PS4 Is Designed 'To Enable Great Gaming Experiences'

NowGamer: "Another day, another developer praising Sony for the PS4. This time it's Ubisoft Montreal, the developer of highly-anticipated next-gen game Watch Dogs.

Where most developers praise the ease with which developers can bring their games to the PS4, Ubisoft Montreal appreciates Sony's approach to games and the importance it has for any console."

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DivineAssault 1915d ago

Yep & thats why im buying one..

camel_toad1915d ago

In hindsight it seems like the best possible approach, getting actual developers feedback with the design of a console - surprised it took a console manufacturer this long but it looks like it's going to really pay off for everyone.

Fishy Fingers1915d ago

Novel idea for a games console.

DontShoot-Me-Bro1915d ago

As are all Sony Playstation consoles.

abzdine1915d ago

how can someone disagree with this?
i know hating trolls are in the nature but come on..

SDF Repellent1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

And a microwave oven is designed to 'To Enable Great Frozen Pizza cooking Experiences'.

Common man, isn't that what all game consoles are all about? These headlines are getting more and more outrages!

loulou1915d ago

agreed, and a different for slant for different platforms as well on n4g

Utalkin2me1915d ago

Did you just say microwave is designed for frozen pizza?......yuck

Outside_ofthe_Box1915d ago

Don't worry, just bare it for a few more days. Next week you'll get the "outrages" titles from developers that you'll undoubtedly love and appreciate.

1915d ago
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