to any deficiency on part of the PS3) it was simply because the 360 having had a whole year head start, had a much higher install base, and developers simply ported games to PS3. Once the playing field was leveled, the PS3 had the better 3rd party graphics overall, due to it being more powerful. This argument should have ended there. I don't think anyone can disagree with all this, its just fact.
Boody-Bandit  +   996d ago

You said DVD did NOT gimp the 360 at all. That has been proven wrong and now you are falling back on they are the minority. At all means 100%. If it's even 0.01 than your "at all" comment is inaccurate.

Last I checked the 360 launched without an HDMI output (not needed MS said), no digital sound output on board nor wifi. Also cross game and private chat did not come out until later on which is a feature and not hardware.

Far and away the PS3 was the most advanced system when it launched and it still is till this day even with all the upgrades and updates (new models) MS added over the years.

Did I offend? *sheds tear* I love salt
It's reality, Deal with it.
I am a 360 gamer first and foremost, at least this generation. I am just being honest.

Right now I am playing Injustice. I have it for both consoles (PS3 & 360). The in-game graphics look nearly identical. The only thing that separates them is color saturation and contrast "if I have both displays on identical settings. Which I do because I have a triple panel setup for Forza and GT. BUT the CGI, which uses the in game engine, looks significantly better on the PS3. It's not even close. You know why that is? Compression on DVD vs NONE on BluRay.
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-GametimeUK-  +   996d ago

Nice job trying to call me out on saying "at all", but you're being overly literal. It's like me calling you out for saying the PS3 was the most advanced system when it launched because we know it wasn't, the PC was. Anyway, BluRay wasn't available when the 360 launched, so no the 360 wasn't gimped. It is like me saying the PS2 is gimped for not having a hard drive like the original Xbox. Are you maddddddd, bro? Gonna cryyyyyy, bro? Counter arguments all dayyyyyyy, bro!

So yeah, I'm not salty over you bashing the 360. I haven't really played it since 08. All I did is point out 1 way the PS3 was dated on a PS3 article in response to someone asking how the PS3 is out of date and I get people bashing the 360 like I actually own one, when in fact I don't because I used to play my cousins :S In future, keep these convo's related to the article because I'm sick of schooling kids like you.

This whole convo was because in a PS3 article I replied to a user who asked why the PS3 was dated. I listed one example. Why that sparks the need for people to bash the 360 I don't know AND you can list all the dated aspects of the 360, but it doesn't change MY relevant and on topic response to another user which IS true.
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Corpser  +   997d ago
Price a console at $600 and tell people to get a second job is not out of touch? Sony got there because of their dominant market share with ps2, Sony finally start to listen because they are losing market share, which is why as gamers we need competition
superterabyte  +   997d ago
I agree with you except that Sony did not 'get there because of their PS2 market share' They got their by working their butts of getting amazing exclusives on the system. I bought one not necessarily because I had a PS2 but because of the free online and because seeing uncharted 2 made me piss my pants(metaphorically).
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   997d ago
All i know is, 360 used DVD, Batteries for it's controller (lol) and came stocked with a freaking slide out disc tray.

That just screams 90's tech.
Snookies12  +   997d ago
My main problem with the 360 was the fact that you couldn't move it when a disc was inserted... I did that once and it ruined one of my games. Come on Microsoft, the PS2 could be moved around with a game inside, yet the 360 can't? Not to mention, they never even fixed that issue with the new models.
hellvaguy  +   996d ago
DVD was a decent choice at the time as the format wars had just started. Sony did lose the first round between Betamax and vhs.

"Batteries for it's controller (lol)"--fail
there have been rechargeable battery packs since day 1 on the 360, the koolaid must be getting to you.

Sony and MS both have their pros and cons, but at least they can agree their hardware doesn't sux as bad a Nintendo's very dated tech.
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mediate-this  +   996d ago
ps3 launched with everything but the kitchen sink, teased us for a bit and took away B.C, Linux.

that screams desperate.

how many games did they do a H.D remake that we didn't need if we had B.C?

both companies revise, and fighting over plastic is just weird.
wishingW3L  +   996d ago
early 360 models didn't even had HDMI and if you wanted wi-fi or a bigger HDD than 20GB then that was $200 worth of upgrades... And on top of it, XBL fees that even block Netflix if you don't pay.
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MysticStrummer  +   996d ago
@mediate - HD remakes > BC, in my opinion, especially when they come in a collection. I bought two HD collections, God of War and Ico/SotC, even though I still have a PS2 and copies of those games, except for GoW2. On the other hand, I didn't have MGS1 anymore so I downloaded the PSN version and was amazed at how much worse the graphics were than they are in my memory. Also for those who like Trophies/Achievements, HD remakes will have those enabled while the old versions won't. I don't give a damn about Trophies myself but many do.
IAmLee  +   996d ago
I saw the picture for this before the title. Boobs.
mediate-this  +   996d ago
he did not mean out of date tech wise, he was referring to Sony relying on their brand name, when a new generation brings new potential gamers and a new way to sell the system, Sony relied on the ways of the past.

