10 Cancelled PS3 Games That Should Be Developed For the PS4

"Games are a risky business. For all the blockbuster’s and runaway kickstarter successes you read about are a million husks of game ideas that just didn’t make the cut. Even worse are when these projects go a certain distance before ultimately failing."

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Godmars2901649d ago

Would like to see Lair - a dragon game in general - get another shot.

Conzul1649d ago

Yeah anything in that direction would be nice. With Spyro out of the picture, I'd love to see a dragon game tailored for an older audience / darker artstyle.

abzdine1648d ago

there is Deep Down on PS4 with the dragon they showed on feb 20

Godmars2901648d ago

Missing the concept of controlling a dragon.

Z_-_D_-_31648d ago


You never know the direction the game may go in. I can't say that it will be dedicated to the flight of dragons, but I'm sure there will be specific on-rails segments in Deep Down in which you can take to the skies. Or maybe even open? Who knows.

Would be spectacular, though! I think if Deep Down isn't one of those 7.5/10 IP's, it has a ton of potential.

Godmars2901648d ago


Given a trailer that resembled Dragon's Dogma, that's a baseless claim.

More so given the first/third perspective graphic engines took this gen.

showtimefolks1648d ago

I didn't know that last guardian and agent we cancelled that's news to me, I thought both were in development confirmed by their publishers

Reports were ND used a lot of stuff from eight days for UC

But it was also confirmed that both eight days and getaway 3 were about 50% done and only out on hold in development

Getaway 3 could be a huge game for Sony if they can get the right development team with experience in ozone world games like the team that did sleeping dogs for example


I am predicting last guardian as a launch title for ps4 day one yes day one

I think we will see SE announce a rename for FF13 versus now for ps4 coming a lot sooner than people think

darren_poolies1648d ago

Neither The Last Guardian no Agent have been cancelled. I don't know what this article is talking about.

t0mmyb0y1648d ago

Agreed with darren. I stopped reading when #2 was cancelled Last Guardian. F*/king idiot article.

Pintheshadows1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Remember WarDevil. That maybe. Eight Days and The Getaway 3 would be nice as well.

Also, some on the list are not officially cancelled.

JoGam1649d ago

Just imagine if those games was cancelled to be developed for the PS4? That would be AWESOME!

gameseveryday1649d ago

I kinda doubt that The Last Guardian and Agent will ever come to the PS3. It makes more sense to launch them on the PS4.

JoGam1649d ago

I have faith The Last Guardian was switch to the PS4 and will be shown at E3. HAVE FAITH! BELIEVE!

Conzul1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Yeah, your sister wasn't abducted by aliens; she's a booth babe at E3. Believe.

psyxon1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


KillrateOmega1649d ago

Sometimes I wonder if The Last Guardian is ever going to see the light of day...

Half-Mafia1649d ago

When did Agent and The Last Guardian get cancelled?

nnodley1649d ago

Yeah, don't know why they are in the list when they have never been officially cancelled. The Last Guardian I bet is now a ps4 title. While Agent is still listed on Rockstar's website in the games section. If it was really cancelled they should either come out and say it or take it off the website. This makes me think it will be a ps4 title also.

t0mmyb0y1648d ago

This is why you don't listen to stupid people.

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