Video Games: The industry's most essential rebuttal

The video games industry has been slandered by politician after politician with baseless, ignorant statements that have done nothing but encourage the ill-informed and belittle one of the biggest industries in the world.

Certain politicians always have had the platform to voice any irresponsible rant they see fit, and unfortunately, many people take those statements as fact and truth. Those people can't be blamed when there aren't any video games experts that are allowed to be heard with the same audience listening.

If all you hear is one thing, what is stopping you from believing it? There's no push-back, no contradiction, no rebuttal, at least until now there hasn't been.

The upcoming documentary surrounding the video games industry is going to provide the kind of context, history and knowledge that many outside the gaming industry are kept from, with all of that coming from those who have helped make this industry.

In an exclusive interview with today, Je...

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