Nintendo’s YouTube ad revenue grab could prove to be a mistake

VGW's Brian Shea gives his thoughts on why Nintendo taking ad revenue from fans posting gameplay videos on YouTube could come back to bite the company.

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sloth33952036d ago

fans of the games shouldnt be getting paid for using something that they didnt make just because they want to comment on it while they play

PopRocks3592036d ago

It can be argued that they created the commentary, but I think it's important to remember that those commentaries have less value without the game footage.

The thing is legally speaking, Nintendo is well within their right to do this and it's a shame people can't even recognize this as the lesser of two evils; it's either this, or pulling a Sega/Microsoft and removing videos and leaving strikes on peoples' accounts.

Summons752036d ago

yeah it's a really sticky situation for everyone involved. A company protects their product they everyone thinks they're the bad guy but one person making comments while playing a game not giving the company credit is also making them the bad guy.

While I don't disagree with nintendo I can't say I agree with them either however there is such a small amount of people this will effect because 95% of the "let's play" youtubers are terrible anyway, there is only a very small handful which are actually good.

admiralvic2036d ago

@ Summons75

It really isn't a sticky situation, since the same argument can be used on both sides (A person creates something, wants to make money off of that something and makes a move to do so). The only difference here is that Nintendo owns the stuff in question and that's really the end of it.

Also as PopRocks359 said, their commentary only really has value with the footage. The only person I can think of that actually does fine without the gameplay is Yahtzee, which is probably the exception and not the rule.

Also at your strike remark, I don't know how it works for other people, but YT tells me I can acknowledge the copyright and avoid anything bad or I can remove the video and the strike will be removed.

PopRocks3592035d ago


Yeah, what they basically do is let you file a claim to say you're not violating any copyright which requires you to input personal information. Then they send the claim and your info to the firm that laid the copyright claim on your video and the rest is up to them (at least that's how they did it a few years back, I'm unsure if the policy ever changed).

Gamesgbkiller2036d ago

They market the game at least.

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drizzom2036d ago

An interesting video about this on youtube ironically.

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techsvengali2036d ago

This is just in bad taste on Nintendo's part, I for one would rather see a video pulled than it remain and someone else reap advertising revenue for my work.

rottenpotato2036d ago

The point is, the people on YouTube don't own the rights to the game play they are showing. Sure they own their comments, but not the actual game play and, like it or not, Nintendo is within their rights to do this.

techsvengali2036d ago

I don't argue they aren't legally within their rights to do this, its just in bad taste to do so. They should be fostering this kind of community interaction on youtube(commentaries etc) not dampening efforts by the fans they have left with this kind of ill thought out legal maneuver.

TwistedMetal2036d ago

the people who watch the gameplays probably dont even own the game so theres that to add on to it. i play demos, watch previews and reviews to decide if i want to get a game. a lets play is way overboard and is basically spoiling everything. my friend actually said he watches lets plays instead of buying the games because the people in lets play are better then him so why even play the game when he can watch it and act like its a movie.

yugovega2036d ago

same as film director music pay big money to use music in their movies lp users should have to pay as well. if most would just add copyright info to their videos we wouldn't be having this issue.

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