Why You Shouldn't Do the Wii to Wii U Data Transfer (And One Reason Why You Should)

A few reasons many may not have thought of to not transfer your wii data to wiiu.

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LiberatedAnimal2039d ago

He makes some good points but overall, I feel like it's best to do the transfer and still keep your Wii for Gamecube games. Unless you have a Cube that is. :)

MasterChief36242039d ago

Really? The lack of GameCube Controller support is the first reason?

Are you kidding me?


I mean, really, is he joking?

THAT'S one of the two reasons to not do the transfer? Really? REALLY?

I thought this was going to be a list about, oh I don't know, loss of data perhaps? Or losing rights to virtual console games from the SD card, so you'll have to redownload everything on the Wii U? Stuff like that?

Not saying those are things to worry about, but they're things I am scared about happening, and the reasons I haven't done the transfer yet.

yugovega2039d ago

everything is backed up online while the transfer happens. I just did mine yesterday and I lost nthing but a few miis that were in mii parade and wii speak channel. it's actually really neat to watc the transfer also. got to love pikmin moving all your data. it even moves any unused wii points too.