First Mario & Sonic Winter Olympic Games Wii U footage

Take a look at the first footage from the just-announced Mario & Sonic title for Wii U.

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PopRocks3591830d ago

Looks about as good graphically as an HD Mario & Sonic game should.

sandman2241830d ago

Amazing! That's some crazy detailed graphics. The last of us better watch out, Nintendo is showing off its horsepower. Lmao!

--Onilink--1830d ago

you are a sad little man...

akaihana86plus1829d ago

What a terrible troll, you sir disgust me!

nick3091830d ago

Meh, give me a new donkey kong , zelda, metroid. Regardless the new sonic exclusive will be good hopefully.

yugovega1830d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

this game actually looked decent for an Olympics game. it will sell like hotcakes.

edit- do you disagree because it won't sell? or disagree because you don't like that it actually looks decent?

PopRocks3591829d ago

I was worried it would be like Super Mario Bros. U where the differences would be nearly unnoticeable. But thankfully this definitely does look better than the Wii games. I feel they could have detailed the visual further but, eh. It's not like this series was the pinnacle of stellar visuals on the Wii either.

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