Metro Last Light Benchmark pushes AMD GPUs - new drivers please

Now that everyone can play Metro Last Light, much like its predecessor Metro 2033, the game is a bit of a beast.


Post patch from 4A there are some notable improvements for AMD users. If and when drivers from AMD are relased hopefully the playing field will be leveled.

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RaidensRising1592d ago

It's a shame with some pc games that it's either or. This time it seems Nvidia is better supported. 3D vision support right out the box.

timmyp531592d ago

This benchmark runs at about 26 fps on my 680 4GB FTW edition card with settings maxed. Soul crushing indeed. Game isn't as intensive as benchmark. I need help with optimal settings for benchmarking this title.

sandman2241592d ago

It looks good to me. AMD isn't to shabby

zeroskie1592d ago

Is even this after the update?

ATi_Elite1592d ago

No big deal AMD Drivers are on the way

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