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Submitted by pierce 1001d ago | opinion piece

Releasing Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3 is a bad move

It turns out the rumours were true. The next installment of Gran Turismo, one of Sony's leading franchises with millions of games sold around the world, will launch on the PlayStation 3 instead of the PlayStation 4 towards the end of the year. But while this can be seen as massively positive news for the PS3's hefty install base, it seems like a bad move for those who were considering jumping to the PS4 this year. (Gran Turismo 6, PS3)

ZainabSaccal  +   1001d ago
Terrible idea from Sony, who cares about DriveClub when there's a Gran Turismo? Microsoft would never make the same mistake by bringing the next Forza to the Xbox 360.
decrypt  +   1001d ago
How is it a terrible idea. Sony will first make money on the game being sold on PS3. Once they are done with that, they will release the game again on PS4. GT series of games have the potential to sell 5 million copies. Hence they have a chance to sell that game twice. 10 million copies sold not a bad deal at all.

Remember PS4 has no BC, so this is an excellent chance for Sony to make money. Hell id say they could pretty much HD remake all the PS3 exclusives and sell them all over again on the PS4. I wouldnt be surprised if we saw HD remakes of HD remakes, imagine Sony selling GOW HD remake on PS4. People dont like to be bothered to switch between consoles all the time many people will likely buy the HD remake all over again.

Its just the way console gaming is, its expensive console makers can pretty much make the fans buy the same game over and over again.
SynGamer  +   1001d ago
Completely agree. Releasing GT6 on PS3 is the smartest business move Sony can make right now. That game will no doubt sell at least 7 million copies over its lifetime...possibly 10 million. The PS3 has roughly 80 million units out, while the PS4 would only have a few million by the end of the year. The amount of money that GT6 will make will be more than enough to support GT7 on the PS4 (or an upgraded GT6) and then some.

Plus, Evolution Studios has DriveClub and I doubt Sony wants them to compete with Polyphony Digital. The PS4 will be getting a racer at release, and then a proper simulator in the new two years likely (2015 perhaps?)
CommonSenseGamer  +   1001d ago
Wow, just a couple of weeks ago Sony fans were saying its about the gamers and not the money.
Larry L  +   1001d ago
Uh-Oh !!! I know a certain gaming "journalist" who doesn't have a very good comprehension of:

1) Business. Gran Turismo cost tens of millions of dollars to create and you have to make that money profit.....otherwise why not just close up shop now?..... That money can only be made back on PS3 with it's 70+million install base. They could only lose tens of millions releasing it as a PS4 launch game to an install base starting from scratch.


2) Paying attention. The author clearly sucks at it. Kaz said durring the presentation that the engine is scaleable and ready for the future, which means ready for PS4. And in a later interview stated they have a PS4 version "in mind".

So simple logic concludes that they're going to start upgrading the game for a PS4 version once the PS3 version is out. ANd that PS4 version will be released once PS4 actually has a decent install base to actually buy the game. I'd guess some time durring PS4's second year.

How come THIS guy's a "journalist", and I'm not? My brain is CLEARLY superior.
DOMination-  +   1000d ago
They will make money but less. Even on n4g ive seen hundreds saying they'll wait for a ps4 release. This decision is going to hurt Sony because GT is one of, if not their biggest system seller. They are sending out the wrong message.
JoGam  +   1001d ago
I respect everyones opinion but its a great idea to bring to the PS3. Also lets wait till E3 and see if Sony announce for PS4. They did say they were thinking about it.
shuuwai  +   1001d ago
Sony Board meeting.

sony: lets have a vote everyone, GT6 for only PS4.
(4 minutes after)
sony: um 1 vote, wait .. wait.. I got text from Bob, it reads "miss click".
sony: okay, lets have the vote for ps3 and ps4 together.
sony: 200/200 vote.
piroh  +   1001d ago
i care about DriveClub even if GT6 will face it, i wil get both no matter what

i bought all Evolution and PD games, true racing fan needs to be covered by simulation AND arcade racer
Donnieboi  +   1001d ago
DriveClub will be arcadey? I was under the impression that it would be a sim. A sim with the new "team racing" angle...
piroh  +   1001d ago
they confirmed it´ll be more of an arcade racer, Sony already own racing sim IP. after all it´s Evolution studio
P_Bomb  +   1001d ago
Thing is, MS doesn't have the luxury to do the same. Criticizing Sony for essentially having more IP (GranTurismo, Motorstorm, WipEout, ModNation, Driveclub in the case of racers) and supporting said IP across their past/present/future install bases, seems a bit harsh. We only buy the hardware once afterall, after that it's all about the software, and getting returns on your investment.

