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Why Do Video Game To Film Adaptations Always Flop?

Can we ever expect a good film based on a video-game? (Hitman, PC, Prince Of Persia, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

P_Bomb  +   805d ago
The old guard making these movies by in large don't 'get' or respect the source material. Hollywood has a collective ego seemingly obsessed with trying to fix what isn't broken. "Needs more cowbell". Same things happen to books all the time, World War Z author recently stating that the movie is WWZ "in name only".
^^^ this.

Resident evil was mutilated by Hollywood... :/
NukaCola  +   805d ago
True. You can't take a hollywood director and expect him to hold the same visual and integrity of a game developer. They operate on two different wave lengths.
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Sy_Wolf  +   805d ago
Video games work because you are actively experiencing them. Of course the transfer to a completely passive experience isn't the same.
Stoppokingme  +   805d ago
Damn straight. Movies take you along for the ride, but games put you in the drivers seat.
jeeves86  +   805d ago
Because what makes a great movie and what makes a great video game are two different things.
yokokoroma  +   805d ago
It depends on whether or not the movie is live action or animated. In the case of a live action movie, (i.e. Resident Evil) those in control of said movie don't respect the game's foundation, and instead try to make it their own. As far as animated movies go, (mainly CG) it mainly comes down to the story, and how it played out (i.e. Tekken: Blood Vengeance, too few characters) as well as how the characters were incorporated, if at all.
ironfist92  +   805d ago
Directors/Producers rarely respect the source material and the fans.

Im hoping the Assassins Creed film will break this trend, considering Ubisoft is using their own studio, and are heavily involved in the project.
leogets  +   805d ago
to make a game about a movie makes the game to linear,unless its loosely based then star wars says hello.
InfiniteRobots  +   805d ago
I think a great deal comes down to the constraints set down by the publisher and the source medium. Some games simply choose to expand a story and do it really well (like X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and some not so well (Thor, for instance).

Time is also a huge factor, having to meet a film release deadline would easily disrupt the normal deadline of a game (such as 007 Legends being turned around so quickly). On the flip-side you've got Goldeneye 007, a game that launched two years after the film, and one that benefited from the extra dev time.

It's a mixed bag to say the least.
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TwistedMetal  +   805d ago
mortal kombat the video game turned into mortal kombat live action movie and it was the best ever. or you guys forget mortal kombat was a video game. also tekken animated movies and street fighter animated movies are cool king of fighters as well. street fighter live action movie was lame but in a good way so lame it was funny with a few cool fights.

i bet theres a lot of other game to movies that worked awesomely as well to and vise versa.
yugovega  +   805d ago
pokemon movies are actually good for the fans they are trying to reach. silent hill was good. the re movies that are animated are great. and king of kong, though a documentary about gaming, is a very good watch.
Codey47  +   804d ago
Christophe Gans did an excellent job for the original Silent Hill movie.
He was a fan of the games. Konami and Team Silent's direct involvement helped, no doubt.

The sequel however....was shite. But then again it didn't have Christophe Gans at the helm.
s45gr32  +   804d ago
It would work if film directors respect the source material and it's fans. All these directors see is money and believe games don't have a story to begin with along with the lack of involvement from say game developers. Silent Hill was and still is the only game to movie adaptation.

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