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Giana Sisters is a game released for the NES and old with a history almost unique in the world of video games. The original Giana Sisters was a true clone of Super Mario Bros, which oddly enough was usual at that time. There were even some unofficial games that little changed in the games they copied, containing long lines of code taken directly from the original game. Giana Sisters was perhaps not such an extreme case, but the similarities were enough for the game to end up in court and taken off the shelves.

Something even more amazing is that the game could have many fans and the fact that the game has been pulled from the shelves has made it now a very valuable relic. But the story of Giana Sisters did not end here. Unlike the other clones that eventually disappears, the license Giana Sisters was going from studio to studio and eventually came out a new game in the series for the Nintendo DS, which is probably the only console that nobody expected.

Sometime later then left Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, which is the last episode of true novel that has been the existence of Giana Sisters. Twisted Dreams in one twin was kidnapped by a dragon, while the other's mission to save. This sister has the power to change personalities, one a lovely blonde curls that can rotate in the air and slow the descent heels, allowing you to better calculate where fall and a true punk that moves the air in ball shape Fire eliminating obstacles and enemies.

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