I *never* buy consoles at launch, and was perfectly happy checking out God of War 2 on my PS2 months after the PS3 launched. I will buy GT6 for PS3 this XMas and a few months later when they've worked out the inevitable launch kinks on next gen consoles, Driveclub will be waiting for me there in 2014. And hey, if Yakuza 5 gets localised for PS3 next March, I'll be right back on my PS3 to finish that off too. Why not?
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Persistantthug  +   1001d ago
@SaomanSaccal......Why would it be a terrible idea when GT5 sold 10 MILLION units?
And mind you, GT5 launched when PS3 had only approx 45 million'ish units sold.

Now try the Gran Turismo franchise (GT6) with 80 million units. :)

Maybe you're ready to move on, and this decision isn't good for you....but it sounds like a great move for Sony.

If you want GT6, I may suggest you hold on to your PS3
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Ju  +   1001d ago
While I'm excite like the next guy about the PS4 I'm still curious how far the PS3 can go. And by the looks of it GT6 pushes it quite a bit further than GT5 already did. ... now...I just need a bigger wallet with someone actually filling that up. That's the only concern I have.
andrewsqual  +   1001d ago
It would be a stupid mistake to release your last game for your current gen console in March and then have NOTHING on your release schedule for ANY other games on the platform.
When people say "Microsoft are going to drop the 360 like they did with their last console when the new one came out", it is really hard to defend it when they really do have NO GAMES coming to it whatsover. 360 is pretty much dead for Microsoft titles now since Gears Judgment.
THAT is a bad move.
ltachiUchiha  +   1001d ago
Well seeing that GT5 has sold 10.4 million copies on the ps3. I dont see why thats a bad idea and didnt sony say that they were thinking of GT6 as a ps3 game but still with the ps4 in mind. It will release on the ps4, trust me but it just wont be a ps4 launch title.
Chuk5  +   1001d ago
On one hand, I can see why Sony did it.

PS3=larger install base

But, IMO they really should have released on PS4 only. Make it an experience you can only get on PS4 and drive sales of the console from the get go. Sometimes, Sony has a real problem with legacy and don't know when to just let something go. I'm not saying they should abandon the PS3, but with a game like GT6, even if they split it and release it on both PS3/PS4 they've cut into their own sales of the PS4.
SoapShoes  +   1001d ago
I'd rather it be on PS3 so they can have the proper time to make a PS4 title rather than rush it out early just to get people to buy a new console. No GT has launched with a PS console. GT3 was close but it was a year off. The new engine has the future in mind so it won't take as long as GT5 did.
alousow  +   1001d ago
i like gt series but im not gettting it. Because like most fans i'll be getting ps4 and some launch titles. I wont have anything left for the gt6.So i think it was a bad idea
Silly gameAr  +   1001d ago
Most fans? I doubt many would run out and pick up a PS4 when it's coming to the PS3, a system they already own. Plus, releasing GT6 on a console with over 70 million users is far from a bad idea. How can people not get this?
Salooh  +   1001d ago
Yea they will, If you see most of the games you like in ps4 with another level of graphics and gameplay you would buy the ps4 and leave the ps3. It's not like they released the ps3 last year -.-. When you bought the ps3 did you continue playing the ps2 like before ?. I doubt it..

I agree with chuk5 , the problem is that all ps4 exclusives are from sony studios however they didn't do the same for their biggest game. Why didn't they do what they did with killzone and infamous ?!! >.< . Isn't the ps3 have big install base?! Why apply that on GT6 ?! -.-
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panbit86  +   1001d ago
No it isn't.
dirthurts  +   1001d ago
The second the new consoles come out, I'm dumping this gen and not looking back.
This gen has been far, far too long and has really held back the games.
ylwzx3  +   1001d ago
I can see it being released sometime shortly after its on the PS3. Not everyone is or wants to run out and buy a PS4 off the bat.
stargatefan   1001d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   1001d ago
Sony should make gt6 for ps4, the PS4 has so much more potential
DigitalRaptor  +   1001d ago
No it isn't. What the hell?

GT6 is less expensive to make than GT5 and it's also taken less time. It will sell many millions of copies in the launch window and more in the coming years. It will make lots and lots of money for Sony.

How is that a bad move?

Gamers don't need Gran Turismo at launch to anticipate the PS4. We will get a next generation GT, but until then we have GT6 and it will be great. I guess it was also a bad move for Sony to release God of War II on PS2 instead of PS3 that was already out, HUH?
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Salooh  +   1001d ago
You speaking like if it's already released and GT7 will come after a year.

