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Submitted by Pandemic 998d ago | article

New Microsoft Xbox launches a technology war with Apple iTV and Sony Playstation 4

The new Microsoft Xbox which will be unveiled next week not only opens up a new front in the battle of the games consoles but also launches a whole new war. (Apple, PS4, Tech, Xbox One)

2pacalypsenow  +   998d ago
The Tv market will be domintaed by Netflix and maybe YOutube not microsoft or apple . But i still rather have Directv
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dcbronco  +   997d ago
Unfortunately it won't be dominated by Netflix. Unless something changes. I was a Netflix user from back when the envelopes were yellow in the early days. But once they started streaming and proved the idea, the studios have been going out of their way to cut them off. That is why Netflix gets movies so late if at all for streaming. All of the content holders are starting their own streaming services. Hulu is a bunch of networks working together.

The key for Netflix will be to make as much quality original content as they can. House of Cards, Arrested Development. As much as they can. If they can make hit shows of their own, they can survive. If they can't, the studios might be able to kill them off. I believe Microsoft should buy them, but since there is no proprietary technology to get and MS has it's own contracts with the studios, the only thing really worth it is the name. And MS is making their own content to keep from getting screwed by the studios themselves.
WeAreLegion  +   997d ago
When companies make their own streaming services, they fail. WB will learn this, soon enough.
ShinMaster  +   997d ago
and nothing to do with actual gaming.
RuleofOne343  +   997d ago
So the tv market will be owned by idiot videos & a streaming service that only streams movies from 10-15 years ago. Would rather watch paint dry.
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insomnium2  +   997d ago
Ummm... I enjoy watching my favourite films over and over. Just yeasterday I watches The Mist for the 5th or 6th time. Considering that I only get about 4 hours of free time per every 2 weeks it really proves how much I wanted to see that movie again.
Docknoss  +   997d ago
Check and mate. Can't wait until Tuesday
Jek_Porkins  +   998d ago
The more options on consoles, the better.
IIZANGETSUII  +   997d ago
Why the disagrees? OMG these people
SpideySpeakz  +   997d ago
To be honest? Because I want Sony to win.
Sony will win.

-Sony Fanboy
JoGam  +   997d ago
Dude, just gotta deal with the disagrees. Someone somewhere will always disagree. Even if its just so you wont have 0 under disagree.
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TheBrownBandito  +   997d ago
I disagreed because I wanted to see a "0" under agrees.
True_Samurai  +   997d ago
True that
Nathaniel_Drake  +   997d ago
I disagreed because more options on consoles pulls away from the center focus on games which MS seems to be doing right now. It's good to have these option but only as a side option.

A lot of the PS4 you see coming out out has to do with games, whether indie games, or new exclusives being on their system, yeah they do mention social integration with the PS4 but those aren't the big headlines surrounding the system
Jek_Porkins  +   997d ago
Sony and Microsoft will have pretty much the same entertainment options, Microsoft just advertises them more so. None of the other features will stop Microsofts first party games studios from making games, just like Sony Picture Studios doesn't hinder Sony from producing games. Two totally different factions.
saint_seya  +   997d ago
Jek_Porkins.. that example of sony that you used is so wrong.. Sony Pictures is another department of Sony, as Windows is for MS.. nothing to do with the game department..
People is worried about the focus in the next xbox, not what they will bring to windows..
dcbronco  +   997d ago
The idea that the game studios are working on hardware or making Apps is silly. It's one of those things one person said and others just took it and ran with it. The PS3 and 360 both do most of the same things the next Xbox will do as far as entertainment. At least now there will be separate equipment in the 720 to handle the extras. MS has over 65,000 employees. More enough to make games and movies and TV shows too. What's next. Sony has to stop making TVs because it takes away from the games. MS makes what people are buying. Hate Kinect if you want, people buy it. If you want something from a company, buy it when they make it. Here is a list of the Xbox 360 launch titles.

You will continue to get those things if you continue to buy those things. What game does MS make more than anything? Halo, a FPS. Why? Because people buy a lot of it. All of the games that people complain about MS making over and over are hardcore games. Because they are a company. And smart companies make what their customers buy. SO if you want new IP buy it as much as you talk about it(not you specifically). It's actually that simple. If they launch a new Perfect Dark. Buy it. They will make more. Works the same with any game. Even new IP.
Belking  +   997d ago
"I disagreed because more options on consoles pulls away from the center focus on games which MS seems to be doing right now"

That is so ridiculous. Does more options on a smart phone pull away the focus? Do more options on TV (smart tv)pull away focus? No they don't. Consoles are just evolving like any other device. At the end of the day it's still a console and will primarily used for games. Either they do that or some else will come along and do it for them. It's either your product evolves or you get left behind. Your logic is exactly the reason sony has fallen behind in the TV and portable music market.

PS4 is just as much a media machine as xbox is. Sony just doesn't like to talk about it as much, which is a mistake because gamers are all different and they are finding that out now with the loss of market share in the US.

