Sonic Lost World – first piece of art

Take a look at the first piece of art from the just-announced Sonic Lost World.

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lilbroRx1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


I hope this game recaptures the Soul of Sonic. We certainly don't need another Sonic The Hedgehog 2006.

Now that Sonic enters the next gen, we can put the abominations in that last one behind us.

yugovega1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

be careful. you'll be accused of trolling for excitement for something besides ps4

im excited to see how this sonic turns out. if done properly this may sell as many wiiu system as was sold s far. sega has been uping their games lately.

darthv721830d ago

it give off a mario galaxy vibe. Fine with me as mario galaxy is a great game.

Sega takes the best of sonic colors and mixes in mario galaxy and presto...we get the lost world.

will there be dinosaurs in it?

aPerson1830d ago

Not every Sonic game this gen has been crap. Sonic Colors was great and Generations was good too.

But yeah - Unleashed was mediocre and Sonic '06 was terrible.

from the beach1830d ago

I really enjoyed 4-1 and 2 as well, plus Sonic Racing is a fantastic series.

lilbroRx1830d ago

I didn't say they were all crap, but their were enough that were to make me want to forget.

Also, Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Wii was alright.

PopRocks3591830d ago

I wouldn't call the last gen Colors or Generations games abominations (if not slightly overrated), but I think this game could be something. There's potential here; a lot damn more potential than Unleashed or '06. Now THOSE games are abominations!

StraightPath1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

after Sonic 1 2 3 and Sonic Knuckles sonic games didn't exist.

They killed him off by adding dozen of horrible sidekicks, plus awful story lines that promote bestiality, and giving him a annoying 10 year old voice.

Sonic games went from 2D platforming greatness to awful on rail 3D games with horrible camera, and controls with Sonic feeling like a unresponsive tank to control.

Sonic died ages ago and is one of the biggest downfalls in gaming. Sega killed him.

Sonic Colour and Generations were decent but taking Generations for example it still had annoying 3D on rail levels that never worked while Sega keeps insisting it will. Generations was average at best with he 77% metacritic approving it too.

Colours was okie but still had many mistakes. Sonic needs to die for 10 years and come back with a full reboot.

Not hoping on this one either, Sonic fanboys always get burnt thinking it will be different this time lol

insanity is doing the same thing over and over again thinking something will change. So no hoping this one will be good either.

Art reminds me of Mario Galaxy. Mario went onto greatnesss with Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and numerous handheld titles. Sonic went to become the worst failure ever and needing Mario to make him relevant again by letting him appear in Mario games.

But a exclusive for the Wii U which is a good thing though. Hopefully no were hog crap either.

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Williamson1830d ago

Sonic generations, colors, #4 episodes 1&2 were all great IMO. I've enjoyed almost all 3d sonic games except for sonic 06 and I never tried unleashed, but adventure 1*2, heroes, and even shadow the hedgehog were fun games for me.

animegamingnerd1830d ago

finally i found someone else who like heroes and shadow

sonic9891830d ago

Noooooo why exclusive SEGA????
3 Sony systems and you choose none meh
Thanks sega no buy from me I hope there is a game for the ps4 or I would be very pissed

lilbroRx1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

SEGA had far more success on Nintendo hardware last gen than Microsoft and definitely more than on Sony.

LOL, Sony...

They know where their "true" fanbase went. SEGA was always the company that graphics were the least important aspect for. They always pushed innovations and that it where they went.

sonic9891830d ago

its my choice to choose which system I like and sega as a 3rd party dev should provide the games for me thats all
even though I used to like sega before ( genesis, saturn and dreamcast ).
now as a 3rd party dev like EA UBISOFT ETC they should act like one

PopRocks3591830d ago

This game might have 2D gameplay. You never know.

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