they did not innovate. Which is evident, Sony stumbled out of the gate. but Sony turned it all around.
McGamer  +   996d ago
Except for the fact that any game dev will tell you that it is a nightmare trying to makes games for the PS3 and even more a hassle porting any game to it. If it wasn't true, Sony wouldn't be making drastic changes with the PS4.
Majin-vegeta  +   997d ago
and Sony, always struggling to find its place, is slowly reaching for the hardcore gaming throne that once belonged to Microsoft.

What a load of crap.Sony never left the Hardcore if anything they're the only company who haven't forgotten about us.
ZodTheRipper  +   997d ago
Just like "Microsoft, once the proud home of the real gamer"
Funny how all the Xbox guys are slowly switching sides.
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Root  +   997d ago
You still get those stubborn ones though....I mean the real die hards.

I just don't get it through, why talk crap about the PS and not get one just to prove your loyalty to one side who doesn't care for you. If you get both you enjoy all these wonderful games

I can't believe some people would call themselfs gamers but not play on Uncharted, God of War, Resistance, Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid 4, Journey, Flower etc

I have a friend who just talks smack about the PS3 being a massive Xbox 360/Halo fanboy and says stuff like "Least I'm paying for a service that won't get hacked and all my info stolen" or "I hope the Nextbox doesn't get a s***** share button"....despite the fact he watch's Red vs Blue which would be much easily done if the nextbox had a share button.

Seriously some people just don't get it.
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BlackTar187  +   997d ago

How anyone can call them selves hobby gamers and admittedly and purposely refuse to support other formats is beyond me.

The Hobby gamer does not care what system provides the exclusive game its about the game for them and me. Yes i prefer ps over my xbox but i never shunned any xbox game out of some stupid loyalty to a company.

Just sad and stupid
CynicalKelly  +   997d ago
The people that won't switch sides to the console they prefer are idiots and deserve to miss out. I got impatient waiting for PS3 and got a Xbox. Loved it. I would have missed out if I was a fanboy and would let brand names get in the way.

And now, despite knowing nothing about xbox yet. I find myself really looking forward to PS4. It looks like they have gotten everything right. Only a fool would ignore it because of brand loyalty.
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hellvaguy  +   996d ago
n4g is very sony bias and has banned most xbox fans. so I wouldn't get too confident about the worship that happens here over that.

ill wait for both sides to release thie systems and games before deciding my purchase unlike a lot of die hards.

Im gunna offend both camps by saying im not gunna pay for online (xbox) and im not real pleased with the dated laptop cpu/gpu announced in the ps4. But like a lot of of things too--optimization, x86, dx11, new controllers, etc.
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MysticStrummer  +   996d ago
"n4g is very sony bias and has banned most xbox fans."

N4G used to be 360 biased, and there are plenty of longtime 360 fans still trolling in PS3/PS4 articles. Those vanished 360 fans weren't banned for the most part, I bet. They either left for a more 360 friendly site or they switched sides.

I've told this story often, but all my real life gaming friends bought 360s because they wanted to get into the next gen and didn't want to wait for PS3 to launch. Now none of those people have a 360. I doubt I'm the only one who has a story like that. Lots of people switched to PS3s over time.
NeverEnding1989  +   997d ago
One of the reasons why the PS4 looks so enticing is because SONY is addressing the many issues regarding the PS3. Not to mention, the PS3 is SONY's worst selling console ever.

SONY HQ want to forget about the PS3 and get back to PS2 era SONY. The author thinks they are on the right track with the PS4 and I think the author is right. That may all change next Tuesday.
Iceman X  +   997d ago
Actually this is not true if you did more research you would know that atm the PS3 is in 2nd place worldwide in total sales, 360 is in last place. So worst selling system, I think not.
CynicalKelly  +   997d ago
This entire Voting system is completely broken. So much as pose a different opinion and you are just immediately disagreed with by loads of people who didn't even read the comment.

You are right. Sony is addressing everything and well on their way to making a dominate console like they did during the PS2 Era.