GT6 will release along with the ps4. That's disappointing. Instead of making a ps4 version and release it next year or later they are holding the potential for sales. It's a disappointment because it can provide better GT game but they chose sales.

I don't care about sales but i can say the same thing about releasing it exclusively for the ps4. It's a system seller, That's a fact so it would be much better to make it exclusive for the ps4 for many more reasons then just sales in ps3. The people who bought it in ps3 will buy a ps4 and GT6 so isn't that better in sales and experience?. That makes more sense to me..
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Ju  +   1001d ago
GT6 will look, feel and play just great on the PS3. No doubt about it.

If anything people might get a PS3 just for this game which will cut into PS4 sales.

But by the looks of it, and the excitement the PS4 is generating, I'd rather think Sony will have troubles with the supply anyway. GT6 or not.

Sure, it splits the market somewhat, but GT6 will sell in the double digit millions - because its a great game regardless of platform.

PS3 install base is too big, the GT brand is too big and releasing on PS3 makes sense because even if the PS4 will be extremely successful it won't cut into GT6 sales (too much). At least that's my best guess.
Gamesgbkiller  +   1001d ago
Its a good move.

Who wants to buy 2 racing games on launch for Ps4 ?

No one will invest time in 2 huge games.

And we don't know what will drive club brings to the table.

It may be better.
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Salooh  +   1001d ago
I would kill the people who agree with you xD lol

It's really dumb what you said. Both have cars but doesn't mean they are similar! Both play different. Drive club is nooooooot a sim. GT is a sim. Why you people repeat the same mistake ???. It go beyond my thinking >.< ..
Gamesgbkiller  +   1001d ago
It is a simulator game.

Did you even watch the trailer or read about the game?

Its more simulator than GT in terms of reality outside the car.
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WeAreLegion  +   1001d ago
I'm gonna go ahead and give this website the ol' WTF/NO treatment.
brave27heart  +   1001d ago
Good business decision. If you're still upset about it might I suggest:
sway_z  +   1001d ago
Of course it's a terrible idea....Showing support to loyal PS/GT fans??

Yeah, that's some kind of awful. Bad bad Sony!
strickers  +   1001d ago
Typical MS fans . "Give us same IP again "
Sony fans " Give us new games".
Sony introduced many more new IP than MS/ Ninty combined this Gen. I expect more of the same this Gen. Xbox fans expect Halo, Gears, Fable
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superterabyte  +   1001d ago
Might be true but really doesn't apply to this topic considering it regards a Playstation sequel.

I say might be true tbh it isn't because it's such a massive generalization.
Nexgensensation  +   1001d ago
TYPICAL MS FAN: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz.....(Quiet)
TYPICAL PS FAN: Give us new ip! this game sux! (plays GTA)
Seafort  +   1001d ago
I think this is a great idea.

The PS3 isn't going to go away when PS4 is launched just like the PS2 was still around and supported when PS3 launched.

Sony supports their past and future consoles unlike MS who dumbed the Xbox when Xbox360 launched.

I think the PS3 will be around and supported 2-3 years after PS4 has launched. There is plenty more great games to come for PS3.
givemeshelter  +   1001d ago
This is strictly done from a business standpoint. Larger userbase more revenue. Simple
creized1  +   1001d ago
2 Grand Turismo games for each console.
It has always been and will always be like that.

DriveClub will keep us occupied until a GT game comes out for the PS4
Skate-AK  +   1001d ago
I love Gran Turismo but I will get Drive Club before GT6. GT5 still has a ton of gameplay when I get a new disc.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1001d ago
Actually its a smart move. Here's why:

1. Driveclub is coming to the PS4. GT6 would kill Driveclub and Sony wouldn't want that now would they?

2. The PS3 currently has a larger fanbase whereas PS4 has 0.

I don't think PD will take as long to release the next GT on PS4 as it took to make GT5 on PS3. Well only one can hope.
superterabyte  +   1001d ago
Not a bad idea except when you're n my predicament whereby I purchased a vita as a stopgap between September and the PS4 launch as I'm going to university and won't have a PS3. So come the end of this year I have to make the choice of buying a PS3 for GTA and gran turismo or getting a ps4 and
Driveclub and killzone.Can't see myself getting the Ps4 tbh but still I will have killzone mercenary.

This problem could be resolved if backwards compatibility via gaikai was available at launch (I can dream)
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kingPoS  +   1001d ago
People people take - it - easy! A GT game will come out on the PS4. In all likely hood it probably won't be called GT6. A few years of wait won't kill you. Part of why the Gran Turismo series is popular is because PD allows anticipation to build between tittles.

They of could of course churn out a GT every year and call it a day. Would that make you happy, because I know I wouldn't be.
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