Nintendo & SEGA Announce New Sonic Title Called Sonic Lost World

Nintendo have revealed in their Nintendo Direct presentation that they will be releasing a new Sonic game with SEGA called Sonic: Lost World exclusively for the Wii U. The games release date has not been announced yet, though Nintendo have said more details will be available around the time of E3. This game is part of an official worldwide partnership between Nintendo and SEGA on the Sonic franchise according to Nintendo.

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Jek_Porkins1835d ago

Very smart move by Nintendo to get Sega to make some exclusive games for the Wii U, if this Sonic game goes back to it's Sonic Adventure roots, or is as good as Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations, I'm sold!

TheBigShamona1835d ago

BREAKING NEWS: Miyamoto and Yu Suzuki team up to put out the long rumored and developed Sonic X-Treme

THamm1835d ago

Or you mean Super Mario & Sonic Galaxy X-treme

WiiUsauce1835d ago

Yu Suzuki is no longer working at SEGA, and it was Yuji Naka who created the Sonic games. Yu Suzuki worked on SEGA's arcade games, Virtual Fighter, and Shenmue.

XB1_PS41834d ago

I want something that brings back my memories of good times with a chao in sonic adventure. Remember having the memory card from the dreamcast work like a tamagachi for chaos? I want to use the WiiU tablet for that mostly.

HammadTheBeast1835d ago

Sonic adventure for dreamcast was just amazing.

silkrevolver1835d ago

Good Call.

Sonic can only get better through Nintendo, and Nintendo desperately needs those Wii U exclusives.

Let's hope it's (finally) a good Sonic.

deafdani1835d ago

"Finally a good sonic"?

Sonic Rush, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations clearly never existed, then.

silkrevolver1835d ago

Okay, those were decent games, maybe even good.

But I mean a GREAT Sonic.
One to rival the classics in quality, but modern enough to be relevant.

ShinMaster1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Sonic Generations was the better of the recent Sonic titles and it was PS3/360 only. Not on Nintendo.

But honestly, Sonic hasn't been great since the Genesis. Adventure was... good.

Atomicjuicer1834d ago

Sonic Generations was on Nintendo.

It was on 3ds and was an exclusive version of the game that was very slick.

DivineAssault 1835d ago

Hope its finally good but im confident it will be.. Sonic on GBA was good so this might be too.. Other than that, the latest ND offered little to keep me content as a wii u owner.. E3 will determine whether or not i keep the thing or sell it & wait for a new model

_QQ_1835d ago

They are saving everything for e3, i wasn't expecting much from this direct either.

akaihana86plus1835d ago

Yes!!!!, now i'm excited! :3

PopRocks3591835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Give me Sonic running away from a pissed off T-Rex and I'll buy it day one.

EDIT: And I wish for Sonic to be voiced by Jeff Goldblum.

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The story is too old to be commented.