And as for Iceman X who replied to you. He obviously didn't even read your comment before misunderstanding it and trying to call you out on his misinformation and retards agreed with him...
dp277407  +   996d ago
I'm glad you pointed it before I did.
DragonKnight  +   996d ago
@NeverEnding: Yeah, Sony made it so hard to live up to selling as well as its Playstation brand has. So hard that it's worst selling console has sold approx. 80 million consoles. Sooooooo terrible. Microsoft's worst selling console has sold 26 million. So awesome right? Nintendo's worst console sold 24 million, but that's mega-awesome isn't it? Have any of Microsoft's or Nintendo's home consoles sold 100 million yet? No? Oh, well it's not like anyone else did either right? .... Except Sony.
maxgamehard  +   997d ago
I own a Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

So far this year I haven't bought anything for my Xbox (I primarily play Multiplats on PS3 or Wii U because I think Live is not worth it when PS3 and Wii U online are free) other than GeOWJ, which didn't seem packed with content as compared two the 2 previous Gears.

Now I am presenting an unbiased opinion. This year on my PS3 I have GOW Acension, Sly Cooper, Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, GT6 and Puppeteer.

This goes to show how much Sony cares for the gamer as they are releasing a ton of titles for the PS3 when a new console is coming out.

I haven't seen that love from Microsoft. For gamers Sony has done the best job in my opinion. I have had a diverse range of exclusive, lots of exclusives, free online play and with PS Plus free games.

As a gamer one should play on all systems and experience all games, but its hard to praise microsoft after the last couple years.
yewles1  +   997d ago
Oh yeah, Sony SO learned with the PS4...

Catering to pubs and devs over gamers.
Lacking features such as BC, analog face buttons on the DS4 and reading CD's.
Social features possibly taking precedent over game quality gradually in the long run.
Thinking devs are going to magically support with games because of easier architecture. *looks at Vita*

Tip... of... iceberg...
Chaostar  +   997d ago
How on earth did you manage to turn creating a great environment for game devs to make games into a negative? That's some excellent troll logic, still rubbish though.
Codey47  +   997d ago
Catering for developers is only a good thing..because at the end of the day..without them...we'd have no games!
Backwards Compatibility isn't an issue for me in any way, shape or form.
Social integration I couldn't give a rats dangleberry about it and wish developers would care less about those so called features.
Inception  +   997d ago
"Lacking features such as BC, analog face buttons on the DS4 and reading CD's."

Rotfl, is reading CD's on PS4 really that important feature for gamer who want's to buy PS4?
Doesn't your PC / laptop had a CD/DVD rom, so why you have to use your PS4 for reading CD?

I can understand for BC though. And analog face buttons on DS4? Is there any problem with the buttons cause i never try a DS4, yet.
HyperBear  +   997d ago
Yeah, cause last time around it worked out for Sony too right?...

Spending millions on developing the cell processor, giving more millions to Nvidia for GPU, launching with a $499/599 price tag and NO decent games (except R:FOM), going through 2 different controller/console designs and shipping without rumble-enabled controllers for the first year, showing off Remote-Play then never utilizing it with the PSP, having laggy PSN service at the beginning and no cross-game chat and all the while...Almost putting the entire company in Bankruptcy.

Do you own a PS3?? Then BC is solved for you (Plus Gaikai might solve it as well). Your really going to complain/judge about a controller you've never even held before?? And reading CD's, lol...its 2013 and I'll leave it at that. Social Features are what will drive the adoption of PS4 cause everyone will want to use it and upload video/pics of their gameplay to YouTube/Facebook, it's an amazing idea. Still dont know how that would affect game quality. PS3/360 both have social media apps, but that hasn't affected the quality of titles released. And look at all the games being released this year for Vita, including a lot of great indie titles and there's still E3 which will have a couple NEW games shown off.

Greatness... Awaits
nick309  +   997d ago
Sony improved themselves with PS4, ps3 had alot of exclusives , sony did greatly.
Root  +   997d ago
I think with the PS3 to us at the time it seemed like they were bloody crazy with the price and their slow but long term plan.....but now it's worked out for them because were coming to the end of this gen and they are the only ones left that still seem to give a crap about core gaming, lets not forget all the good games that still to come despite the PS4 being announced. Nintendo dried up a few years after the Wii launched and Microsoft got greedy and decided to go down a casual focused path totally forgetting about us core gamers.

