SEGA enters into three-title Sonic exclusivity agreement with Nintendo

SEGA has entered into an exclusive worldwide partnership with Nintendo, granting Nintendo the exclusive rights to the next three titles in the Sonic The Hedgehog series.

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-Mika-1835d ago

Wow, Sega must be desperate. Entering an exclusive contract with their biggest mascot. Personally for me, I don't really care. Sonic isn't really on my radar anymore.

yugovega1835d ago

makes sense for sonic to be exclusive to nintendo. Nintendo is the only systems its sold well on and being exclusive will only give it more hype.

kgamer201835d ago

Oh how I have missed you insightful comment on nintendo articles.
On topic: I'm wondering what the other title is going to be.

Root1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

The only thing I don't get from this is that it's SEGA....weren't they in trouble not too long ago with financial stuff

I mean I thought they would need as many sales as it could get for there games....isn't that the reason they didn't fund Bayonetta they want to do three Sonic games as exclusives.

These must be a timed exclusives

EDIT: @Below

Are they....well that explains it then

SEGA wouldn't of dared do this by the goodness of their hearts. Money had to be involved somewhere

yugovega1835d ago

Nintendo is publishing them. hence sega saves money

Yodagamer1835d ago

Sonic games have always sold well on Nintendo consoles. Even Sega racing Wii u sold on par with he 360/ps3. Plus Sega supported the Wii like crazy as well with about 6 exclusive sonic games. Its not surprising to me

ChickeyCantor1835d ago

SEGA wouldn't of dared do this by the goodness of their hearts. Money had to be involved somewhere"

Since when is Sega a non-profit organization?

princejb1341835d ago

desperate and stupid
dont they know that third party exclusives dont sell well on nintendo consoles
their gonna lose a lot of money

Yodagamer1835d ago

Sonic games sell well on Nintendo consoles, with as little of a fan base the wii u has sonic racing sold about the same as the 360 and ps3. That is impressive tbh

PopRocks3591835d ago

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed sold best on Wii U. According to Digital Foundry it also performed best on Wii U when not counting PC.

animegamingnerd1835d ago

well a lot of nintendo fans happen to be sonic fans and this myth is retarded in general anyways

iplay1up21834d ago

Your wrong about that. Sonic games sold very well on Wii.

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DarkBlood1835d ago

you never cared to begin with @mika so take a hike madam *thats about as nice as i'll get verbally*

StraightPath1835d ago

Sonic needs Nintendo magic maybe with mario devs this could be potential bombshell sonics games under Nintendo's helm.

How ironic while sega killed off sonic, Nintendo finally make him into something good.

WiiUsauce1834d ago

Sonic games have been good again since like 2009. Sonic Colors, Sonic 4, Sonic 4 Episode II, Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, Sonic Generations, and Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed have all been great games. Not to mention all the awesome DS Sonic games there have been.

Trunkz Jr1835d ago

I get the feeling we could see Hatsune Miku in the next Super Smash Game, would be a neat Sega/Nintendo Combo.

akaihana86plus1835d ago

Lol, awwww please Mika!, your comment only screams butt hurt and bitter mode, you are talking out of your butt only because it's a Nintendo exclusive right?, you lame troll!

ChickeyCantor1835d ago

How is that desperate? The whole industry is taking jabs at Nintendo. Wouldn't it be more desperate to give exclusivity to Sony or MS?

WiiUsauce1834d ago

I can sense the jealousy in your comment lol.

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Snookies121835d ago

Ehh, doesn't really matter much to me personally. So long as they don't put out a second Generations game or something as an exclusive. I'd be pissed considering that's the only Sonic game I've cared about in the last 7 or so years.

Kevlar0091835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Hating on Nintendo just a bit here?

Anyway, Sonic needs a good game more than once every several years. Haven't been the same since SA2

Snookies121835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

No, not really. I've always liked Nintendo. I don't mind them getting exclusive Sonic games. I was just saying, I hope they don't get a Generations 2. Since that was the only Sonic game I've liked since SA2, and Generations was multiplatform.

DivineAssault 1835d ago

sonic games need nintendos magic.. Theyve all been underwhelming since genesis..

wishingW3L1835d ago

Nintendo will co-develop Sonic games with Sega or something?

Kalowest1835d ago

Generations and Colors were awesome!!!

deafdani1835d ago

Sonic Rush on the DS was superb as well. And the general consensus seems to be that Sonic 4 was fairly good to, although not great (never played it).

But people have pretty selective memories, and for them, everything is Sonic '06.

RockmanII71834d ago

Sonic fanboy, can confirm Sonic 4 is rubbish.

KrisButtar1835d ago

Thats awesome maybe the Sonic:lost world game will be one demoed at the Best Buys? maybe its to soon either way I'm going to be looking at new for the game

Jek_Porkins1835d ago

This has the potential to be pretty big, if these games can bring back that old Sonic magic, a lot of people are going to be happy!

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