More options on consoles doesn't stop game developers from making games.More options only ADDS to the entertainment, which is what games really are anyway.
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Shadow Man  +   997d ago
all in one machine thats what i want
SDF Repellent  +   997d ago
They are disagreeing because their beloved Sony just don't quite have the resources to pulled off something as ambitious as MS. Seriously, who wouldn't want just one box sitting in their entertainment unit that can do Cable TV, stream media, play games, movies, music, have Skype as an exclusive, implementing cloud based software and sharing from all windows 8 devices, and BC so new current gen games like GT5 and Halo 4 can be played without the need of having another console to take up space or have to fork out another $40 for an HD version of the same game.
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kayoss  +   997d ago
Yes... I will buy a ps4 mainly for the additional apps, same as I will buy the nextxbox for mainly its tv service. Gaming is just an added bonus. *roll eyes*. If you buy a ps4 or nextxbox, wouldn't it mainly for the gaming and all other stuff are additional bonuses? If gaming is just a second thought why pay extra money for gaming console when you can get those other services through other devices that you already own; Computer, ipad, laptop, direct tv, or smart tv?
SonyAddict  +   997d ago
You need a pc
kayoss  +   997d ago
I did mention a computer. Most people owns a computer in the home. So you can easily have access to all those apps granted if you have Internet. Plus study show many house hold owns multiple pc's and tablets now.
Like I mentioned above, if I'm looking for a game console to play game I will buy a ps4 or nextxbox. But if you need to access tv show, Facebook, Netflix, etc.. And games is just a second thought. You will be a dumbass to buy a brand new gaming console just to have access to those apps. By the way the last paragraph is not aimed at you Sonyaddict. I was talking in general.
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HurtfulTimez  +   997d ago
Alot of people may want just one box under there entertainment unit.. but for that to happen that would mean alot of people changing or cancelling the tv/cable subscriptions.

now in the uk that would be very hard to achieve as cable companys usually provide cable, internet and phone packages all in one at a cheaper price. (not sure how it works in us)
so for me to cancel my cable tv to have xbox only tv would mean that my internet and phone package would be seperated, therefore costing more in the long run.
Loyal customers will not want to go through the annoyance of changing there packages just to get tv through their xbox.
MysticStrummer  +   997d ago
@SDF - "Seriously, who wouldn't want just one box sitting in their entertainment unit that can..."

Someone who doesn't want to pay extra to do those things since most of them can be done for free elsewhere maybe...?

Half of the things you listed will be done by PS4, and the other half can be accomplished by devices people have already, without an extra fee. Of course it's possible that MS won't charge for some of those things, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Out of all the things you listed, BC is the only one I see as a factor for gamers, and I don't even care about BC. I prefer the HD remakes myself, even though of all the ones I bought only one was a game I didn't have in it's old form already.
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alousow   997d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Agent_hitman  +   997d ago
Isn't that obvious enough?, every tech company is competing with other tech company.. This is not surprising, even SOny is aiming at the similar segment as well.
SonyAddict  +   997d ago
The last time I checked the TV was dominating the TV or have I got the wrong end of the stick!?.
jeffgoldwin  +   997d ago
Hardly ever use my tv to actually watch tv/cable. Its a game display, Blu-ray/dvd display, or a Netflix streamer nowadays.
Belking  +   997d ago
"Hardly ever use my tv to actually watch tv/cable. Its a game display, Blu-ray/dvd display, or a Netflix streamer nowadays."

Do you realize how silly you sound? What you described(except for games) is basically watching
MysticStrummer  +   997d ago
@Belking - As usual, you're the one that sounds silly. For most people, "watching TV" means watching network programming on cable or satellite, if not from an antenna.
TheKayle1  +   997d ago
after day 21 crows for everyone and ill come back here laughin on sony fanboys
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Gridloc  +   997d ago
So the general consensus is they will be pretty much even with what each other will have to offer. But one major difference will be the subscription services they offer. If you think Xbox will be free next gen, keep dreaming. If anything, get ready to pay more than you do now. But that won't be something they will share with us on the 21st.

@ jeffgoldwin
So I guess Xbox 360's gold subscription is a rumor based on Sony fanboys saying it to be true. If you think they will announce something earth shattering, you will be sorely disappointed. MS thinks innovation can be bought or stolen, and find it too hard to come up with by itself. Disagree? Read the history of MS and their innovative
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jeffgoldwin  +   997d ago

General consensus and rumors with nothing confirmed, is how you shud base all your decisions in life. Oh, that and mix a fanboy ingredient and you know it's full of win. /s
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Angeljuice  +   997d ago
@ TheKayle1
I doubt it very much, every single multi-platform developer that has spoken on the matter says that the PS4 is slightly more powerful than the Xbox. Put as much else in the box as you want, PS4 is going to be a better platform for games, thats what matters to me.
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MysticStrummer  +   997d ago
You'll be laughing at them for not being able to pay for more things that are free elsewhere?
Angeljuice  +   997d ago
Ms are hated throughout the world for their draconian business tactics (less so in America I guess). If a rival company produces a software technology that is better than their own they buy up the company and kill the tech. They don't integrate it into their own software which would benefit everyone, they just buy out the competition so everyone has to put up with their inferior cack technology. They are a terrible company, one of the worst global reputations around.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   997d ago
A man has travelled the world in his...discrete profession, and he can confirm this to be true.
Drainage  +   997d ago
why the f are ppl bringing up apple tv. its like they think if they say it enough times it will become relevant. that thing is garbage

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