I mean Sony planned so far a head with the PS3 that if I knew that there long term plan was going to work I wouldn't of even cared about the high price point.
Mathew9R   997d ago | Spam
Williamson  +   997d ago
Say what you want about sony but they've always done one thing and thats bringing out the games. September of 2007 we saw the start of exclusives coming to the ps3 with heavenly sword, followed by R&C future, Uncharted, and the releases of exclusive games kept on coming and they still are now near then end of a gen. Sony has learned how important exclusives and new ips can be when mixed with good multiplatform games.
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brettski  +   997d ago
WeAreLegion  +   997d ago
Learnt is a British form of the word. It is rarely used and sounds absolutely retarded, but it does exist.
Picnic  +   996d ago
If you are outside of UK, your concern at the use of 'learnt' might be entirely correct for your own American form of English.

But within the UK either 'learnt' or 'learned' are acceptable. Since 'learned' can have an alternative meaning of 'educated', I would suggest that it may be preferable for people in England to use 'learnt'when it CAN be and to use 'learned' for all other circumstances.

For instance, I would say :

'He learnt how to do things well'.

'He was a learned gentleman / she was a learned lady' (where 'learned' is being used for one of its definitions of 'educated').

But, technically, saying 'He learned how to do things well' would also be correct and it is certainly commonly used within England (perhaps more than 'learnt'). Perhaps it is the more harsh sound of saying 'learned', as if any minor training has been drummed in to the very character of someone, that has made 'learnt' preferable to many to carry on in modern English usage in the UK for its more carefree sound, as if a skill or knowledge has been more lightly picked up.

Or it may be a mirroring of how we say other terms that end in the letter 't'. For instance, we tend to say 'I LEFT him at the station', not 'I leaved him at the station'.
#8.2 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Feldman9000  +   997d ago
I'm pretty sure "learnt" isn't a word, neither is seent, or hearnt.
WeAreLegion  +   997d ago
Wow. What a good point.
KillrateOmega  +   996d ago
Lol. Clever :)
LOL! bet he feels like a derp right now...
Picnic  +   996d ago
Learnt and Learned (pronounced 'lernt' and 'lernd'

Or a similar kind of case:

Leant and Leaned (pronounced 'lent' and 'leend'.

They have all long existed in widely used English in England, just not American English it seems, and they are genuinely regarded as equally grammatically acceptable. Neither sounds more antiquated to our ears than the other.
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BldyShdw  +   996d ago

I guess you've never played a Dragon Quest game?
FCDGamerVC  +   997d ago
Well I'm personally honoured siding with Sony after switching from Nintendo. I purchased my PS3 just last year (2012), and I haven't regretted it since (mostly due to no online fees and the fear of the RROD). What made it more unregrettable was the announcement of all upcoming exclusive goodness which I was quite shocked from. One thing I do praise Sony for is their marketing for reintroducing what gamers have been wanting for the past years as well as what the developers needed. If the developers are happy, they'll make better games, and in return, more gamers will side with Sony. As for Microsoft, there's always Nintendo.(I'll eventually buy a 360, just not anytime soon*)
urwifeminder  +   997d ago
Aint got no time for sony they never learn.
zippycup  +   997d ago
i am a Sony fan i had a 360 but i spent so much time on my ps3 that i decided to sell the 360 and all my games

although i do have to admit the cross game chat on 360 is one of the few things i really envy and wish i would have on ps3 because no matter what game i was playing i could still have a conversation whit one or more of my friends

hopefully now that ps4 has so much ram they will implement it
SonyPS4  +   997d ago
Honestly speaking, I'll only believe that when I see it. Looking at the Vita things aren't too well with that system when you have an expensive price point, requirement of an expensive, sold-separately memory card for the game to even run, and apart from Gravity Rush and SS, the better games on it are mostly mediocre spinoffs of AAA franchises from B and C development studios. Sales are also doing far worse than the PSP ever did in the first fiscal years. Doesn't look like Sony really learned from their mistakes with the PSP, and if they have, they introduced new ones to take their place.
supremacy  +   996d ago
Why look at the vita and not the psone, the ps2 and the ps3 which are the platforms the ps4 is following?

Sony is the opposite of Nintendo in the sense they tend to support their home consoles heavily in comparison to their handhelds, whereas Nintendo supports their Handhelds more than they do their home consoles.
Also if you have noticed Sony's home consoles do tend to get more support from 3rd party publishers than their handhelds do, so really Sony could only do so much on its own.
Especially when you consider how many platforms they tend to support at once, psp,ps3,psvita and now ps4?

Heck they just stopped supporting ps2, and i wouldn't say so exactly since they are now making them in developing markets like India, Brasil and so forth.

Besides the vita did have a pretty stacked up launch line up for a handheld in a market being run down by cheap phone games.

