EA turns its back on Wii U but is it such a big disaster?

ONM writes: Last night, an EA spokesman confirmed that EA currently has no Wii U games in development. I'm always utterly flabbergasted by how just a few words can have such an impact. Critics are proclaiming the death of Nintendo (aren't they always?), people sat on the fence are concerned and Nintendo fans are claiming they don't want EA's tosh anyway. Just another day in the wonderful world of Nintendo, then.

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-2041d ago

LOL one of the biggest gaming companies in the world has
no games for the Wii U and it's no big deal ?!

Nintendo has a lot of money and they can't go bankrupt,
but this is not good for them.

Dead Space, Mass Effect, Battlefield, FIFA, Crysis,
Burnout, Need For Speed...
those are not small games

and Insomniac and Avalanche studios also not making games for Wii U. we'll see.
they have that Nintendo Direct today.

Zelda and Mario will sell Wii U's but how much

yugovega2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

the games you listed. Mass effect, fifa, and nee for speed came to the wiiu. unless there was nother mass effect released lately? or need for speed. as far as fifa goes everyone complains all ea sports games are the same every year anyway. what big titles have they released so far the didn't come to wiiu that wasn't a letdown? dead space? letdown. crisis? letdown. ea will be surpassed by ubisoft as the number 1 before long. all ubi needs is that 1 killer shooter like battlefield.

4 of those are sports games. fifa, madden, ncaa, ufc, maybe 5 if they actually put out nba live. to be such a big developer 12 games isn't that many when a 3rd is the same sports titles they do every year. granted i'd have loved to have seen battlefield on wiiu. that's half the list of games coming. impressive? not really.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2041d ago

yes, I know they came to Wii U.
I'm talking about new Mass Effect and 11 other games EA said they will not come to Wii U.

and I agree, Ubisoft is doing great in last few years.
Watch Dogs could be the next Assassin's Creed.
I hope they have more new IP's.

loulou2041d ago

it is a big thing. and if ea decide they want to waste money making games for the wii u. then how many other devs/publishers are going to go don the same route??

if one of the greediest companies in the world is not even going to bother, who else will??

Elem1872041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

And all those EA games you listed sold like poo on the Wii U... so if Nintendo gamers aren't buying these titles anyways, why would they care if EA pulls that crappy support??

Mass Effect sold less than 10k copies. NFS:MW sold less than 20k. Its pretty obvious Nintendo gamers don't want EA games anyways, so its not like they are going to miss anything.... Nintendo gamers tend to like more substance in their games besides crappy sports games and dudebro shooters.

The only demographic EA games target is the dudebro gamer, which would never buy a Nintendo console in the first place. Only an idiot would claim this matters to Nintendo.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

I think they sold that low because of 2 things.

1. because there are not many Wii U's sold
2. people who own PS3/X360 already have this games and better version of them

I don't think the reason is kind of people who play on Nintendo.

and I think this time Nintendo will not make ton of money from people who bought Wii.
causal people, families, people who want motion controlled games...
if they did, Wii U would be selling.

Nevers0ft2041d ago

I've got ME3 and NFS for the Wii U, I didn't know I was such a niche gamer :)

I agree with you though, most EA games don't interest me. I won't be losing any sleep over Fifa and Madden not coming to the console. I am curious to give Battlefield a whirl though, so that not coming to the Wii U sucks.

Whichever way you look at it, more games is better than less games so it's a shame EA and Nintendo have fallen out but I *personally* won't be missing out on much.

yugovega2041d ago

@deathstroke- you can't say they sold low because of not being many wiiu's sold because sonic racing sold over 100,000 copies on wiiu. zombie sold very well. and Mario sold over 2 million.

cleft52041d ago

If any game EA released or was planning to release for the WiiU would have been anything other than a cheap substandard port of their main franchises, then yes this would have been a major lost for Nintendo and more importantly WiiU owners.

The reality is that EA had no other plans than releasing third tier games on the WiiU that was outsourced to some third party company. If the Alien's controversy teaches us anything, it's how bad of an idea it is to outsource top tier games to companies no one ever heard of before.

If anything, the EA alliance was holding Nintendo back because Nintendo was clearly trying to give third party developers space and time to release their games with no direct competition from Nintendo.

To be honest, I am excited by the news that all of these "big name" third party developers are backing off Nintendo support. Why? Because that gives a lot of room for indie developers, iOs developers, and 2nd party developers to come in and do something really special. This situation represents an opportunity. The only real question is if Nintendo is brave enough and humble enough to go out and get the support of these other developers? The good news is that it looks like they are doing just that.

StraightPath2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

do I buy a Nintendo console or handheld to play EA games? looool no way I have other consoles such as PS3 or Xbox 360 and in future the next gen versions.

What I buy Nintendo consoles and handhelds is for the amazing, creative and innovative Nintendo first party games that can not be found anywhere else.

Nintendo games are always brimming with character colour and stay true in giving you great gameplay experiences.

Just one example..

SUPER MARIO GALAXY 1 & 2 this is just one example..

does PS3 or Xbox 360 have this level of game that is such a joy to play and full of sweet gameplay innovations.. no it doesn't and it will never will.

This is what I come to Nintendo for. Unique games and ill still use my other systems for all the other stuff too.

I rather go play new fresh games on Nintendo consoles rather then yearly rehashes , or clone black and grey shooters or third person games rehashes that are over saturated games with no creativity.

D_RoyJenkins2041d ago

lol I can't believe people actually think like this.

yugovega2041d ago

seems people are made the Nintendo makes unique games and the others don't. most games this past gen was cod clones so you are 100%correct. Mario galaxy was on a totally different level then anything else released of it's kind. closest was sonic colors. and it was a Nintendo exclusive too.

Anon19742041d ago

I think this is a huge blow to the Wii-U. EA made or published roughly 10% of the Wii's entire library. Not only is this a huge deal, it's a signal to other developers that the Wii-U doesn't have the support of the major, 3rd party players. EA would make port their games to your dinner plate if they could, but not the Wii-U? What does that say?

I said it before in another thread. I've always maintained that it was too early to write off the Wii-U. Sales haven't been that bad at all when you compare them to the 360's launch, for example. That being said, a system needs games and monster sports franchises like Madden or Fifa are huge sellers. The Wii-U is suddenly going to be facing off against too, far superior consoles (from a hardware standpoint) without that much of a price advantage, and who knows what for games and little 3rd party support.

This isn't going to end well.

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ltachiUchiha2041d ago

Nintendo can do without them but is it worth losing potential sales for them? I think as a business the more support u have its always a good thing.

Elem1872041d ago

But Nintendo isn't losing ANY sales here... ME3 sold 10k copies... NFS sold less than 20k.

Ninty gamers aren't buying dudebro games, so why would EA games be missed? Dudbero gamers who need hand holding is the only demographic EA targets.

ltachiUchiha2041d ago

Damn i knew the sale numbers were low but i didnt think they would be that bad.

NYC_Gamer2041d ago

EA games don't have a market on Nintendo consoles

cleft52041d ago

If EA had any plans of releasing original games on the WiiU then yes it would be a lost. But all EA planned on doing was releasing substandard ports on the WiiU that had the most basic of Gamepad functions, so this isn't a great lost at all.

Magnus2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Since EA doesn't want to play nice in the playground with Nintendo. Then I think when EA starts bitching about the sales numbesr about their games. I say STFU to EA its still a console in the market with a fan base and does produce sales and it plays games. You don't want to put your games on the Wii-U when you do their rushed out the door crap. Still say smart move for EA should have done was release Mass Effect anthology on the WII-U as well.

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