As far as the memory cards and its sales it all comes down to marketing and price, and ill admit the vita isn't exactly cheap if you include the memory card in the conversation which is fair to do so, since its needed to run the damn thing.
But i believe the memory cards is whats keeping the vita on the black, without these expensive accessories the vita itself would be another product on the red for the company.

As for the games, lets face it there really aren't that many gems at this time, but unlike the 3ds the vita is closer to a console on the palm of your hands as you can get, with that in mind its games require more polish, meaning more development times to get made and release; anything short of that can lead to poor releases like resistance burning skies and call of duty declassified.

e3 is just mere weeks away, so who knows whats in store for the vita, whether its a price drop, a new model or new exclusives or a combination of all those things. So we cant just dismiss it just yet.

The best thing Sony can do at this point, is simply start shifting its main focus to the new home console which they are internally speaking, but not only to the new home console but to the vita as well.
By simply taking those projects they aren't too certain funding millions on and trying them on the vita with a smaller budget like the did with gravity rush, which was originally a ps3 game.(personally i would just take the easy route and release ps2 remasters like did with persona 4 golden which by the way sold pretty well and it was one of the highest rated games on the device thus far and just be good with that since Nintendo is no different in this regards and fairs pretty well from the looks of it)
I think the ps3 can live on multiplatform games and a few exclusives from here on out, while the vita can benefit from this small decline. Its a trade off, but one they should consider.
Picnic  +   996d ago
The PS1 was necessary to introduce the likes of Resident Evil to a wide market and to wake Nintendo from a lull about the types of games that console gamers might like to play.

The PS2 had a huge range of games , partly thanks to unspectacular enough sales success of some its rivals meaning that some exclusives did still come its way. So it ended up getting Resident Evil 4, Viewtfiul Joe. It even ended up getting Outun 2 a few later when it was revamped as Outrun 2 2006 : Coast to coast.

But I think that there was always an underlying murmur that its rivals did some things with more passion than Sony did.
The N64s roster of games contained some really epic ones that you didn't have to be an RPG diehard to understand.
There are mixed feelings about the Gamecube but the fact that it was a fun looking, streamlined, games machine at least sent out a clear message that it didn't necessarily care whether your parents also showed some interest in it.

And the Dreamcast was cool, elegant and reminded you that neither of the other two really made great arcade games.

When the PS3 came out, then, the PS2's roaring success perhaps hid some underlying things. That the PS2 may have been the Wii of its day to some new gamers - something that you just bought with no particular game in mind even if there happened to many of substance.

Therefore the PS2 could start to sell many early on, despite having 'no games' but the PS3 couldn't repeat the same trick.

Personally the size of the original PS3 was also of enormous concern to me. It was like, how could a console with 'no games' take up so much space? This combination of an aesthetics and game release issue made the PS3 look like an unwieldy white elephant to me for a while. The competition looked more fun and less unnecessarily serious about itself.

I don't think that Sony fully care about how they are perceived though. Even the PS4 announcement didn't concentrate on one of the things that made the PS3 have the edge in comparison to the Xbox360 - some of the indie games.
#14 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   996d ago
I guess we will see sooner or later. They may have learned but it could be too late.
lpgs5000  +   996d ago
I just don't get it. I ha e been a die hard sony fan since ps1, loved the ps3. If given the choice again I would go ps3 but lets be honest sony did take too much for granted this gen. I'm just asking the other fanboys ( I do consider myself a fanboy) admit when sony has faults don't be such a blind sheep. Admitting when the company you love does something wrong is what makes you a legitimate fan.
VforVideogames  +   996d ago
I dont think sony has learn anything from its own mistakes , i mean why release gran turismo 6 on ps3 and leave the door open for forza to take on the next gen? IMO FORZA its a better racing sim but why make mistakes like this? come on now sony.
violents  +   996d ago
that was Polyphony ditgitals decision, they have a large user base on ps3 and didn't want to corner their fanbase into having to upgrade. Bravo for them not being a greedy company IMO. However I am hoping they will port a ps4 version because damn you cant have playstation without a GranTurismo.

Oh yeah, and where's my vita version too?
violents  +   996d ago
The only big beef I have with my sony equipment is the fact that they have never pulled through on the remote play. They claimed when the vita came out that they had seen KZ and COD played through remote play and several other big name titles I cant remember at the moment. But where's my remote play, so far all I can do is ps1 games and frankly I didn't buy a ps3 and a vita to play ps1 games. Other than that I'm really happy with all my sony products and am very excited to see what the ps4 can do. Keep the good things coming sony and stop making empty promises.

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